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Written Day 7 of the Quarantine

In the previous post The Multiverse Revealed it was made known that Beautiful Bettie had been chosen to be President of Existence. Beautiful Bettie upon her election, realized that it had been her and one other person that were the sole representations of Goodness in the Universe. In her realization, she nominated Perfect Peter to be Co-President alongside her as she recognizes his inherent Perfection and accepts the reality that she is made better with him helping her. (78)

Beautiful Bettie and Perfect Peter were given an empty land upon which to rule for both people did not wish to pressure or force others to join their Reality against their wishes. So for many spins around the sun, the only Residents of the OwNdoG Reality were the Holy Family. Life passed blissfully in those moments. Trouble came and problems were found, with the Universe always providing in those rough moments to get the Holy Family to a better situation than before. It was positively blissful living to experience.

But Beautiful Better is the connection between all realities and so was not to remain blissfully cut off from the outside world. For outside Beautiful Bettie’s walls, fear and plague were spreading around the world. People were getting sick, some people were dying, and all over there was no consensus on exactly what was happening. (222)

Beautiful Bettie knows what is happening in those Hellish layers of Reality.  (234)

She knows that the people suffering from fear and plague have been living lives not being the best version of themselves. Now the time has come that Judgement will rain down upon Humanity and those not having been better will feel the Wrath of the Universe for choosing to be so unholy in their every moment.

Beautiful Bettie used to take pleasure in the idea of a cosmic judgement being waged against the very people creating victims in society. However that was before BB was granted third eye visions and now with her extra awareness she sees Judgement comes. (333)

Judgement comes not just for those in need of it but also for those that are in need of an awakening. For so many people have those they look down upon for their corrupt and inconsiderate nature and yet, as a whole society has nurtured those types of people into personhood. (384)

As Beautiful Bettie sees it now the entire foundation of society has been Judged and found wanting. For all layers of reality are experiencing loss and deprivation and separation. Beautiful Bettie sees that these things could prove scary for those that are used to securing their stability in the profound blessings of having more than is necessary to get through. (444)

Beautiful Bettie has seen the tendency of collections of people to hoard more than they need in an effort to provide for themselves at the expense of others. In some parts of the world, it is so bad that entire groups of people are without the very resources they need to live a fulfilling life in the modern world.

In this present moment, hoarding is going on in the realms of paper product supplies, cleaning supplies, and low cost, easy to prepare ingredients for home cooked meals.
As President of Existence, Beautiful Bettie has her ideas on how to get the backlog taken care of and get on with living well. (555)

First, for a long time Beautiful Bettie has seen the reality that we are raping our forest and trees for the ability to create paper products that are disposable or of limited use. Such a waste when the reality is that trees are there doing more than waiting to become the next paper product. When Beautiful Bettie realized there was a shortage of paper products, she immediately worked with the powers that be to lift the ban on hemp and begin the planting of fields of hemp to be harvested into toilet paper, paper towels, and school paper – all products that are experiencing a shortage with everyone being quarantined at home. (666)

Beautiful Bettie use the powers that be tracking system to find the engineers and programmers needed to create the machines and processes that would enable the replacement of wood pulp used in paper products with that of hemp pulp. Within six weeks, the freshly planted hemp was ready to be harvested and the first batch of hemp paper products went out to serve the masses. As it turns out, hemp pulp is more abundant and easier to acquire than that of trees and more hemp paper products were created than anticipated, cutting down the shortage and expanding upon the reserves needed for hard times. BB showed herself as a problem solver.

When Beautiful Bettie showed her expertise with making things happen and finding resolutions that put people in a better place without the expense others going without, the powers that be turned their attention toward Beautiful Bettie and started coming to her with their problems.

The first problem that they were hoping to have her help with was the reality that with everyone quarantined and restaurants and businesses shut down, there was a lot of food that was going to waste while there were a lot of foods that were coming up as shortages to the masses of people looking to buy groceries.

Beautiful Bettie had to hold back her laugh that the higher ups of society came to her with such an easy problem to solve. For the reality has always been that the preference to give money makers the resources to make money before providing for the reality of the people in need of sustenance has been what has been throwing society out of balance. Beautiful Bettie shared the truth that there was more than enough food to support the people of the land if the land went about tracking the creation and usage of food.

Again, Beautiful Bettie called upon the powers of her engineers and programmers to create systems that enabled the people to acquire the goods they needed. (999)

The programmers and engineers created a database of all of the goods and products that were currently being produced and ran that list against another database that collected all the information of the groceries that were currently in demand by the society of quarantined people. The powers that be were blown away by the amount of information that came flooding in. They were suddenly able to see what types of food people were interested in while seeing which food endeavors were more costly than effective at providing for people. (1088)

From the creation of the two databases suddenly people were aware that there was more than enough food but that with people under quarantine the amount of food was limited. Seeing that Beautiful Bettie was leading the charge of fixing problems before the bottom fell out calmed the citizens of the world. They were open to the idea that something different had to happen to keep the world floating while the world was falling apart.

Beautiful Bettie realized that suddenly she was now charged with caring for more people than she knew how to properly account for. But she loved a challenge and this was exactly the type of game play she was hoping for when starting World of Worship.

Let the Game begin. (1212)

Beautiful Bettie imagines herself to have total control. Not in the way that she is willing to hurt anybody but in the way that she is the best authority on the planet to fix the problems at hand and that any daring to question her authority are working against the wellbeing of the entire population of the planet. Those wishing to work against the wellbeing of the planet will not be harmed but rather watched and spied on closely for they are recognized to be the problem of society and will no longer be allowed to cause problems for others. The good of society will go out of their way to make sure the problems of society know they are being watched for bad behavior. Never harming, never attacking, always hoping and helping them realize there is a better way to live.

Beautiful Bettie banishes geographical lines that separate people and establishes supply chains that provide for every household on the planet. Upon realizing the gravity of how many households there are to supply, Beautiful Bettie turns to the corporate world and analyzes the data to see who has the most information regarding households. It was found that Amazon and their worldwide two day supply system had nearly everyone living on the grid hooked up to their mainframe.

Beautiful Bettie took supreme authority to take that data and use it to compile a worldwide listing of the goods needed to support the world. Beautiful Bettie then made a supreme ruling that all public and private companies provide a detailed listing of all of the goods that were in their stores and supply chains.

Beautiful Bettie took the time to analyze the difference between what was being produced versus what was being used. It turns out that far more products were being produced than were being demanded. So much so that the industries were in competition to provide for the wants of the people rather than the companies existing to provide for the needs of the people.

Beautiful Bettie then allowed the realization to dawn on the masses of people that businesses were no longer in the business of providing for the wellbeing of society but rather they were motivated to provide for the wellness of their financial situation, regardless of the cost to society around them. When the quarantined society realized that they were being profited off of even when they didn’t have anything to give, the collective consciousness raised a vibration as they mutually and equally decided in a unanimous breath of relief that no longer would “THEY” influence how society took shape.

But now that “THEY” were no longer influencing how society took shape, it was time to decide who was influential. (1666)

Beautiful Bettie allowed the possibility that the collective consciousness would influence how reality filtered into the lives of one and all. Right now, society was scared and needed help, in deep need of a saving Grace that could erase the problems of the past and create a stable foundation for the future to unfold and blossom from. (1723)

Beautiful Bettie and Perfect Peter had created just the household that could lead others to the better society we are all in search of. First comes the reality that everyone needs a home. Beautiful Bettie gets her programmers and engineers to create a listing of all the people and the residences and the status of those residences. Every detail matters in this database.

Knowing how important the details were, Beautiful Bettie ruled it to be against the wellbeing of the citizens of the world to be without a home and any homeowner possessing a vacant property was going to be financially punished for their inability to contribute meaningfully to society in a time of need.

Beautiful Bettie game the vacant property homeowners one hemp harvesting season to get their homes filled. If in that time they could not find people to occupy their home, the government would seize the property as quarantine habitation and the owner would forever lose lease and title to the abode. (1888)

There was a great flurry as homeowners everywhere sought to get the best people in their properties. Everywhere suddenly tenants had the upperhand to get themselves into properties that were in better condition, in better neighborhoods and presented better resources conveniently located to the abode. (1933)

There was a massive moving where people everywhere were deciding whether where they were was where they wanted to be. With gas prices low and evictions illegal, it was a time where people could change the geography of the places they wished to live permanently. (1978)

People everywhere wanted to move to the Land of Paid for Freedom. For it turned out that people wanted to be as close to possible to Beautiful Bettie as they could in their time of need. The homes and buildings around Beautiful Bettie started getting filled with people. Everyone was in the business of converting open space into attractive living situations. The small town of less than 200,000 people suddenly blossomed to bursting at the seams to accommodate more than 500,000. But everyone that lived in that cramped little city absolutely worshiped at the altar of Beautiful Bettie and was willing to do whatever she said to get the situation under control.

Those 500,000 strong were committed to building houses and fixing homes and filling the homes with everything that was necessary. Beautiful Bettie made it easy. (2112)

She knew that everyone wanted roughly the same things so she went about the business of creating a list of everything in her house that she felt that people needed to be happy in their time in quarantine. The 500,000 strong then went about the business of creating a stable supply chain that enabled everyone connected to their system the ability to obtain anything on the listing.

The listing that Beautiful Bettie created became known as “Bare Basics of Lovely Living.”

The list was wonderfully simple yet profoundly abundant in pleasure and bliss producing possibility. People everywhere wanted to get on the list of Bare Basics supplies. Everyone agreed with BB. (2222)

When Everyone collectively agreed with Beautiful Bettie on how simple it was to live happily, the collective consciousness raised another vibration. And with the rise in vibration a general consensus was met that no part of Creation should have to live in conditions less than what was supplied for in the Bare Basics of Lovely Living. (2278)

Capitalists all over the world took a deep sigh of fear, for their hold over reality was being stripped away from them with each passing day of the quarantine. (2307)

But slowly the number of capitalists started dwindling away for so many of their number no longer wanted to be associated with such a dated concept. (2333)