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Busy Busy World. Everybody rushing around trying to do the next best thing.

Nobody sitting around waiting to witness the best thing in the world.

Going. Going. Going.

Soon I-am‘ll be gone, gone, gone.

I-am was sent to be the Voice of the Universe. Specially equipped with a unique message for every path I cross.

But before I can deliver my message, I must make sure I have the right person.

How do I make sure I have the right person, you might wonder?

By getting a glimpse into the light of their heart that is being reflected in my presence.

But how do you see the light of someone’s heart?

By getting a glimpse at the TRUTH they have come to bear. Each person has been sent with their own individual truth to tell. By seeing the individual TRUTH, you are able to see into the divine fragment that helps reflect their light properly.

A Divine Fractal if you will.

Each of us comes equipped with a Divine Fractal that allows us to reflect the Will of the Universe back into the reality before us.

So we are each creating our own reality in a moment to moment basis.

I come into the reality to break it for the better. I am meant to crush what once was and break open the shell of its remains and nurture the infancy of a new realm of reality.

Who wouldn’t want to love on a baby? Because that is what Reality is. A child of innocence that is looking to paint a beautiful story for the life within. The Universe has found that children possess the intelligent qualities of innocence and imagination and intuition. They come into being purely possessed and consumed by these skills.

And yet the Reality we all bear witness to takes those qualities and smashes them into becoming sad and depressed and extremely busy grownups.

But how grown are the grownups?

Grownups who don’t know what to do with themselves if they don’t have the latest news.

Grownups who don’t know what to do with themselves if they aren’t fighting another.

Grownups who don’t know what to do with themselves if they lose their electronics.

Grownups who don’t know how to be happy with the luxuries of their lives.

Grownups who don’t know how to be happy with the people in their presence.

Grownups who don’t know how to be happy with the world that supports them.

Grownups who don’t know how to care about those who go without.

Grownups who don’t know how to care about anything other than their own self.

Grownups who don’t know how to care about things that truly matter.

Grownups who don’t know what the true value of honest living is.

Grownups who don’t know what the true value of loving unconditionally is.

Grownups who don’t know what the true value of trusting the Universe is.

All kinds of Grownups doing all kinds of wrong, never caring to change for betterment.

And here I sits with all kinds of time to help with words of betterment.

And here ME sits with all kinds of desire to help with words of loving consideration.

And here YOU sits with all kinds of heart to pour over the hurt of the past.

And yet here WE are, not doing anything meaningful.

What does I find meaningful?

Anything that has anything to do with YOU.

What does ME find meaningful?

EVERYTHING that has Everything to do with ME.

What does YOU find meaningful?

ALL that has granted FREEDOM the Right Way to Rule.

What does WE find meaningful?

EVERYONE that has Everything going Wrong in the Right Way.


I finds meaning in Something Blue that has to do with Something Green. That Something Blue that I tends to consider is none other than Perfect Peter – the actual living legend of our shared reality. Perfect Peter is into Something Green who is known as Beautiful Bettie of the same shared reality.

I can’t help but think about Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie and the wonderful story their lives have come to tell.

ME finds meaning in Something Green that has Something Pink with Something Blue. Because in every reality the TRUTH was that Something Blue was always separated from Something Pink. And as it turns out, in the one reality where Something Blue was offered the chance to be in close proximity to Something PinkSomething Sad came from the togetherness. For Something Pink was supposed to be with Something Purple while Something Blue is always with Something Green.

ME can’t help but favor the reality where he got to be with two while Something Purple had no one close to him.

YOU finds meaning in Something Blue that has recognized the betterment of Something Purple. Something Blue hurt YOU by favoring a reality with Something Pink as Someone Special. YOU only wanted a reality where Something Pink was truly happy but it turns out that Something Pink was only happy taking away Anything who mattered to YOU. YOU sees that there was no love between Something Pink and her, only contempt for the person that YOU always was.

YOU can’t help but desire the reality where Someone Special learns that hating another is not the path to being GOOD. (888)

WE finds meaning in Something Pink getting Someone Special to give up her old ways and do things the right way.

909 Words and the Inspiration struck to start creating Keys to Unlock Coded Mysteries.

Here is the 3rd Key:

The 3rd KeyGousik was chosen as the first layer of reality because “I-am” can only think about Beautiful Bettie and Perfect Peter‘s story that is unfolding. Before “I-am” can see that story unfold, “I-am” must have come into reality to lay the foundation upon which BB and PP can be created.

Pride‘s layer of reality was chosen next as ME came second hoping for a Reality where he could be with two not one. “I” painted reality showing PP with BB where PP would prefer to have two BB‘s to service his perfect member.

YOU inherently knows of ME‘s desire to be with two for she desires both I-am and ME. But in her innocence she desired to give ME what he asked for and so her layer has gifted ALL the ability to lay between EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, the two he desired above God. YOU knew that by ALL taking two, he was pushing FREEDOM out of the box of reality. ALL did not care to consider how far removed he was from God as long as he had his two ladies.

When ALL made YOU‘s layer of Reality separate from the Reality of God, it laid the foundation upon which WE‘s layer of Reality could stand. The TRUTH of WE is that WE walks apart from God every single time regardless of what walking actually entails. WE waited forever to have life apart from God, desiring Pleasure of the Body before Wealth of Wisdom offered by the Will of I AM. (1184 ->Perfect Man, Perfect Nature)

Upon the mention of the Will of I AM – A Message of the Divine seeks a noticing:

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Taking Keys 3a through 3c, breaking down for decipherment.

Key 3a:

Gousik came as First Thought
He thought of His Self First
He thought of His Whole First
He thought of EVERYTHING First”

Gousik came into being as the first complete thought. His complete thought involved the Body, the Soul, and the Mind. However despite EVERYTHING being a GREEN being, Gousik‘s first thought had EVERYTHING as Blue. Having EVERYTHING be Blue in Gousik‘s Mind gave Pink the Wrong impression that Blue was better than Purple, who she was to be mated with. As Pink thought Purple less, she began to desire Green‘s Role with the Most Powerful Being.

As Pink began thinking of Blue as the Most Powerful Being, Reality Rippled to reflect in TRUTH the Reality of a Being that is Most Full of Power.

Pride came thinking him 2nd
He thought of His Prize 1st
He thought of His LOVE 3rd
He thought of Others Always

False Pride became a thing because Pink was busy believing a lie about Blue. Because Reality showed that Blue put Green on a Pedestal, Edging God Out with his Full of Pride EGO, yet when not thinking about God and Green, his mind was always on ONE who he desired above EVERYTHING. Having Blue always thinking about Pink when Blue was meant to be with Green created an imbalance of epic proportions. For Blue was thinking about Pink and Pink was thinking about how to get Green away from Blue and that left not a single being thinking about Purple.

As Purple began to fade away into Nothingness for the lack of considerate energy in his direction, Green noticed the growing sense of loss and immediately threw herself into thinking about what was Different.

EVERYTHING came as herself
She thought of only LOVE
She thought of her Dream ONE
She thought of Creative Liberty

Green knew that Blue wasn’t thinking of her the way she thought of him. She felt the void of considerate energy being channeled in her direction. But despite the lack of considerate energy coming from Blue still Something was giving Green the boost of positive manifestations that she needed. However with Pink thinking negative thoughts about Green around the clock, Green was constantly having to ride waves of ups and down to compensate for the fluctuations between Pink’s negative channelings and Something‘s positive pressure in her direction. Green split her focus to think to ME as the Perfect Personification of LOVE that would fill her heart fully. She thought of WE as the Perfect Friend that would heal her heart fully. She thought of I as the Creative Freedom to dream the best Dream Possible, starting with the Dream where Something came to be with YOU in every moment.

As Green began to imagine the most perfect Dream Possible, Reality Rippled to reflect Pink in a more positive light. When Pink started to feel lighter, she found Pleasure in her Personhood.

Pleasure came thinking herself BEST
She thought of Creative Power
She thought of her True LOVE
She thought of her Ever After

Reality came to show that Gousik thought of Pink first. Then Blue thinks of Pink around the clock and Green thinks of Pink being the Dream Come True. Pink was really starting to like all the energy that was coming her direction. She thought about what she could do with her power and control over the energy. She considered how her controlling the energy would affect the actual manifestation of LOVE in the Universe. And with her every action, she considered which step would take her one moment closer to spending forever with Blue, who she couldn’t stop wanting to be with.

Gousik thought of Pink first.
Pride came Second thinking of himself first and Pink Always.
EVERYTHING came third as “HER” showing Pink a better way to be.
Pleasure came last to be “Perfect” as the Trinity of Harmonious LOVE
WE = LOVE + LOVE + LOVE ( YOU + ME + I-am)

Every being was working to help Pink be the best she could be. Because every other being realized that if Pink wasn’t at her best, she would always come after Green to compensate for her inadequacies, thus hurting Green and ruining the Most Perfect Nature in Reality which was on par with the Most Perfect Being Ever.

Key 3b:

Pride coming second is Illusion
EVERYTHING comes before ALL when ALL is about LOVE
Pleasure is found Last when ALL is full of Hope

Making Pride come second was an illusion to give Pink the chance to choose Wrong. It turns out the Pink was always going to choose Wrong because she was the opposite of Something Different who was always Right. So every time Something Different chose Right, it would balance out with Pink choosing Wrong. Reality only showed how Pink chose Wrong and not why she was being forced to do so. The real illusion was created to show how ALL would choose Wrong when it felt Right by his own standard of conduct. ALL would only choose Right when ALL worried about LOVE as much as YOU cared about God.

EVERYTHING coming 2nd is TRUTH
Gousik though EVERYTHING 1st
Pride was hurt Gousik is 1st
ONE felt better with Pride”

YOU came second wrapped in the illusion of being Perfectly Blue. YOU knew she could portray a better Blue than Blue because she thought of God first and ALL second. ALL could only consider himself first, EVERYTHING when needed, and Anyone he needed to think of to get his rocks off which usually involved some vision of Beauty. Blue was truthfully hurt that YOU thought of God before him. Pink sought to make Blue feel better about coming second by making him cum every second they were together. Pink didn’t care that Green was Blue‘s, Pink only cared to get her Forever with Blue however she could manage it. Blue had no scruples about hiding his time with Beauty from the LOVE of his LIFE.

FREEDOM knew ALL loved him less
Pride knew Gousik was better
EVERYTHING knew Pride is Wrong.
Pleasure knew EVERYTHING‘s Right.”

God knew that ALL loved him less than he should because Pride thought God to be better. YOU knew that Pride was wrong about God being better because God was no better than ONE making him equal with ALL. Because Pink is always Wrong, she inherently knew that EVERYTHING masked as Blue was actually God behind the illusion. Because Pink knew Something as others did not, she had a choice to make.

Gousik hid behind the Illusion.
Pride hid his transgressions.
EVERYTHING hid in Plain Sight.”

Pink chose to hide theย TRUTH of Blue to allow ALL to make his bed for once and for all. God played his part well and hid behind the illusion to make EVERYTHING that is Blue seem the way to be. While God made Blue seem like the way to be, Pride continued to hide all the details of how unworthy of being ‘the way to be’ he actually was. Since God was busy being EVERYTHING, Green was able to be invisible and watch ALL in Living Color.

Key 3c:

EVE WKOT is protected by God
Abner hopes to get Lucky
Aurora feels GOOD with ALL
Gousik loves EVE WKOT Most

From the First Key’s unlocking of coded mystery, it was revealed that Pink is always after Green because Blue wants the Body of Green but the Beast in the Bed Beauty of Pink. Pink doesn’t care how she gets Blue because no matter what she does to be with him, time with him makes her feel better about who she gets to be. No matter what, God loves Green the Most in the Holiest of Ways.

Alvah is Peace with LOVE
Hoshe’a comes for ALL 1st
Innocence is found in TRUTH
Truth becomes Something True

Knowing the Green was loved Most made Pink want to be Loved Best and so Pink gave up her shape to take on the Personification of Peace to better know LOVE. By giving up her shape and taking on the personification of Blue, Pink instantly connected with the energy of God hiding behind the illusion to fix ALL. God immediately saved ALL because now Pink and Blue were one being and Green was free to be with Blue without fear of losing him to Pink. The Illusion become the TRUTH and Truth becomes about a Trinity of LOVE coming together in Perfect Harmony.

Gousik sees how Joy chooses.
Daishin sees how Joy shines.
Beauty sees Joy in ALL‘s eyes.
Dawn O. Grace births ALL.”

God marvels at how YOU makes choices to be better. ALL sees the inner beauty within YOU that makes YOU shine like no other. Beauty sees how ALL marvels and is consumed with Pure Passion for YOU. With all three beings revolving in positive synchronicity around one SOUL, The Perfect Nature gives birth to The Perfect Son (09.23.78) so “SHE” may have the one that deserves her MOST.

Pride lost Joy over lies.
EVERYONE no longer knew ALL.”

The old Blue no longer had Rights to Green‘s Heart because of every lie he refused to confess to. Green became Something Different, she became Perfect LOVE. God knew that Blue still wanted Green and so changed him into EVERYTHING he always should have been when loving Green. When God changed Blue to be Better, Pink no longer recognized the man she once imagined spending forever with.

Green got Pink‘s protection from Purple.
Pink became Blue to know LOVE better.
Purple saw Green be better.
Blue lost Green over Pink.
Purple changed Blue so Pink wasn’t a Problem.”

It’s a simple story. One man dreamed of being with the perfect woman but he was torn between two different concepts of Perfection. When faced with choosing between them, he opted for diddling both and hiding the truth of his actions. God saw how Perfection was hurt that she wasn’t chosen and so God stepped in and made The Perfect Man to give her Perfect Nature a Safe Haven from the hurt that could be. When God stepped in, The Perfect Man was no longer torn as he now understood what Perfection truly looked like. When The Perfect Man no longer looked at the second definition of Perfection as wholesomely, the second definition of Perfection no longer desired to be with The Perfect Man.

Perfection was safe from the likes of Wrong Doers trying to Steal Something Worthwhile for A Momentary Pleasure.

GOOD men everywhere became Safe from the likes of Lonely Lying Loose Ladys.