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Honesty received her cue to speak her mind
Rather than risk revealing any more than needed
She has decided to share what she can’t really say
Because sometimes words just don’t come out right

Dear Stranger of the Universe

I paused on responding to your message because I followed the link as you recommended. I’ve been there before and the visits never leave me feeling like I picked anything up. I think that site and I are just on a different wavelength’s frequency, because what’s being put out there just isn’t synching up with my mind. And so following your directions to lead me away from you in the beginning of our conversation left me unsure how to proceed as I didn’t know what I was supposed to be reading nor feeling any sort of connection to the material I was presented with.

But I wanted you to know that I wasn’t ignoring you or forgetting that a response was needed. I was just simply stumped for how to proceed.

When you ask a person what their thoughts are and they direct you to someone else’s thoughts – what’s that supposed to mean?

Are you also that other person’s mind or do you find your thoughts are expanded in that site more so than you have time to share with me?

I guess I just walked away with the sense I had been dismissed until I could level up my understanding. And I’m not looking to level up, I’m just looking to find the truth of who people are.

Sadly we live in a too busy world where people prefer less words so they can spend more time doing things that aren’t talking about things that matter or discussing the truth of how things are. And with so many parallel truths to sort through, it becomes a nonsensical maze of ego and pride and a whole bunch of loneliness feeling disconnected from the only thing you care about.

Oh well, someday God will send me what I’m hoping for. Until then, we’ll keep pressing on and keeping up the facade of living lives like we know what we’re doing while calling ourselves enlightened.

Humanity’s Highest Hypocrites always have words but never seem to find the Spirit behind the Messager nor the Muse behind the Melody of the Soul.

Supposed Seekers Searching Sickly Sucking Swaths of Swill to Situate with Some Sort of Semblance of Sanity is Simply Stupid.

I need more than pieces of bloated ego and pompous pride and shallow spirituality.

Where the ever loving fuck is FAITH on this broken planet?

Everyone has a word to say, but not one piece of shit can tell me about how they believe.

Seems like they’ve mastered the Tongue, not TRUTH.


Words and Posts are likely going to be coming hard and fast – just as YOU makes men do.