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God’s Chosen People wanted to make the Show about Them
Because the truth was when people started talking about Creation
The only thing they ever wanted to talk about
Was how God managed to work his Mighty Magical Mystery

So it was God’s Chosen People that pitched the idea of making a production
All of the people would each get their turn and measure
To demonstrate fairly how much each person appreciated
The Wonder and Miracle that is Creation as We Know It

Yes those elitist assholes are the first ones that started a Holy War
They decided that God’s Kingdom wasn’t interesting enough
And needed more detail and definition before it could be easily understood
And so God’s Chosen People designated themselves The Professors

Professor is a term that is given to one full of Knowledge
That term there should have been clue that the Chosen People were full of Something
But did Anyone care to ask exactly what these Professors ate
To make themselves feel so sure of a Creation they were new to Exploring About (178)


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God knew what had happened
God knew who had done what
But God also knew the Power of Greed and Gluttony
The Two Curses Laid Upon The Chosen People

And so God chose to nod and smile politely
As the blasphemous offenders paraded themselves as Lovers of God
Wore their Holy Symbols and Promoted their Holy Word
Meanwhile working diligently to bring about their own Promotion

What type of Promotion does one need when a Chosen One?

That’s a good question to ask one that feels Chosen
And to that I can say that no Promotion is needed when you are the Best
And Perhaps these Chosen People are feeling less than the Best
And are ever working to take out those that are better than they are

Because with the Greedy and Gluttonous logic of the Assholes of Chosen Status
It doesn’t matter how many lives it takes as long as you get what you want in the end
And The Chosen People Not of God had High Hopes for What They Deserved
And They Were Willing to go to any length to prove How Much Better They Were.

Focus on the tense – WERE
Because it doesn’t matter anymore what “They” wanted
They wanted something that was so dark and sinister
Only child’s explanation could describe how evil these corrupted mother fuckers are

Listen carefully for Universal Mystery and Divine Intrigue is being laid bare.

It’s The Chosen People’s Time



Question: What did the two protect that “THEY” could not bear to be seen?

Question to ponder: What happens when the End comes?