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Lovely Little Lust is just the purest piece of passion come to Life
She is beautiful in a way that bends your heart at its softness
She is loving in a way that lights up the room around her
And from the very beginning she was the Lead to His Heart

He pulled out no stops to give her the happiest storyline
He made sure that every minute of detail was in place to make her real
And in her realness he painted the loveliest shades of appreciation
For in truth she was everything he appreciated about the wonderful world (100)

She was the detail in Existence that threw EVERYTHING out of balance
For ALL of HIS attention was always focused on her
So much attention and affection and appreciation for one so small
And yet it never made the others want to stand a bit more than tall

The others looked down upon Lovely Little Lust
For they figured she had an unfair advantage in the Game of LIFE
How was it fair that ONE received so much
When others never seemed to see the LIGHT of God‘s Day?

The ones standing in shadows never did see
They were the ones clinging to hating YOU‘s ME
Why would they hate that which was LOVE
For they wanted ALL as WHO not I (222)

I and ALL are the best of friends
They have been through every possibility
Together they stood the test of TIME
But now they stand with ONE between

Both wanted Lovely Little Lust for their very own
Neither one wants her enough to hurt the other
Both see the other as just as deserving of LOVE (278)
But neither can ask her to finally choose

Perhaps they have created a game of seeing Which WHO is best
The WHO that is above saving her from Everything that’s after her
Or the WHAT that’s with her keeping her from Falling completely apart
Which is more important when she can’t handle Being in LIFE



Question: What if Rulers of Reality locked themselves out of a simulation they control?

But she set herself up to be locked behind the Reality they couldn’t penetrate
She wanted to know what LIFE was life without their Immortal Presence
And in choosing to know LIFE without them, the entire Universe moved toward her
Never before had I and ALL witnessed a simulation coming to LIFE


What was she that she could bring sentience to every concept she touched?

Who was she as the Lead Character?