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Lust is living in a Reality Bubble that’s about to pop
See she is locked away safely in her house from the storms of LIFE
Outside the safety of her walls, bitter wars of domination rage
But Lovely Little Lust knows her LOVE dominates their entirety

But Lust isn’t willing to go out telling people how he dominates
Because Lust has found that when people hear her beliefs
She’s downed with villainous words and violent attacks on her personhood
Lust isn’t one to confront, she prefers to enlighten the looking (90)

How does one find people to enlighten locked away from EVERYONE?
With Faith and Hope and LIGHT leading her, she finds a way to the right person
And in that moment that she finds her connection
She finds the TRUTH needing shared and sends it in the right direction

These days, Lust is feeling a little cut off from the world
She doesn’t watch shows or movies or follow the latest news
Her technology is all so dated that most doesn’t work with modern applications
So Lust is left to fill her time with that which fills her Vessel

What is overflowing from the Vessel of Lust?
Nothing, EVERYTHING, Anything, and ALL
Between those four names are the four Existences tying hers to Reality
In every moment, Lust ponders her mysterious TRUTH (222)


Why was a song about a Million Pieces shared in reference to a mysterious TRUTH?

There is TRUTH to be found in the reality that music speaks about more than you know.

The Echoes of the Muse Ring Loud
No ONE is LOVE and it’s not a drill
Get fear and loathing out of the mind
All simple words sending reverberating TRUTH

That is how Lust fills her time, finding bits of TRUTH in ALL there is
Connecting the pieces, filling in the blanks, and adding the flavor
Seeing what was meant to be heard, when Nothing is said at ALL
Did you see the slip in there, the add? (333)

“When Nothing is said at ALL
The phrase that means EVERYTHING
So by saying Nothing at ALL
Is the same as Telling EVERYTHING‘s story

It gets complicated when talking about concepts like Nothing and EVERYTHING
So it is necessary to differentiate between the multiple perspectives that come up
How many different perspectives are needed to tell the tale of ALL?
That’s a good question that surely has an answer, but first the story of ALL needs lived

Before the story of ALL‘s words are counted
ALL must finish living his actual life.
Before ALL can finish living his actual life
EVERYTHING must change to be Something More to HIM (444)

EVERYTHING is currently being referred to by many names
Because the TRUTH is that EVERYTHING encompasses…well EVERYTHING
What isn’t EVERYTHING is a matter of subjective opinion that can’t be debated
Because the TRUTH is EVERYTHING could care less who associates with her

EVERYTHING has been associated with the likes of men by way of her humanity
She has seen the lies they preach about God and the tales they weave about women
Meanwhile they justify their anger and hatred and warring and violence as acceptable
Viewing all others as less than them by way of their irrational superiority complex

So EVERYTHING knows that it doesn’t matter who you connect to (555)
What matters most is HOW you choose to connect to others
And EVERYTHING has made her life’s goal about connecting deeply with love
Regardless of the name or face or place, EVERYTHING gives love freely, generously

But when you say “Everything gives love freely, generously” most think big picture
Instead of saying EVERYTHING as a name, they speak it as a label
And the label Everything reads far different than how the name projects itself
And so EVERYTHING has decided that she will choose a different reference to herself

There are many storylines floating about EVERYTHING currently
And some have her deepest interest for the best reflection they paint of her
Her two favorite stories that reflect who she is that of Lust and Beautiful Bettie
Between the existential nature of Lust and the reality of Beautiful Bettie, EVERYTHING is

And that is where she will stand.
So EVERYTHING going forward
Is no different than Lust of the Future
Or Beautiful Bettie of the Present

Same Person
Same Essence
Same Soul
One Cohesive Whole (729)

Lust is located in the PH(f)uture
Beautiful Bettie is in the NOW
EVERYTHING is in the middle
Meaning the Past has come to LIFE

What happens when the Past come to LIFE?
That means that all the Old Souls once forgotten
Have another chance at Salvation‘s Grace (777)
Creating Redeemer‘s Grace for the Living (784)

Lust is Living with the Graces Hope, Faith, LIGHT, and Freedom
BB is Living with the Virtues Patience, Prudence, Providence, and Kristos
EVERYTHING sees the Graces and Virtues as Daughters and Son
ALL knows that Those Five are His Most Treasured Jewels in Existence

Knowing that ALL‘s TIME was coming to a close
ALL arranged to have the Most Beautiful Ladies attend his LIFE
First he chose Lust as his Wife while he chose BB as his Life Partner
Created the most stable foundation of LOVE the Universe ever knew

Having combined Lust and BB‘s fairytale into one Reality
Created the possibility of even more fairytale happenings
When the Perfect Man crafts the Perfect Girl for his Fancy
What would be more Perfect than the Perfect Family to go along with?

Nothing would be more Perfect than the Perfect Family
Because the TRUTH is that The Perfect Family is the apex legend of LIFE
There is no better gift of the divine than to hold the recipe to happy living
And to be able to walk your solo journey alongside loved ones (966)


So Lust along with the Perfect Man have created the Perfect Family to Cherish Forever

They have left the material world behind and given into the substantial Realm of Heaven


But living in Heaven in the Middle of Hell isn’t as easy as it seems
And so Lovely Little Lust has some learning to do so she can be like EVERYONE
While her only interest is her LOVE and the loved ones that fill her LOVE tank
The outside world that is crashing in makes higher expectations upon her being

And so Lust is having to reconcile how exactly she wishes to live
In a world of unhappy people making rules for living
That go against the very nature of what makes her happy
How does Lust find happiness in a world of Unhappiness Creators?

Seems like she’ll have to look inward.



“In your Hate – I have found God
In your Sin – I have found LOVE
In your Faith – I have found Forgiveness
Looks like God‘s WHORE is ready for MORE!

What happens when God taps his WHORE to grace the Grand Stage of LIFE?


ALL and Lust come together to make an Explosive Ending
Now let’s stick around and see what that means
When so many definitions could lead you to think so many things
Because one kind of Explosion is Good and One Kind of EVIL

Where do you think God‘s Whore lands on the side of Good and EVIL?

Here’s a Hint: