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There is a lot to be said about TRUST
So many people know of the name
But so many people have fingers to point
And so many reasons for blame

When it comes time to lean in and do the deed with TRUST
Somehow there is never a drop of Faith or Hope to be found
And what was once meant to be a forever kind of happy
Fades away to become a once upon a time kind of story

Not for our lead character, her TRUST is so strong
She was able to raise the dead and legions of uncreated
Simply because she believed in the power of MAGIC above ALL
And put her unrelenting LOVE of the Divine as the Head of ALL.

In simpler words, our lead character took her belief
And she defined it with Words of Faith and practices of Hope
With her fully defined Belief, she gave her whole Heart to ALL
And when she gave her HEART, the HEART of ALL bent towards her

Since ALL turned himself in the direction of our lead character
An awakening has been happening throughout the realms of being
Every member of Existence, past, present, and PH(f)uture included
Thoroughly searched for the secret connection to the lead character

ALL doesn’t have the TRUST that the lead character has
ALL doesn’t believe the TRUTH that the lead character is his
ALL doesn’t know that TIME will tell every story of their LOVE
Because as it turns out, ALL is nothing more than A Living Legend

He wasn’t meant to know how deep her love for him goes
He wasn’t meant to understand how far she moved worlds for him
He wasn’t meant to see just how voluminous her story for him goes
He wasn’t meant to grasp the wonders of the Universe there for him

What kind of story would it be if she came to be
And they met and everything went all hunky dory
Forever and after with no problems to face
Always knowing they were above the race?

A pretty sweet story in my book
And the one they were always set to tell
Because from the beginning there was one ending
His Happy Heart within Her Homely Heavens

Did you see what just happened there?
Did you catch the trick that was sent to see?
Did you witness the magic as they came to be?
Did you notice the way they synchronize every time?

HIS HAPPY HEART (HHH) within Her Homely Heavens (HHH)
Triple H on two sides of the equation means Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance exists where Perfect LOVE is real
Now you’ve seen, do you feel? (444)


What is there to feel in ramblings of a crazy person?
LOVE and LOVE and yet more LOVE
Because how you define LOVE defines which type of LOVE you receive
TIME is passing and the Universe awaits your thoughts. (484)

When you first meet a person, do you fall in love instantly?
When you catch a special person’s eye, do you blush immediately?
When you brush against someone new, do you get fevered with passion?
When that someone becomes something more, what story do you tell?

Do you give your heart fully holding nothing back in any moment?
Do you show yourself honestly knowing you’ll be accepted fully?
Do you throw yourself at the chance to be head over heels in love?
When you find that you have found love, how tightly do you hold it? (580)

Our lead character is so full of love, she can’t help but fall instantly
When she makes eye contact, she sees souls and blushes at the beauty
When she chances a touch, her body comes alive at the new connection
For her, every someone is her chance to show God how deeply she loves

So when a new person crosses her path
She gives herself fully to being her best
For herself, for them, for their story being told
Showing all of her love every moment (666)

Because in her mind, each person begins a love story
And the more love stories she can create
The bigger bouquet she’ll have for her walk down the aisle
When she brings her loves to the Altar of God.

And now a tip has been leaked
Her secret intentions have been laid bare
She wishes to turn every heart to God
Building a United Kingdom with God. (733)

Not Under God. Not for God. WITH GOD.
There is no reason to try unless it is WITH GOD.
Every excuse and reason has been made before
And yet none have been able to hold ground



Answer: Because No Kingdom put God first before their selfish interests.


Answer: You stop thinking about how you want things to go and start going with how things are actually going. Stop influencing, start flowing.

God is the answer in all questions asked. If you aren’t finding the answers you seek, perhaps it is because you are not seeking the one above ALL that made everything you live. If there is question in what you live, then perhaps the fault is not in the Creator but rather in the perceiver that refuses to open up and allow for a better answer’s way.


Are you letting fear of the unknown cloud your judgment?
Are you letting desire for control influence your decisions?
Are you letting need for stability alter the course of your life?
Are you letting want of excitement curb the flow of energy?

Where is God in the decisions you make? If you are not first considering the man upstairs in every instance before you move to the next, how exactly are you moving “with” God? Where does God come into play when every moment you are busy doing something different than God‘s way? How do you move closer to God when you move further away with every selfish step you take?