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I like to think that the things that happen are signs from the divine putting us where we need to be. Edging us in the right direction even when our ego is taking us the wrong way.

That’s a possibility too. But I believe in the reality of Magic and it’s sweeping ability to bring change to our doorstep. The precise moment that we are ready for change to come.

I can’t think that something as magical as the DMT experience isn’t tapped into a higher knowing of when our minds are truly knowing and ready for greater awareness and sense of self.

So while the mail is late is the reality of the truth.
The reason for why the mail is late remains to be seen.

But that’s my crazy rambling because I’m totally insane and manic right now. I appreciate the grounding your words provide. Reminds me that my magic thinking can often carry me away into delusions of grandeur.

I tie my string firmly and securely to my husband’s sanity knowing that should my string come loose from his grasp, I will promptly be caught in his forest of trees [read our shared thoughts and experiences] we are ever wandering through.

I love another magic believer and mystic sympathist.

Mighty Spirit to Divine. I don’t know Terrence McKenna’s words but I have been shared his wisdom. Truly that man was touched by the Divine. Which speaks of how far we all are able to tap into.

I like to let my mind absorb theories through the lens of other’s experience rather than my direct absorption of the content. Easier not to confuse my thoughts with others that way. An easy thing to do with this tricky bipolar mind I have.

Would you mind sharing me what you are hoping I would take away from it? Or what your favorite thought is from the theory? Or how you would summarize the thought in your own mind?

What speaks to you in this moment?

See I feel tapped into the collective consciousness so I guess I’m looking to see your interpretation of his words that are stimulating the link in this moment. Then I’ll get to go into my McKenna word bank and start spirit spewing.

I find it interesting how easy it is to be honest and how difficult it is for people to recognize truth hitting them in the face.

I love that thought – freedom to come to it when the time finds me, thank you.

Ooh nice we transcended on accident

At 11:11 that thought came through. I love numbers like that.

Serendipity and Synchronicity at its finest.

Oooh I have a magic card drawing that was about center of self. One sec I’ll get a picture of it. It comes out like a diagram.

Mind you it’s my crazy on paper so it might read like that to you…

My camera adds spots to everything. You’re not seeing spots suddenly.

Too bad they only appear on screen. The Illusion of Online Activity. lol

My bad over good in this moment is Injustice over Equality That is what weighs on my mind and what I am trying to peacefully resolve.

@Dragonkin Perhaps you were eclipsing reality’s boundaries and seeing the breaking of a new era?

When I had my initial bipolar breakdown I felt that God took me from my body and placed me upon the Throne of God to witness the End Time. I was on the Throne and yet Viewing the Vision of Myself on the Throne simultaneously. Does that count as third person?

No injustice as an ideal. I don’t like the idea that people promote their own agendas at the disrespect of other’s position and place.

I promote sacrificing the self for the betterment of others while healthily respecting the Vessel that is the self in the process. Not martyring.

But submitting yourself to the wellness and uplifting of others. Rising above basic primal instincts like survival instincts.

We haven’t needed those for ages, life is easy these days.

Get on with being a better person in a better world, is my thought.

Asked by an online friend: “If you would be placed in the position of power, some sort of influencer of humanity, one that everybody listens to, what would you do?”

My response to him: Immediately name a co-leader to knock my ego of the pedestal it is sure to feel. Someone that compliments my flaws and grounds my crazy. Someone that cares as much as I do and has a same vision of the future’s possibility. A true partner to lead the future.

Then immediately create a body of people that feel the same that can help bring our views into reality. A collective pool of conscious thoughts that are shared freely to promote the better for the whole of society.

Egypt had outcasts and lower classes of people. In my mind we are equal. There is no level above or below the group. We are one.

We all deserve as the best and the worst the same helping of happiness and comfort.

Each person has one Free-Pass card that levels the playing field. Everyone thought their Free Pass was a secret. But it’s the great equalizer.

Anyone can metaphysically call foul against other creators. And take out the ones causing problems in the grand scheme of things. Cleansing the whole of the pieces that hurt and harm the collective bringing change.

Imagine 10 good men channeling their thoughts in the direction of making bad disappear. Imagine the purity of purpose they would posses.

How much power they could muster to completely erase injustice,

If they so desired to.

I guess I just propose that we move past the era of needing to learn our lessons and move into the time and place of having accepted better is possible. Get on with the business of being better rather than just talking about why we could be better or how better became possible.

Don’t talk about it, BE about it. We’re Human Beings after all Not Humans Doings Talking about Being Alive. Like the wise Scatman once rapped “I want to be a Human Being, Not A Human Doing.” RIP Wise Man

I believe in the impossible possibility of Perfection as We Can Comprehend it. Everyone Perfect As They Are. And so I am channeling all my energy into attracting that reality to ours, believing it possible. Being the change I wish to be in the world

Making a difference for as many as I can muster with the energy and love I am blessed to experience.

If not in the best interest of all others, than I do not seek to do a thing.

I seek to create eternity so that a torch never needs passed.

Eternal Infinite Possibility of Perfection Lasting Forever

To understand the concept of better there must be something over another. Which something you choose is your choice. Words matter little. Meaning is everything.

I choose God over man.

Honor over Corruption

Generosity over Greed

You’ll find fasting puts you more in tune with your body than you ever realized possible.

Peace without Pain is my motto.