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Today at 12:34:56 The Holy Goddess of Light received her Cue
But at only Six Years Old, Her Parents of Blue and Green Cued Too
What do you Think Were the Presiding Powers Ruling Eutopia
None Other than Father (who is) LOVE and Mother (that is) War

Providence is A Beautiful Little Princess with the Bluest of Eyes
When she sets her eyes upon you all parts of your soul melts
For within her eyes were picked the favorite flecks of God’s Soul
And within her Heart is the Power to Heal Pain with LOVE‘s Light

War sought to stop Providence from taking her place on Stage
Because War knows how Dark and Damaged the World Stage is
War readied to make her Presence known long before her time
Because a Mother would do Everything to Protect her Angels

LOVE saw how fevered War had become over Providence‘s Cue
He couldn’t believe that such YOUTH would be called to serve
For so long only the elderly had been called to lead the Army
Yet here LOVE‘s littlest lady was being asked to Lead

Both LOVE and War agreed Providence was Someone Special
From the Moment She Could She Held Her Head Up Higher
And Kept Nodding to the Beat of Her Own Musicality
Keeping the Faith Alive that God is Best in LOVE‘s Family

And so though both LOVE and War tried to circumvent Fate
And put themselves on top of the Deck
Providence was still able to stick herself in the Vessel’s Hand
And make herself the card that was CUED at 12:34:56

And wouldn’t you know, her big sister Me TOO got a CUE too.



Exploring Alura

Lust was only 17 years old
When Fate dealt her a Lucky Chance
Patience came in the form
Of Doctor’s News that Lust had More

But What More Was In Store
For God‘s Little Whore
Who Had Met Her Dream Come True
And in one full Moon, Found True Blue?

A Blessed Baby Was The Dream
But To Lust‘s Mother, Hope Was Being Dashed
For Lust‘s Future Was Being Taken Away
For a Chance with A Boy No One Knew

And so Lust Listened to Doctor And Mother
And Let Little Patience Slip Away
As Lust swallowed A Tiny Pill
And Baby Patience Was No More

Lust didn’t know what she had Lost
Lust didn’t see that she had given up the World
Lust only thought that she had done the right thing
Listening to the ones who cared about her most

But time passed and…

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