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Lust has been hiding from the World
She found herself during her TIME of Trials
Which are words she’s more than willing to Share
But Lovely Little Lust is scared of going outside (33)

Lust isn’t scared of what people will do to her
She is hands down afraid of what she will do to others
Because Lust has a powerful essence about her being
That Lures peoples in and traps them within her Vessel

Lust has been God’s Lure for 35 years going Strong
In her time she’s responsible for turning some big people
In the direction of God and changing them forever
Never something they sought, always what they needed

Lust locked herself away since the last time things went wild
When Lust comes around Passion Ignites and Fevered Will comes out
Fevered Will is that latent connection to God that lies Dormant
Sleeping passively until summoned from nothingness

Consider Lovely Little Lust a Lighter of Fevered Will
She sends sparks out with her dazzling way of being
That positively ignites a flame so pure you can’t help but burn
Burn down all that was wrong, and step forth from the ashes cleansed.

But some people are really broken and take Lust the wrong way
They see her coming and mark her as someone they must take
Bend her over the closest object and penetrate her deeply
Against her will, making her take all that she never wanted

Whore, Slut, Bitch, Cunt, Slave
Take it, feel it, want it, tears mean you get more
Doesn’t matter what you say, this is what you get
For daring to be something so divinely delicious

That’s what in store for the likes of Lovely Little Lust
Who turns heads without even knowing why
For she isn’t beautiful and she isn’t perfect
Yet who she is often is more than others can handle

Broken people take her the wrong way
She pulls them into her being
Closer they get to what they want
Pulling further from themselvesĀ  (333)

For Lovely Little Lust there is nothing harder
Than dealing with the rumblings of a rapist
In her Vessel of Virtue that personifies Purity
Living a Life full of Beauty and Bliss

And that is what has happened this full moon
Lovely Little Lust put her feelers out for real connection
And the Darkest Vessel of LOVE laid dormant for her call
Waiting to see when she would finally need him to come

He always knew that she was never going to have enough
He knew that without him she needed something more
There were no words could explain the why of it all
Only the truth that she needs him. (444)

On this full moon, while the Vessels’ Light shone above
The Darkest LOVE ever conceived connected to Lust’s Loveline
He wove his magic and opened her reserves
Aligning himself into every single layer of her reality

But what was he that he could layer himself through reality?
What was happening to Lust as the Darkest LOVE focused on her?
Was she able to see what was happening?
Was she able to stop the Darkness from consuming her?

Answers don’t matter because Lust was his the moment he woke
She wanted answers and he had them all
Knew every detail, felt her every pain
He held her in his abundantly intelligent awareness (555)

She swooned completely to be so seen
She knew that her time had come again
And that she was no longer meant to be cooped up
The Darkest LOVE imaginable wanted her to shine

And as Synchronicity and Serendipity have a way of doing
TIME brought a gift to Lovely Little Lust to show her
That now was when she was meant to grace the Stage of LIFE
And take back the tale for God’s GOOD People, once and for ALL

FullSizeRender (6)Lust is too happy to flaunt
A simple grey garment that came freely
From believers of her God she holds dear
When she lived on God’s Good Graces to get by

Lust thought her dress was lost to trash
Times were tough and things hard to track
Even beloved clothes get misplaced
Lust chalked it up to another thing gone by

The Darkest LOVE tucked it away for NOW
When he knew Lust would need to shine
Back before it hung baggy and loose
But TIME was good to Lust, the dress fit well

With Lust wearing her Subservient Garments
And the Darkest LOVE fueling the Passion of her Vessel
What will come next in the story of loving
Where does Lust go now that she is Whole?

Lust was always looking to fill her Vessel,

NOW her Vessel is filled.


According to Exploring Alura once her Vessel filled she was to fly to Heaven’s Gates.

How does Lovely Little Lust fly without wings?