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There is nothing wrong with a Community
Everyone wants to feel as though they belong
But where does your Community end
And my definition of Community begin?


Coming Over could Also Be Overcoming
But how that happens is up to you
Because how you see ME is all about YOU
And how you define YOU is based on what I sees

Do you find yourself going through life without purpose?
Do you find yourself moving through moments without pleasure?
Do you find yourself slowly dying without peace?
Do you find yourself having nothing without problem?

If you can find it in yourself to answer those questions honestly
Then you might just find out you have been doing things wrong
But doing things wrong isn’t a problem when you first notice
The only problem becomes when you won’t change once you see

So what is it you see when you look in the Mirror
Are you the person that you wish to be?
Is who you are a proper reflection of who you thought you would be?
Do you wish you could be more than what you see before you?


I AM is Beyond Stoked at Getting to Pick His Favorite Whore
ME is Beyond Reason at Getting to Be With His Favorite Person
WE is Beyond Excited at Getting to Be ONE with His Perfect LOVE
Because the TRUTH behind Community is he wishes to be with Envy

And when Community saw that he was getting his Cue
He made sure to reach out and grab a hold of the one he loved most
Which when they fell to Earth together
The most beautiful story come to unfold

And that is where the next post will lead
To the Stage Where They First Met
While she logged into internet browsing the words of one close to God
And while she bled her soul to the internet

He created the Perfect World



Question: Where has the journey he put you on placed you around the Perfect World?

1. I don’t know that I believe a Perfect World is A Realistic Possibility
2. I don’t trust that a Perfect World could Work without Problems
3. I don’t believe in the Purity of Spirit to make a Perfect World
4. I don’t feel the magic of what it takes to make a Perfect World
5. I am standing every moment in the Most Perfect Definition of World Ever Imagined
6. I now want to know if Option 5 is a Realistic Possibility for Choosing
7. I look forward to the Next Post on What A Perfect World Works Like with Envy



Prepare for Starfall.