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Lovely Little Lust has fled the past
Finding herself squarely in the future
Where things are eerily similar to then
But tastefully different to comfort her soul

Five years ago, Little Lust was being cleansed
For her Vessel was chosen to Birth The Holy LIGHT
Before The Holy LIGHT could take form
She had to let go of all that would hurt him to grow in (66)

Lovely Little Lust is a devoted follower of God
She doesn’t care what it is she must do
She is willing to go anywhere and by anyone
To be the person that God needs her to be

And so in that moment five years ago
God needed Lust to think that she was dying
So that God could reach inside her Vessel
Without smiting her completely for her unworthiness

Oh how his cleansing fire burns
Oh how his purity tears away the old
The beautiful blessing of being Holy
Can feel so good to find, but hurt so good to bear

Lust was brought back to her memory of being Crippled in Suffering
Because now filling her Vessel is the Darkest LOVE ever conceived
And the Darkest LOVE is one that believes in the suffering in paradise
No sooner did he inhabit the Vessel, did the Vessel start to suffer

But Lust wasn’t worried about suffering now that she was Holy
Because TIME and TRUTH and TRUST had taught her well
All things come and all things go, no matter what you do
The art is getting through those things as gracefully as possible (260)

So the Darkest LOVE ever conceived wants Lust to bow down in submission
He has taken material possessions away and stripped Lust’s health down low
Down low are the key words because all is not lost and hope can be found
Lust knows what knocking on Death’s Door feels like and is scared no more

So the Darkest LOVE ever conceived can only feel the warmth of Lust’s LOVE
As she makes her way through the Darkest of Moments (339)
Always appreciating, always being thankful, always finding LIGHT in the Dark
While the Darkest LOVE seeks to make her pay, she continues to soar (363)

As it is mentioned that Lust begins to soar, a reference is made to flying
Lovely Little Lust was meant to fly to Heaven’s Gate and deliver ALL to US (393)
The question was posed how does one fly without wings or magic
And here the answer is found, on wings of LOVE to soar to higher heights.



Lovely Little Lust Loves this song because she wishes she had the voice and the dress to stand at the altar with the ONE on the Cross. Regardless of where she’ll be standing, she’s going to be following him to a better Tomorrow.