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Lust is living at home with school age children
She sees first hand how underprepared schools are
To deal with having no children in the school
And all children at home learning online

Lust doesn’t mind that schools couldn’t see this coming
This epidemic was created to show the lack of preparation
That society has for unknown factors coming into play
Like an illness that quarantines the society to home

Lust believes that it should be simple to service everyone
For in the Perfect World, everyone has a home
And is equipped with everything they need to get by
On any given day, given any certain circumstance

But that is not the reality of Lust’s Fallen World
For the truth is that the Fallen World takes advantage
In every given circumstance to put some ahead
While others fall desperately behind

Lust doesn’t like that idea and so is focused on the children
For everywhere children are sitting at home with little to do
But Lust sees it as a golden opportunity to bring a society
Together in the hard times that come from chaos

Lust knows that children grow at different speeds
But accepts that by and large, they are in the same place
Regardless of the difference between the minds
Therefore Lust is looking to bring similarity to everyone

Lust knows that there are different age groups working on different things
She sees that there is a group of 14-18 year olds that are preparing for life
She sees that there is a group of 9-13 year olds that are learning their skills
She sees that there is a group of 4-8 year olds that are preparing to learn

All these members of society are at different stages in their progression
But within their range of progression the same skills should be focused on
Lust currently has two children within the 9-13 range and two within the 4-8 group
Since she needs help in these areas, this is where Lust’s mind if focused

Within the 9-13 age range Lust thinks that The Diary of Anne Frank
Would be a good read for the first two weeks of quarantine
Lust believes that the lower age children will work to read the material
While the older age children will work to draw parallels to their life

Lust sees that each child can relate to being home and in hiding from the outside world
In their seclusion and isolation is a time like never before to relate to this link to the past
If not now, there will never be a better time to introduce this topic
Even now, a modern Holocaust is taking place as the plague targets an older generation (444)

As Lust brings up the realization that the plague is targeting certain people
Lust branches off into the next learning topic for the two weeks left of quarantine
The reality is that probabilities, fractions, and percentages are important topics to cover
Because helping society to realize the possibility of infection will enable calmness

So if you find your child home from school with little to no word from their school
Check out the following link to the Definitive Online Edition for your children to use
Help them work through the difficult reading and refresh yourself in the process
Connecting to your children’s growth as you come together in these hard times (555)

As your child has questions about the hard times that Anne lived through
You can talk to your child about the difficult times you endured in your life
Bring them into the loop about how you weren’t protected in your growth
And how hiding out from the world might have been better for you

Give them a chance to explain how they are feeling about the hard times
Let them give a voice to the fear they are experiencing at change
For surely enough life is drastically different for school age children
Who have always been conditioned to think going is better than staying

So find out where their little minds are going these days
Now that staying has become the norm to keep people safe
Ask them to write about their time apart from normalcy
So that you can keep a diary of their time in seclusion

For Lust realizes that these days are the things history is made of
And now more than ever we have an educated population
That can absolutely give beautiful detail to their experiences
While living apart from the whole of the society that supports them

While you are asking your child to give their voice to the change
Take the time to consider your own change of pace
And how being separated from outside influence
Has influenced your own way of being. (784)

Lust knows that the Corona Virus was meant to do much
It was meant to wake up a society to their utter reliance
Upon one another to look out for other’s best interest
Because the reality is that everyone depends on everyone

And so Lust recommends that as you keep yourself home
Locked away from the others that might be sick
Consider how you might be sick yourself
In ways that hurts others to be near you

Take the time in seclusion to think about why it is
That you would ever take advantage of another person
When that person could be the one to take care of you
When all the odds are flipped and life changes drastically

Because how many people went about thinking
That it would be the grocery workers and food service industry
That would pull together to serve a flailing society
That has needs even when everyone can’t be out working

We have our front line workers out there holding down the fort
When so many have to be home in their own fort
Hoping and praying and fearing for the worst if others don’t stand up
And do what everyone needs to get through the hard times

So when you lay your head down this night
Remember to say your thanks for the people you don’t know
That are out there making life better for the moment you are in
Because those light workers are there making society possible

How will you repay those that kept things floating
When all you could do was come home to wait it out
Will you force them back into the way things were
Or will you come together to make a better way for all?

Lust knows that a better way is possible
For Lust is born of Beautiful Bettie’s Reality
And in that Reality Beautiful Bettie has the answer
To every problem every imagined or created

Beautiful Bettie is ready to problem solve.