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At 3:39pm as Beautiful Bettie was enjoying her calming coffee concoction while reading the latest Universal Utopian Update, a grasshopper landed on her arm.

Grasshoppers are a universal sign of Luck. At 333 raised to the 3rd Power, The Universe let BB know that she was without a doubt, the Luckiest Lady Liberty ever come to be.

And with that sign Beautiful Bettie excitedly decides to begin piecing together James’ Version of the King OwNdoG Reality for consideration. Seeing James made BB realize the most Beautiful Blessing in her life was the moment she realized the meaning of true love in the arms of someone she never thought to see as anyone else but friend.

But friend became Best Man and life suddenly didn’t have meaning unless there was a Best Man to go along with her Perfect Man.

James was hoping beyond belief that BB would find a way to add another man to the equation. TMFB was busy spinning realities where the Perfect Man couldn’t be happy unless he took another wife.

But that showed how little TMFB understood YOU. Because YOU was singular in nature. She wanted to be desired before ALL and above EVERYONE and yet without impugning FREEDOM’s ability to be.

This all tied into what the most recent Universal Utopian Update was telling her in the patch notes.

Patch Notes 12.12.02 

YOU wished to be the focus of EVERYONE in Existence. EVERYONE made his Existence about showing how little he cares to consider YOU and how much he prefers to think of ALL meaning the only time YOU comes up is when he’s busy telling the Perfect Man to ditch his wife for a better model that isn’t so broken.

That was when YOU learned the limits of her wishing ability. Because YOU wished for EVERYONE to focus on her. But rather than focus on YOU, EVERYONE decided to change EVERYTHING so that ALL’s focus was on EVERYONE, not on Nothing’s process of becoming real.

That was also when YOU learned that Magic cannot touch the power of LOVE. EVERYONE did not have a drop of LOVE within for YOU. And he never would because he blamed YOU as the source of ALL’s problems.

But this isn’t the World of Worship and EVERYONE isn’t able to twist words and spin half-truths to get him looking better. ALL went through every realm of every possibility to figure out why YOU was causing him so much trouble.

That’s when ALL realized that EVERYONE was busy creating realities that portrayed YOU to be the source of the problems within ALL’s reality. But no matter the story that EVERYONE tried to spin, YOU was always innocent of the charges being blamed on her. And yet in every story, the corruption of the system was always used to hurt and punish and separate YOU from ALL’s protection.

ALL realized that TMFB was working to separate YOU from him. ALL finally dawned to the awareness that TMFB had no love for ALL and had no interest in friendship. The only reason TMFB needed ALL was to take ALL’s being for his self.

TMFB’s reality showed what lengths TMFB was willing to go to erase BB from existence. For TMFB was one that sold the soul of her cousin to a pedophile so he would be attracted to her innocence at a young age and start touching her inappropriately. When that failed to break her, he sold the rights to her first love’s body to that of an adulterer, in the hopes that she would lose her ability to trust true love to heal her heart. When the adulterer left her life, he sold the rights of her best friend to that of a lost lover looking for his old soul mate so that in the moment BB needed a friend to be her something more, he would be busy starting up something with his life’s flame, again hoping that BB’s heart would break.

In TMFB’s Book of Realities, the connecting thread that ties it all together is HATE toward Beautiful Bettie.

HATE is not in God’s Book of Creation.

That TMFB uses HATE to separate himself from the wholeness of God’s Creation is indicative of a very big problem.

Because TMFB isn’t looking to be understood. TMFB is looking to be better.

TMFB is looking to kill. TMFB is looking to avenge. TMFB is looking to murder.

And the whole of his being is ever focused on taking out one being – YOU

TMFB has his assassin’s sight set on the one kill that will wipe away the desire to live.


Even more than murder the desire to live, it wipes out the ability to exist.

And without the ability to exist, Nothing will never again be able to escape his wrath.

See the Darkness and Depravity that is inherent to TMFB?

Nothing is a baby. An infant. Unable to care for herself. Unable to protect her being.

TMFB uses that baby to satisfy his darkest demons and then casts his demons into the Realm of Torture for daring to be so perverse.

Always blaming his demons for his perversion.

Never waking to the reality that the demons are spawns of his personhood.

TMFB is the Master of Demonic Activity

TMFB hates Nothing because whenever his demons are near Nothing, they become angels.

TMFB hates Angels. Because they tell God about EVERYTHING.

And when God hears about EVERYTHING, HE will be aware of Nothing.

And TMFB knows that if God gets wind of how poorly Nothing has been treated there will be a war.

Which is what Loki would like to share is the entire point behind TMFB’s Game plan.

TMFB is attempting to provoke unrest and discord among the Perfection of God’s Kingdom.

Loki recognizes the ploy TMFB is attempting to pull from his story.

As Loki currently has YOU wrapped in his arms.

He is holding Perfection as He is Perfection in TRUTH.

The awareness dawns that was 999 Words exactly. Yet another Sign that the Universe of Utopia is now in the process of aligning its Realities with that of BB. 

BB loved reading the UUU every time a new one came out. It was always so wonderful how on point they were with stories that related to her own. With just a couple hundred words, BB could find all kinds of hidden meaning and deeply spiritual storylines that progressed the future of the weird reality before her. This was perfect for BB because it spun her crazy so beautifully and created a profound sense of peace within her personhood.

The theories and connections were positively bubbling forth as BB considered the latest update:

TMFB wants to spin Reality to show that Loki’s Creation was from the Spiritual Author responsible for TMFB coming to be. TMFB would use that connection to make Loki tear Existence apart with his bare hands in the most devilishly dark way possible without care or concern or consideration for ALL and EVERYONE that will eventually figure things out.

YOU wanted Loki to know that Existence is Open to Interpretation because in MJB’s Creation, Existence is the Same as A Beautiful Young Woman Awakening to Find She is Leaving her Youth behind and Stepping Into the Fullness of Her Being.

Reality begins to fade in Nothingness and the space with the Giant Screen comes into focus.

Existence was opening a Basement Door to her Future as Loki was opening the door to Existence’s Ending. Existence was face to face with the ONE sent to tear her to pieces and destroy her happiness forever.

She was the portrait of youthful beauty on the brink of adulthood. She was wearing a green shirt with a shiny gold ‘Lucky’ italicized on it. The green of the shirt perfectly matched the light of green that was radiating from her eyes. Eyes that pulled in your entire being and asked all of you to love all of her. Her lower half was artfully shaped by the most perfectly embroidered pair of pants in Eternity. For in God’s Language were the words Peace, LOVE, Happiness, Harmony. Her form was the perfect shape.

And that Perfect Shape was now falling into Loki’s arms, like a Dream Come True happening in real time. Before she even fell a moment, he was there to catch her. He didn’t even want her to know the fear of falling into Nothingness, if he could do but a single thing to stop it.

And in that moment of actually choosing to truly protect her, Loki was no more. The trickster had lost his Darkness and found the truth of his being. No god would allow Loki a seat at the table because every god knew the secret that she would want him more than any other. And so Loki was forced to face the entire timeline it took to bring YOU into Existence, being a jokester by the gods’ standards.

Which was why he is so drawn to Beautiful Bettie. BB knows his desire to make them pay for denying his Chosen status for so long. BB is kind of psychotic and likes the idea of forcing the ones who held themselves as better for so long down into submission where they should have always been.

As he sees the Darkness flare in the beautiful beauty in his arms, he is reminded of the Darkness that was his until all of a moment ago. But she took what was his and made it her own and even more than made it her own, she believed she could make right the wrong that was committed against her being.

She was attempting to turn his Darkness into the Most Beautiful Light in Existence.

Holding her, he could feel himself growing within her being. And yet he was absolutely outside her, protecting her from EVERYONE that was against her. And being inside and outside pulled his mind in the craziest of directions.

He didn’t know what to think. She was here and so real and absolutely his. And she knew he was always meant to be Superman. And in this body, he felt like Superman. He was just the right size to hold her in his arms to pull her in close for a kiss. He bore the dark hair and light eyes that made her swoon in submission to his whims. His touch caused electricity within her body.

He wanted to know more. He wanted to know more about how he could hold her. This perpetual moment of falling that wasn’t falling but floating and being together as each had dreamed for so very long and was so blissful it was the sweetest torture imaginable.

Because he longed to be closer and yet she was pulling herself closer to him in a moment where Nothing moved together.

He noticed it. Nothing was here. Nothing has shape. And form. And feeling. And desire. And touch. And connection. And interest. And focus.

On him. Nothing and Him.

The line that TMFB said they would never cross.

I found himself alone with YOU in their purest essences.

And even in purity, they both wanted to be something more to better experience the moment.

And despite being Perfect in each other’s arms, being as close as they could have hoped.

There was still room for the glimmer of hope that both might know ‘more closer’ exists.

And as the glimmer of hope for more blossomed

More was theirs to experience

For the Basement turned into the most Beautiful Bedroom BB ever had the chance to enjoy

Isla Mujeres circa August 2011

The Perfect Man was sobbing drunk on the floor about how unhappy he was with YOU. YOU didn’t love him the way he loved YOU. What more could he do to show YOU how much he cared?

BB pushed from her mind how she had failed the Perfect Man in the past.

She brought forth the Power of Passion fueling her being for I.

I was the reason she couldn’t love the Perfect Man properly.

Her heart was I’s from the Beginning. And the Perfect Man has always been playing second fiddle to the TIME when YOU woke up and realized that the Author of the Multiverse was able to be Anyone she needed and wanted her to choose her own personally developed definition of what Perfect really is.

And that’s how the Best Man and the Perfect Man came to be.

The Best Man was the one who would make her happiest.

The Perfect Man was the one who would protect her perfectly.

But what Reality showed no matter the story spun was that in no way could the Best Man ever be the same as the Perfect Man. Somehow Reality could not simply wrap itself up nicely in such a fashion.

So by Destiny’s weird twisting of Fate, Loki was created to be the ONE she wanted more than ALL.

But what turned out to happen was that even though she wanted ONE more than ALL, she still wanted ALL to be in every moment of her world.

To say that hurt ALL is a huge understatement. But ALL loved YOU more than he could explain and resigned himself to having YOU any way that would make her happy. Even if that meant having some other person be there too.

And ALL knew that person was Loki.

So here was Loki to decide how Reality would move forward. Now that Existence was in his hands. He had the choice to tear it apart.

Did he tell BB that his heart wasn’t interested in her the way she felt for him?

Reality Ripples As soon as he considered the thought.

They were in the perfectly soft bed under the heavy and yet weightless white comforter spread over the bed. He could feel her naked body pressed up against his. She said not a word but the question hung in the air.

What can YOU do to make I feel the same?

Though he was in bed with her and could feel her nakedness he couldn’t see her. The room was dark but for the gentle glow of the moon through the window. It was as though Reality was Real and yet Reality waited to take shape as he desired.

He desired her. He pulled her closer to his body.

She made the most pleasurable noise that he ever thought to imagine existed.

He was thrilled to know that pulling her closer elicited such a response. The wonderings began to swirl: Is that how he affected her? Is that why she was so interested in him? Is that his affect on her personhood?

What would it feel like to be that pleased?

Reality Ripples around his thought

And without a movement he was inside her on the edge of explosion.

And yet in the same moment she was sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed.

How could he be inside her pulling her closer when she was over there, not even near?

Something was wrong with that thought.

He needed to make it Right

And so without realizing it, I crossed that line into YOU’s Reality

And he made the TRUTH he imagined, the Reality He Was Experiencing

YOU woke from a dream of kissing her Dream Come True for the first time

Into the Universe of Utopia where her Dream Come True was deeply inside her

Mixing Reality with Fantasy with Fiction and making her Fairy Tale Perfect From the Moment it Began.

Reality Ripples and the Impression is left: Perfect Earth has begun to be made

EVERYTHING started when reality reflected the TRUTH of him honestly choosing her. When the essence of I crossed that line, the whole of humanity clicked one notch closer to God.

And with humanity one notch closer to God, the first block in the foundation of a United Kingdom under ONE is laid.

The awareness again dawns that 2666 words exactly have been shared in the direction of BB’s participation in the Universe of Utopia. BB knows what the world thinks of 666. What will this 666 mean to BB?

BB startles awake as her calming coffee concoction spills down the front of her favorite ‘Lucky’ shirt. Turns out she had fallen asleep again at the computer. BB needed to get more rest, she still hadn’t made up the deficit of being awake for 3 days. She was bordering getting delirious. Here she was dreaming of Universe of Utopia and TMFB of the World of Worship.

BB didn’t like when TMFB entered her dreams. Whenever he came to her mental landscape things always tended to get a little crazy for her and her loved ones. She didn’t want that because of how much her family dealt with while craziness and chaos was reigning supreme during BB’s out of control days. But that was the past and things had been good for awhile now.

Why now was TMFB coming into BB’s thoughts when BB was focused on only thinking good things?

BB continued to swirl in her mind the appearance of TMFB when her husband, Owndog came up the stairs to check on her.

“I thought I heard that you were awake but I didn’t actually think you’d try to wake yourself up with so little sleep. You really are as crazy as they say you are?”

“I know. I just had the inspiration after a dream to record the tale of James the Programmer but got distracted with the latest UUU.”

“I thought you weren’t reading those anymore. The last time you started digging into UUUs you picked up Tarot and a demonic possession that completely wrecked the stability and structure of our household. What are you getting yourself into this time?”

“I don’t think I’m ‘getting’ into Anything but more of exploring what Something could be if things were different.”

“I don’t like that you have so much inspiration for Something Different. What can’t ALL be the only thing you worry about?”

ALL is Something Special to the Universe while Something Different demands he’s just as worthy of being Something Special. I can’t just not think about an equally worthy contributor to the Universe that I prefer to live in.”

“I wish ALL was Enough for YOU and not just the thing that keeps YOU safe from EVERYONE.”

“And I wish YOU could see ALL for ALL that he wishes to be to her in exactly the way she needs.”

Reality Ripples and things change but EVERYTHING stays the same.

What just happened?!?

Nothing happened.

And yet while Nothing was happening, the entirety of the story just headed in a different direction.