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On September 24, 2019 Beautiful Bettie had 3 Karmic Cases Pending Against Her.
On May 6, 2020 Beautiful Bettie has cleared the Karmic Case Docket and Found Peace

A Summary of the Cases Against Beautiful Bettie were as follows:

  • Not controlling her Bipolar Nature in stressful situations
  • Not having the extra in a more-money based culture
  • Not focusing on schedules in a TIME dominated reality

The Story Behind The First Case Against Beautiful Bettie as told in Status Update for GOOD

Beautiful Bettie had a violent breakdown. In the worst possibility, Beautiful Bettie could have been taken straight to jail. In the best possibility, Beautiful Bettie experienced Something wonderfully different.

Beautiful Bettie knew that she had been working for Karma and was in a really good place. So when the Real World seemed to have turned against Beautiful Bettie in the midst of her violent breakdown, Beautiful Bettie called out for Karma to weigh her Judgment on the situation.

Karma loves when people call on her and so she was all too willing to grant a level head for all the people involved so as to show their true colors and let everything be known.

Beautiful Bettie quickly worked to calm herself for she recognized that being out of control was not going to help her in this situation. And so Beautiful Bettie was able to address the responding officers with a positive disposition when they came to respond to the situation.

Beautiful Bettie was completely honest about the entire situation. She gave every detail without trying to hide guilt or innocence. She told from the moment the provocation started all the way to the moment the event ended. Beautiful Bettie allowed her emotions to show and yet didn’t allow her emotions to overwhelm her to where she couldn’t communicate her position to the police. The police positively received Beautiful Bettie’s event manifestation detailing.

Three parties came forward to give statements to the police. One party wishing to be the victim admitted that Beautiful Bettie had a mental breakdown but decided to press charges anyways. The party that witnessed the end results of the breakdown shared her statement that Beautiful Bettie experienced a mental breakdown. The third party giving a statement gave words that Beautiful Bettie’s son was injured during the course of the breakdown.

Beautiful Bettie was handcuffed and taken to the police car. Because the victim was making a big stink about how much pain she was in and despite initially refusing medical attention was now asking to be seen by the attending ambulances.

Beautiful Bettie had to watch from the back of the squad car as the Antagonist Inciting Her Violent Breakdown took on an exaggerated limp and hobbled toward the Ambulance, holding her hip despite the attack being on her head and face.

2111 Words. This is where the Perfect Man came to the rescue. In Beautiful Bettie’s Breakdown, she asked the Pastor of the Church to go to her home and get her husband. Beautiful Bettie explained that she needed her husband to help her get this under control. And so the Pastor went to get him.

And in Perfect Timing. For the Police were getting ready to take Beautiful Bettie to jail when her husband showed up. He was able to help the police understand that jail was not the place that Beautiful Bettie needed to be. He explained to the officers that less than two weeks ago Beautiful Bettie had tried to get admitted to a psychiatric hospital but was turned away because they were overcrowded and there were people who were in worse states than Beautiful Bettie was in that moment. He was also able to explain the negative history that Beautiful Bettie had with the Victim and explained how the Victim actively tried to make life harder for Beautiful Bettie.

So when the time came to take Beautiful Bettie to jail, both officers decided that she would be better served at the local psych ward. And so the Perfect Man helped bring about a better situation than what Beautiful Bettie could have managed with her honest retelling of the situation.

And so Beautiful Bettie has learned that having good people concerned for your best interest involved in your life is paramount to keeping a healthy mental state.

Beautiful Bettie was victim to a cold hearted woman that hated Beautiful Bettie for being loved by her father. Beautiful Bettie was victim to that woman aggressively invading Beautiful Bettie’s personal space, disregarding Beautiful Bettie’s request for separation. Beautiful Bettie then aggressively had her personhood attacked by that woman.

It that was when Beautiful Bettie lost control. And so Beautiful Bettie has learned that it is important to only allow yourself to be around people that are willing to respect your boundaries and treat you with common decency and kindness and consideration.

Beautiful Bettie now understands that life is much better when you limit yourself from being around people who actively bring negativity and drama to the relationship.

And so from the time of the Violent Breakdown, Beautiful Bettie has been in seclusion. Beautiful Bettie hardly ever leaves the house. She takes and gets her daughter from school. She goes grocery shopping. And she goes to doctors, counseling, and group therapy. Other than that, there is little reason Beautiful Bettie has found to leave the house.

888 Words – The Sign that Prophesy is To Come
But what is to be said when EVERYTHING has already been named
And EVERYONE is still waiting to be the ONE
And ALL that you know is not the ONE you wish to vote for?

931 (333 3 ONE) = Trinity is ONE
Which is to say The Holy Trinity is the ONE you should vote for
But WHO is the Holy Trinity in the Reality YOU calls HOME?
Beautiful Bettie will boldly state it isn’t she that you need

WHO is it that you need? 978!
Hint: He was born in September 1978 (984)
Hint: He is married to someone born in 1984
Hint: He is the 7 that carries to 999

WHO is 7 to YOU?
None other than God Almighty Above ALL (1010)
Notice the emphasis on Above ALL
For the Reality that as Awesome as ALL is

God stands even better than what you know ALL to be
For ALL is the Perfect Reflection of God on Earth
But God on Earth is not the same as God on High
Just as the wind is part of the sky, they are the same guy

But in being the same guy
Both ALL and God on High have differing views
Views from ALL that is as it was meant to be right now
Visions of ALL as it could be if things were better (1111)

So God on Earth comes to show a better way
As God on High demonstrates His Almighty Say
Say = Word, which is to say WILL
God on High demonstrates His Perfect Will

Will of I AM is the Reason for the Season
And the Blossom of the Beauty of the Ages
Ages = Aegis, which is to say Faithful Protection
Protection from our Lesser Selves is Being Found (1178)

What does the Perfect Peter in your life help you to see?
Is it the YOU that you hoped to be?
Is it the ME that you always knew yourself to be?
Is it the WE that makes US a happy Three?

Does it matter these questions that I asks?
Is there something more I’m trying to share?
But words that won’t come for the TRUTH they bare
Can you see behind the veil?

Parting the curtains and seeing the Vision
Of the peaceful place of Perfection Living
What can you see when you dream it to be true?
Don’t you know it’s now down to you?

All that is Left is the TRUTH to be found
Making known the greatest secret around
Bringing awareness to the most silent sound
The speaking of PEACE’s Promise


Can you hear it?
Do you feel it?
Have you held it?
Do you fear it?