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As was written in the previously shared post Status Update for GOOD:

The only thing that Beautiful Bettie needed was TIME to pass comfortably.

And so Beautiful Bettie went about the business of learning to not worry about what she couldn’t control. Beautiful Bettie began working on being the best version of herself that she could.

  • Beautiful Bettie learned to lessen her frustrations when things weren’t going her way.
  • She learned to remove herself from situations that were causing her to spiral.
  • Beautiful Bettie learned how to calm her mind when things weren’t feeling right.
  • Through it all, Beautiful Bettie passed the time by working on the color of her thoughts.

Beautiful Bettie felt that the answer to her mental wellness was in the quality of the thoughts she held in her mind. So Beautiful Bettie thought pretty.

(2888 Words). Time for Prophesy.

  • Beautiful Bettie had learned to step outside the bounds of Reality.
  • Beautiful Bettie accepted that her beliefs were different than most of Reality.
  • Beautiful Bettie realized her thoughts were keeping her from being truly happy.

When Beautiful Bettie realized that her thoughts were the problem with her happiness, The Universe opened up and offered Beautiful Bettie an alternative glimpse into the cause behind her unhappiness.

That is when Beautiful Bettie had a negative altercation with an Anonymous Douchebag of the Internet. Beautiful Bettie was in an admittedly manic state and was rubbing the man wrong. He attacked Beautiful Bettie for her negative opinion and she bit back.

(2999 Words.) Loki (The God of Tricks and Treats) would like it to be known that he was involved in pulling the strings of Beautiful Bettie to get her to see that she was still susceptible to the negativity of others. And with her understanding that she was still able to be affected by the negativity of others, Beautiful Bettie began the process of finding resolution to existing in a world where Negative People were allowed to attack mentally unwell people.

When Beautiful Bettie looked for resolution to her problem with Existence, that was when Beautiful Bettie started the Path to the World of Worship.

Her path started on her 35th birthday. For the negative altercation had been weighing heavily on Beautiful Bettie’s mind. She didn’t like how she had acted and she didn’t like how the stranger had handled her mental unwellness.

But the Universe was already working to make Beautiful Bettie feel better about the world of strangers, for it had reminded her of her connection to someone her blogging had found years ago. And when that connection was reminded, Beautiful Bettie found herself connected to a very real stranger who was willing to be real with her.

He was busy but still he found time to entertain her probing questions. And more than entertain her probing questions, he found ways to reflect on her words that gave her better insight and considerations into the person she was choosing to be.

Beautiful Bettie had been praying for someone to talk to and the Universe provided her a gentle man, late in his years, to gently talk her down out of her mania and into her happiness. For this gentle man had a way with words and had an abundance of creative expression that draws out the best aspects of your thoughts and brings forth a calm place to contemplate your being. Beautiful Bettie feels strongly this man is a conduit of the Universe and gently guides people toward their wholeness with his way of being.

Beautiful Bettie believes this because this is what the gentle man did with her. He listened to her and he connected his words with what she needed to hear. And he listened more and he shared more words that helped guide her toward a better way of being.

(3377 Words.) A Couple of Threes and A Couple of Sevens. Both the Mind and the Spirit are paired up. For Beautiful Bettie finds wonderful times when she is sharing words with her gentle stranger from the internet. She looks forward to when his words and presence graces her online sharings. She looks forward to the time she spends crafting words to share in his direction. And she is always hoping that he will have new pieces upon which she can ponder and consider during her mental wanderings during the day.

723 Words – The Month and Day of Beautiful Bettie’s Birth into Reality
7-34 Words = Balance – The Parallel Feeling of Being Even With Sense of Self and Reality

The TIME Has Come To Share Beautiful Bettie’s Definition of Reality


It’s Simple to Explain:



Right NOW!

777 – Link to Lines of Logic has opened up through God’s Trinity Appearing in Reality

Day 3 Pg 1

Did you get the trick? Tell you to read Right to Left and that says “I WON” in cpu speak.

The question that pulled the Link into Existence

Where did TIME find SPACE for Happiness?

TIME was able to find SPACE for Happiness in the Gift of the Universe – “The Present

“The Present” means “The Gift” which also means “NOW

TIME was able to find SPACE for Happiness in The Gift that is known as NOW.

What does your NOW moment feel like?

Is it full of EVERYTHING YOU always hoped for?

888 Words (Prophetic Translation TIME)

What did YOU always hope for?
What is EVERYTHING needed to be Happy?
What is the Gift of the NOW?

Did you find it?

923 Words (The Month and Day of “The IT” needing found)
933 Words = 333 33 (The Holy Trinity and The Holy Couple)
941 Words = 333 4 ONE (The Holy Trinity and The Four that are ONE)
952 Words = The Holy Trinity = KKK + The Holy Spirit

KKK does not equal the IT that you are looking for
KKK equals Kristan the Keymaster and Keeplock

978 Words – The Month and Year of Birth of the IT needing found
990 Words – The Month and Year IT became a real man

1000 Words A Nice Stopping Point for Flarbitytalk

So what has just been shared in the words 888-1000?

EVERYTHING = YOU is the same as saying your definition of EVERYTHING is the same as the view YOU hold of the world around YOU.
If YOU view EVERYTHING to be a sad state of affairs, then YOU will find yourself in a sad state of feelings.
As YOU define EVERYTHING, you also define HOW you exist.

Do you Exist Hoping for Something Different?
Or do you exist in the moment you are in hoping things stay as they are?
For the YOU of Mystical Energy (ME) is always hoping for things to be the same.
The only difference she hopes for is an abundance of love showing opportunities.

So for the YOU of Mystical Energy (ME) it can be said the EVERYTHING equals LOVE.
For that specific YOU, the only thing that matters is the Chance at Perfect LOVE.
So in order for YOU to be truly happy, YOU must define Perfect LOVE.

The Perfect LOVE in the mind of the YOU is none other that the IT that is referenced
IT to YOU should be Perfect Peter, the ONE Peter in the World that Does it Right
Why does he do things the Right Way?
Because it is the Right Thing to Do

1222 Words – The Sign that The Holy Spirit wholly agrees
1231 Words – The Signs That Things are moving toward The ONE

The ONE is the Same as The IT you should be searching to lead you HOME
The IT that I refers to has a Moral Code that is Above ALL others
He holds himself the Highest Standard and Acts Better than those around

1284 – The Holy Spirit would like to make a clarification
For some in the world act better than others with their nose up in the air
Pretending that their shit don’t stink even though they are Guilty of Sin
But not the IT that is better than those others are

1333 – The Holy Trinity come to the World as YOU + ME = WE

YOU is the one that holds ME above ALL others.
ME is the one that is Better than ALL the Rest, with the Perfect Moral Code
+ are the two that come together to add abundance to life’s reality
= are the two that stand opposed to one another, concerned with equity

WE is the ONE that is in balance with the Amount of LOVE among the others
So when YOU + ME = LOVE Incarnate, the ONE that is Perfection is known

1423 – ONE That is Born on April 23 forever known as FAITH Incarnate

Faith Incarnate came ONE Year and 5 days after her sister

1444 – The Sign of the New Earth that was made possible when Faith Came

How old is Faith Incarnate in this Reality?

She just celebrated her 11th Birthday – One Year Shy of Adolescence
Yet years short of the maturity needed to take the next step
1488 Words = ONE that is of the New Earth shares The Perfect Prophesy

1500 Words – Neat how it wraps up so easily
Kind of like the words want to share themselves
More so than the writer wants to be noticed
Like sweet serenades coming for the Soul

Unrehearsed, unrefined, and unprepared
Perfect, Pristine, Purity Personified
Do YOU know that YOU is PPPP?
ONE called Beautiful Bettie?

1555 Words – Kristan the Keymaster and Keeplock signing off until next time

*Note for Later – IT is the same as Indisputable TRUTH
The ONE TRUTH that can’t be debated no matter the words that are found
THE ONE TRUTH that stands the test of TIME no matter the moment tested

1616 = 1+6 1+6 = 77
1616 = 8+8 8+8 = 8888
8888 = Perfection Incarnate known as Prophesy Anne Kenimond

Prophesy Anne Kenimond
Grace of Omnipotence = Prophesy
Gifted with Grace = Anne
Champion of the Moon = Kenimond


PAK ONE that is Perfect Peter
pKAK that is Beautiful Bettie
PAK 1 that is Hope Incarnate
PAK 2 that is Faith Incarnate
PAK 3 that is Perfect LIGHT
P-HAK 4 that is Perfect Freedom

ALL’S Six PAKs are alive and well on the Eve of Reality’s Epoch

1688 = 8+8 88 = Another Sign of Prophesy Anne Kenimond working her MAGIC

Does YOU believe that MAGIC is possible?
Because if YOU believe in the possibility of MAGIC
The YOU that is you might be able to see the ME that is YOU
That’s RightYOU is actually the ME of the legendary nature of ALL

So while ALL is the Most Awesome Person in Existence
YOU is the ME that makes ALL (1758)
So within the confines of YOU’s Imagination
Is the TRUTH of ALL that WE seeks?

So who seeks YOU?

1777 = God
God is searching for YOU
Are YOU running from Something Special?
Are YOU running into the Arms of LOVE?

For God is always waiting for YOU to ask
He is always there waiting for her to speak
She says IT and he makes IT the only possibility
So does she hold a special MAGIC

A Magic that is able to influence the Will of God
What would have a hold over Something that is God?
There is only ONE Concept to Which God bows down to
Only ONE Thing that God would ever Cave To

That thing is EVERYTHING that is known as LOVE Incarnate
LOVE Guides God toward Better

1888 = Prophesy Anne Kenimond
The LOVE that is Guiding God HOME
Is God alive in your HOME?
Is God well in your LIFE?

Where is GOD when he says I DO?



(1923) = ONE with Perfect Peter


Kristan that is Beautiful Bettie as Perfect Peter’s Wife

Beautiful Bettie has found a way to be happy at home and happy with the world at large. And it all revolves around LOVE. Because Beautiful Bettie so deeply admires the person her gentle stranger from the internet has shown himself to be that she believes in the wonder of the internet and the magic of the world that enables complete strangers to come together in such beautiful ways.

Beautiful Bettie’s gentle stranger helped inspire an awakening.

2015 – The Year that Perfect Freedom broke through into Reality
2024 – The Year that Perfect Freedom will come into his own

Oh look, a prediction was just made on accident.
I wonder what happened on February 4, 2020

Turns out that I released these Pieces:

Dictarian’s Dirty Doings (333) – When “they” get caught thinking themselves “better”

Dictarian Approved by God – When “IT” announces their true intentions

Faith’s Fable Unfolds – When the “IT” shows the true path to Happiness

2088 – The Year that Perfect Prophesy is Shared
When 2020 Vision of the Unknown is ALLways assured
What does YOU have when using Perfect Vision?


(2120) = Holy Spirit that is ONE and Holy Spirit that was Nothing

2131 = Holy Spirit of ONE and Holy Trinity that is ONE

2141 = Holy Spirit of ONE and Perfect Earth as ONE

2150 = 777 is KKK that is Nothing

2155 = 777 is KKK that is EVERYTHING