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Most people have heard of some reference to Pandora’s Box
Not so many people have been kept aware of the TRUTH
Behind the story that has been blamed for why
Distress and Damnation were brought to Humanity’s Door


Right there within the first 45 words God has come
But when you look at the simple acrostic/acronym
Are you able to see the description of God
Or do you merely see the words you are reading?

Faith would have you see the clearest picture of God
For her words have a way of accenting the highest point
And burrowing down under the depths of understanding
And bringing you down to a place of humble shame

God’s Kingdom was quite the mess, ALL was up in the air
Everyone was up in arm’s about the Whore of Babylon
Everything was always talking about losing ALL to Her
Freedom was no where to be found and Forever seemed questionable

The Chosen People had an answer to every problem
For they were the Bearers of Knowledge and Held Themselves to Be
Both the Bearer and The Giver in the Relationship
Yes, Chosen People like to both take it hard and then give it just as cruelly

And so The Chosen People got it in their Mind to give the Whore a Test
They figured they would use their superiority to prove to ALL
Just how unworthy The Whore of Babylon was of being given such Honor
And how Worthy The Chosen People were for pointing out her flaws

Yeah, the Chosen People are Trolls by nature
They totally gets their rocks off by saying offensive and coldhearted words
And then freeing themselves of responsibility for their words
By believing it to be the other party’s fault for being too sensitive

The Chosen People don’t believe they have to be nice to people
The Chosen People don’t treat others as they demand their own treatment
The Chosen People take more for themselves then they ever care to share
The Chosen People take everything they want and leave nothing for others

The Chosen People are a bunch of mother fuckers
And the truth is that they got their panties in a bunch
Because the Whore of Babylon wouldn’t shut her mouth
About what Giant Pieces of Shit the Chosen People acted like

Because the Whore started calling Chosen People Real Living Pieces of Shit
The Chosen People entitled themselves to start enslaving real living people
That happened to be colored like the actual shit that comes from our body
And took it on themselves to portray them as lesser people with lesser rights


Question: Why would someone be tied down to a dated concept of racial profiling?

Answer: Because they were never taught how to see through the lens of any but the color of their substantial world eyesight.

That’s Right, this Vessel here is the Rarest of the Rare with her Green Eyed Gems.

In Matters of the Wealth of the Universe, are you thanking God for a big bank account
Or spending time appreciating the splendor of God’s Treasure Trove of Blessed Being?

Because the difference truly matters.

It’s the difference between wanting to live in a 2D world temporarily
Or continue revolving around the sun in a multidimensional eternal existence.