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Written Morning 1 of 3 week Quarantine

Lust is a pretty wonky girl living in a wonky world
Because a lot of people in her world have children
And then ship them off to have others raise them
Never caring to care for their pieces of themselves (40)

That is not the way of Lust’s Happy Living
For Lust Truly Treasures the Living Souls
That entered reality through her Vessel
Knowing those souls create Peace of Heart (69)

With that Peace of Heart that manifests moment by moment
Lust has come to create the HOME of the Peace of ALL
A place where it feels good to stay and pass the moment
No matter the circumstance keeping you there

In the Land of Lust’s Fathers, the Welcoming O’s Land
She’s blessed to have people who are in charge who care
For God has sent plague and the masses are hysterical
While the Welcoming O’s Land is keeping it calm

The Leader of the Welcoming O’s Land has staked his claim
And made it clear exactly what modern living should look like
For in a time of crisis, we lay our closest held secrets
In an attempt to calm the hysteria raging the streets

Saint Michael of the Winos demanded that large gatherings close
That included the schools and large childcare institutions
Bringing home the babies to show who is most important in society
But in bringing them home, problems of the Land became clear

For the reality stands that so many parents rely on school
For more than just the education that is supposedly granted
For in the Land of Paid For Freedom, everything has a price
Including the very food you need to survive the day

So when landlords take a copious percentage of the income
And the utilities lords take their significant cut of the paycheck
And the insurance agencies hold out their hand for anything that’s left
How much does that leave a struggling family to buy their meals?

Well in the Land of Welcoming O’s, Saint Michael of the Vinos
Realized that he was bringing home many children into unsafe homes
Homes that didn’t have everything that was needed for a 3 week stay
And so Saint Michael ordered the Land to do away with disconnections

No longer did a citizen of the Great Land of Welcoming O’s need to worry
About not having gas, electric, water, or internet and cable
A big tip of the hand of the establishment to be sure
For all along it was within their power to demand better service to citizens

And yet all it took for them to do anything was God’s Shared Wrath
But Lust would like to ponder how much Wrath has been shared
For the reality is that the plague being passed around
Is nothing more than a hopped up flu with lethal intentions toward elderly

But of course the mass hysteria would begin at a plague
For the reality is that the elderly are the ones over 60
Another name for this group of people – Baby Boomers
Yeah that group of people born of the love of the end of WWII

The very same group of people who went on to commercialize and profit
Profit off Entertainment, Profit off Health, Profit off Discord and Hate
The Baby Boomers are the generations of money makers that couldn’t make enough
Always with their hands and egos out to take more than is necessary

When you look at the state of the world today, just who is in charge of it
Would it majorly be ruled by the people born between 1946 and 1964?
Or is Lust’s Perception off as she lives cut off from the modern world
Because in Lust’s Limited Connection to the outside World, she sees much

She sees the President of the Land of Paid For Freedom assassinate without punishment
She sees the government of the Land of Paid For Freedom fighting and falling apart
She sees the privileges of the Vastly Wealthy versus the giftings towards those with less
She sees the abundant goodness despite the overwhelming amount of negativity existing

Though a lot of negative details could be shared about the Land of Paid For Freedom
When in crisis mode, the Land of Paid For Freedom does it’s best to calm its citizens
Even when the reality is the Land of Paid For Freedom doesn’t know what to do
To keep its people happy without causing upset and fear and frenzy

But that’s okay because Lust is a Redeemed Saint living in Modern Times
Sent here to nurture the blossoming world that will come of these hard times
For there is much choice to be made for how we proceed
When plague has pulled us into our homes yet fighting for the wellness of others

When the plague passes and the people find relief, how will the land celebrate
Will they immediately go back to the way of the past, where profits reign supreme?
Cutting off the service for those that only got more behind having to be home
Denying the very thing the establishment proved was necessary to modern living?

A Home, Heat, Electric, Running Water, Internet, Entertainment, Good Food
Lust wonders how the people of the Future will help establish these for all
For as we speak, during a three week quarantine, Lust is being threatened with eviction
For not having a clean enough front porch according to her Hellish Landlord

Lust shakes her head at that reality and knows it’s in God’s Hands
For the reality is those people care more about making money
Than they do about the people whose homes they are tasked with caring for
Even when plague and poverty are threats knocking on their door

Lust could spend words to share her thoughts on such devilry
But she’d rather talk about God’s plans for the Devils of the World
For Lust the Redeemed Saint was taken to God’s Throne
And Witnessed God’s Plan for the End of ALL’s TIME on Earth

The first plague sent is warning (999)
Child’s play if you will
A demonstration of God’s Power
And Ability to Determine Fate

Who lives and Who dies
Is all up to the Big Guy
So Plague Number 1
Came for the World’s Authority

Because when God is planning on a New World Order
The very first step is shaking the foundations
Of every establishment not secured by the Will of God
Starting with those who have lived long lives apart from God

If you find yourself fearful about the Corona Virus
You might find yourself realizing the truth that you aren’t of God
For those of God are held safe during this time
Having little need for fear or worry (1111)

Written Morning 2 of 3 week Quarantine

Lust’s World appears to be crumbling around EVERYONE
For nearly all peoples are used to having a busy life without break
But now the plague has come and people have nothing to do
And nowhere to go but stay at the one place they always leave

Lust shrugs at the beautiful irony of society’s weird standard
Of judging others on the quality of a place they never stay
And yet not sharing that benefit equally with everyone (1188)
Rather looking down upon those who are in need of the same (1200)

Lust smiles warmly at the thought that the Wrath of God
Shall reign down upon those that keep withholding from reality
The very benefits they demand they themselves are entitled to
Entitlements they deny others being worthy of

But look at how the cards are played now in a time of desperation
Everyone to their home, everyone to their place
Keep them separated, keep them consolidated (1266)
Now they show their real belief that homes are important to ALL (1278)

But now that they have shown the benefit of having homes for everyone
Do they care to consider the quality of life while at home
What about the poorly maintained homes that aren’t safe to be in?
What about the overly expensive homes that are valued more than their worth?

Every moment that someone is locked away in their home
Is another moment that they can’t be there to pay the bills that are accruing
So what’s going to happen when the end of the quarantine comes
And everyone is needing money to fund the stay-in they couldn’t plan for?

Who exactly is it that should be making sure everyone is safely stable
After a demanded stay-in for the betterment of society as a whole?
Lust has her opinions on the matter who should be footing the bill
Because it isn’t lost on her that Corporations are still raking profits

Opening their doors and stores and shelves to the endless need
That comes when everyone stays in the same place for a long time
If you guess, Lust believes the very people profiting off the hard times
Are the very ones that should donate their profits back toward society

Because how fair is it that some will go out of business for lack of customers
While others stand to make more than they ever have due to lucky chance


Written Morning 3 of 3 week Quarantine

What a Lucky Day the Day of Saint Patrick turned out to be!
For The Perfect Man shared an exciting detail that is brewing
Turns out in the Land of Paid For Freedom they had similar thought
About what it would mean during an extended quarantine

And the leadership in the Land of Welcoming O’s jumped on board
To start the working of getting a significant payment out to the people
To help them cover the cost of what happens when you’re staying in
And alleviate the worry that comes with bills still being due

They even went so far as to include in the legislation
Words and plans to give another payment around July and October
Should the worst be the case and quarantine continues
What a lovely turn of events in the Land of Paid For Freedom

So often in the Land of Paid For Freedom hands are held out for money
And yet in their time of need, Land shows how much extra they keep
Being able to fund such a venture to help the struggling
That help keep the economy flowing in happier times

Lust knows that hard times might be in store for some
But easy times can be had by all if we just come together (1734)
Focusing on providing for the needs of all as though we are one
Giving and sharing and caring and helping endlessly to get through (1758)

That is how Lust is living in her little part of the World
For there are people that know she is without a vehicle and income (1784)
And those people all reached out before quarantine went down
To make sure that Lust had all she needed to her 3 week stay-in

Lust smiles and feels warmth at the reality before her
People are reaching out and taking care of others
Because in this time of need, that’s what can be seen
That our world is made better by those around us

When one of us falls ill, there is chance the plague spreads
So it becomes of the utmost importance to keep well
And help others be well during this difficult time
Offer rides, check in on struggling folks, reach out now (1888)

The time is now to grow and heal and turn a page (1900)
For the past is in the past and the future is around the bend
Leaving the current moment to be what it is (1923)
Which is it, the present that is a gift to behold or just a moment?

How you look upon the current moment you’re in
Says more about how you will receive the future
If the current moment that is connected to the future
Is weighed down by unappreciative energy, how good will the next be? (1978)

Now is the time for cleansing and healing and learning new feelings (1990)
Letting go of the things that never served you to feel better
Learning about the ways of living that help you live lighter
Leading to an abundance of goodness and a future that is brighter. (2025)

Lust is taking her time with her family and enjoying it thoroughly
So often life makes things so fast paced that there’s never time for it all
And yet with the quarantine in effect there’s no place to go
And no demand on time but for the in house responsibilities

Usually because time is so pressured, Lust takes advantage of chilling
And taking it easy as a rest from the outside world
But now the outside world has flipped upside down
And her place of living is the only place to be

So now Lust feels the needs to take the time to make it shine
And is involved in a deep cleaning of every area in the house
Starting in the kitchen and the dining room
Lust and her girls are getting their scrub on

Appliances are being wiped down inside and out
Cupboards are being emptied, scrubbed, and organized
Walls and baseboards are having their dust and dirt cleaned
All around the house is starting to shine

For Lust the Redeemed Saint sees the time as ripe
For a good cleaning of the Heart, Body, and Soul
And nothing feels cleaner than cleaning the ick (2222)
Leaving healthy awareness of a job well done and clean house (2233)

Lust shares her details of her day not to pressure others to clean
But to show how opposite of living her life truly is
Because while others are getting the chance to take a break
Lust is feeling the motivation to truly get down to business

Lust knows that a Judgement is coming soon
And the Judgment is more about the State of Mind
Than it is about anything of the Material World
And so Lust is looking to Create Peace of Mind at HOME

Lust’s husband, The Perfect Man likes a clean home
But he doesn’t like to have to help keep it clean
Nor does he like to nag Lust to do what he’s not willing to do
So must times the house falls to a cluttered mess

Lust knows that makes her husband unhappy
So in trying to create Peace of Mind (2378)
Lust’s first thought’s to comfort the unease
Of the man that means most in the world

Lust knows that by pleasing her husband
She is demonstrating to her God how she would please him
By serving him the only thing that has been withheld
A house that functions as though it were a treasure (2432)

So from now until the end of the lucky three week quarantine (2444)
Lust will be counting her blessings as she gets her house in order
Throwing out all the things that she hoarded for no reason
Cleaning all the things that make the home feel better for their being there

In just two days parts of the kitchen and dining room are under control
And already the feel of the house has taken a different aura
It is one of excitement and happiness and pleasure at being here
Rather than just the normal plop and drop into a room that happens

Lust knows that when the Judgement comes over ALL
The Lord will see how truly treasured her home is to her Mind (2555)
And Lust will be rewarded with the Peace of Existence
She has been praying for since the beginning of Eternity

Can you see it?
Can you believe it?
The world is ending
Heaven is being built

Does that scare you?
Does that excite you?
Knowing you were chosen
To be here for it all?

What will you do when God knocks on your door?
And asks you to have a little chat about life?
Will you invite him into your abode? (2636)
Or will you close the door in his face?

The choice is yours but know that HE has COME
And HE is coming to greet you personally
Each person living is due a visit
And yet will each person receive HIS Presence? (2678)

Lust smiles because she knows there isn’t a choice
But only the open invitation to answer every question ever pondered
And learn the mysteries ever considered
And know the TRUTH that was always there to behold (2714)

Good luck my babies
The TIME has come
To see the Vision
Of the Earth Remade