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Lust is always one to say her heartfelt thanks to the Heavens
She has so very much to be thankful for, too much to simply name
The Blessings Bestowed upon her Being are Bountiful and Abundant
In receiving such Bliss and Pleasure, Lust makes sure to give back

Lust was thanking her high heavens for the ordeal her family survived
For its that time of year when the flu rages and so many fall victim
Some pull through with no problem, some lose their life to a cough
One can never be sure what will happen when TIME brings change (100)

Since the Darkest LOVE ever conceived entered her Vessel
Lust has been experiencing loss after loss after loss
When illness swept over the Virtue Krew Household
She was sure LOVE was seeking to teach her a lesson

Without transportation, without money, without any way to help
Lust began the process of waiting for wellness to break
Because Lust knows that when it is your time, God takes you
And there is no will of man that can stop the Rule of God

So Lust thanked God through every moment there was another to pass
Knowing that each moment through the illness was one closer to better
Understanding that each moment brought closer to an ending
That TIME could never think to heal (222)

Today was the Breaking Dawn when the last family member came up
Fever and pain broken, feeling a million times better
It was in that moment of joyous appreciation
That Lust shared with her husband her thoughts on paradise

Lust loves her fairytale life that seems straight from a novel
She loves every detail of her comfortable existence
But when she tried to express to her husband the pain she felt
The only words she could come up with were “Seedy Underside”

Lust felt that everything was perfect
but for the reality how fleeting it was
That everything you hold dear to heart
Could be swept away in a sad moment (333)

The Perfect Man warmly smiled at Lust
Letting her know that wasn’t the “Seedy Underside” of Life
That was God’s Blessing at work every moment
Reminding her that God doesn’t promise us anything but LOVE

He gently shared that God’s Blessing is there
In every moment we have another to share (384)
Because if God didn’t grant another moment of LIFE
What more would there be to experience? (400)

Lust nodded in understanding
She saw that it was the potential of nothing
That gave everything such special definition
By highlighting all that could be against what was.

The Perfect Man further shared some people have it wrong
Thinking that the Lord is at play with a winning ticket
Or a Brand New Car or some material object
When in reality, the Lord is there as the Blessing to Receive

Lust remembers when she was alone in seclusion
She knows that her moments were filled with LOVE
Even when her body wasn’t being nurtured with touch
Because Lust holds on to God before she thinks of the world

And so Lust understands and agrees that it is God’s Bountiful Blessing
That one should be insanely thankful for in every single moment
For God’s Blessing is nothing more than the Gift of Abundant LIFE
And the countless magical people that are there to make LIFE better



Lust counts her blessings, on the first hand
Are five people who keep her safe and keep her warm
The Father, Hope, Faith, LIGHT, and the Perfect Son
In just one hand she has everything she needs

Then Lust has her whole other hand that resembles the First
The Perfect Man, Beloved Father of Her Household
Her daughters, Patience, Prudence, and Providence
And coming last was the only son Patrick-Henry bringing Freedom

Two hands full of the same otherworldly blessings
Shows Lust that she has more than she knows how to be thankful for
Because some people only have one hand to count their blessings
And even then they look down their nose at what they have

Lust does not want that to be her tale
She wants to tell a different story with her life
No moments wasted pretending to be something she’s not
Every single moment she lives as God’s Chosen ONE

Not because she believes she really could be
But because in all reality that’s what she wishes to be
And so in her every moment she shows God
What being his Chosen would mean to her

Turns out that God takes notice when someone acts Chosen
They start to get attention in their direction for everything
In no time at all, God had given Lust his everything (777)
Because God fell head over heels for one of his Creation

What happens when the Father wants to Wed a Daughter of Creation?



He’s going to ask ALL of Creation for permission to take one of his own as HIS ONLY.

Wonder what ALL will say when asked to give up the girl of his dreams?