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Mmm, I agree those 1% take much for themselves. But it begs the question, when do we learn the lesson of enough? Enough for them, enough for us, everyone their share, no one with a care?

Our world is a blessed place to be but for the horrible way people treat each other with the gifts of the modern age. Leaning on profiting on bad situations and capitalizing on the powerless.

Mmm A virus that shows people’s true colors. Do people care enough to pretend to be compassionate for other’s sake? Or are they too selfish to put on a mask even if they don’t believe the hoax?

Oooh I like that, for the foundation society is built upon has huge cracks in it. One wrong move and everything tumbles.

I have a concept of Perfect Being that makes everyone happy at no one’s painful expense. It’s realistically possible. It involves a United State of Mind that collectively we no longer accept the inconsideration of the masses.

I was just speaking with my husband today about how much 10 good men could accomplish versus a world of haters.

I believe the collective energy of 10 people truly doing things for the good of all is enough to turn the tides of Humanity forever towards to betterment of all.

10 men that held themselves to a higher standard putting to shame all the others that fell for lesser reasons and choices that amounted to nothing more than vapid excuses. Ripples would become tidal waves of sweeping change.

I know of one man that holds himself to this standard. See how Kali Yuga brings change.

The time has come!

Hehehe Sometimes my crazy carries me away. :relaxed: But on cloudy waves of euphoria so I’m not one to complain.

Utopia is my hope, Eden is my forever home. I hope to walk down the aisle to God in the Garden of Eden. That’s my dream come true, while Humanity watches from the Wings of Utopia.

I believe in the power of the Almighty to solve any problem man created.

The Universe is vast and the answers many. Sure, there’s the possibility that even climate change can be reversed.

Climate in the sense of human nature. And wordly too, both references fit.

Indeed our ecosystem is creating unstable people

We need to create holistic ways to heal that don’t harm the spirit in its action. Like thinking positively, positively stimulates the entire walking ecosystem, from head to toe. Generating the Law of Attraction pulling into reality positive manifestations of goodness to experience.

I love Mercy. Healing others with light, keeping the team alive with her beautiful grace.

Indeed there is no one to point the finger of blame at other than the self busy blaming others.

That is incredibly sweet, but when we put others on a pedestal we find that we ourselves seem less than. You have the same words inside you, but perhaps aren’t trusting the truth you bear.

Good, you are worthy. Incredibly. A divinely pure fractal of the Universe. Deserving of all the wealth and abundance this blessed Universe offers

Truly treasures are yours to find if you but find the freedom to feel good in the moment you are in.

That is beautiful and so true. A mind is one man’s own territory. Do not tresspass unless welcomed in.

True happiness is when you feel equal with God, I absolutely wholeheartedly agree.

I love the thought of Righteous. On my blog, Exploring Alura – Alura stands for America’s Liberty Uniting Righteous Action.

To my mind it means bringing Freedom to feel good to others.

I do appreciate your words. I just fear being thought of as something I’m not. I’m a lover and a giver of kindness, a servant of the Almighty. Humbly submitting myself to making the lives of others better.

My story feels a little difference – the 10 fell with me to anoint the 11th as Leader of ALL. Humbly submitting themselves to the thought that one is better than the rest at keeping pure the truest treasure in Existence.

Purely Passionate Joy – A truth I kept locked away in my Vessel until God deemed it right to open Pandora’s box. Releasing all the Goodness that had been neglected from the Universe while Darkness reigned

No sacrifice is needed other than your desire to hurt another. Give that up and you are everything that is needed in this world.

We all have the chance to be the 11th and yet only one will be chosen.

It shall be the one who pleases God most for God is the only one to decide this matter.

When the choice is made the essences of living will be divided each to return to their birth place of Creation – Nirvana, Utopia, Eden, and Heaven.

The Gates of Dimensional Travel have been opened and now is the time for cosmic cleansing.

Right from Wrong is also a parallel motion to Left to Right. As we think of Time moving in a linear fashion so too should we consider the progression of Humanity’s wrongs.

I broke into a million pieces and figured out the puzzle to get it back together. Now I’m here to help others piece their puzzle together.

You are making me happy. In choosing to be happy yourself. Giving me what I hope for others. Knowing your peace of mind is secured. Grants me the peace of soul I desire.

You are greatly worthy. You see the light and know of the dark and choose to embrace a different way. That is true strength that you show.

Considered me humbled to witness your spiritual kingmanship.

Wholesome leaders create holy kingdoms. Corrupt leaders break society. We can all see how far society can fall when we pass the reigns to greed and hate.

Healthy anxiety – a beautiful blessing to experience. Fear of God is another term I like to name it. Fear of the world is a dark place to be. But healthy anxiety creates a peaceful perspective to light the path ahead.

That is so beautiful. I like to think that the Sun doesn’t mind sharing the Stage with his bride in how she beautifully reflects his light and warmth to bring blessed peace through the dark of night.

Interestingly my marital surname means Champion of the Moon. In my crazy speak my name comes to mean, Anointed Follower of Kristos, Full of God’s Grace, born of God’s Will, Champion to the Moon’s Light.

[The Light of the Moon]Indeed, soft enough to not blind the one needing a light ahead.

The Power of the Divine is quite intense. One should use caution when approaching divinity.

[The Moon] – Creates balance where chaos once reigned. Creates harmony and flowing cycles where before there was only vast spans of nothingness.

Let it be thee action of Truth and Trust in the Universe to catch you when you fall. To guide you to the moment you need to be in to feel pure joy.

Injustice is strong in this day and age, and the only way to fight with injustice is to make peace with the idea that those in charge likely don’t have it right.

You are where you are meant to be. The only thing separating you from that moment is your perception you are anywhere else but here with Me and God.

You must open that portal for yourself, using the keys that life has provided you.

I just got chills, that’s pretty cool.

Begin practicing self love, holding yourself in the highest light. Worshiping your creation as though you were the rarest treasure in the world. Love yourself as you would love the one you wish to be with. That is how you open the portal.

Talk to your thoughts as though you were conversing with the one you hold dear and your thoughts will be hers to know. Kind of like telepathy. Sending your energy to the one you desire more than any other.