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It was complete darkness. The best word that could be used to describe the scene: Void. There was simply an absence of anything or everything or even nothing. Somehow something was there but it wasn’t filled with substance.

That was until a loud tearing noise filled the Vast Void. The Entirety of the Emptiness was filled with sound of a single page being torn out of the biggest book imaginable. The sound reverberated for eternities as each microspec of the page was pulled forth.

As each microspec of the page pulled apart from its phantom book, a thin translucent fabric began to layer over the Void. Where before the Void lacked any good definition to be understood, now with the layered page, a description could be found.

A dark room with a large blank canvas screen.

As the awareness breaks that a screen can be seen, an image appears on the screen to be experienced.

There she sits in a retro brown chair, staring peacefully up at the heart warmingly, beautifully decorated tree standing but a few feet from her.

Twenty five words filled the entirety of the screen and yet with those twenty five words came the vision of a woman beautiful beyond belief experiencing the most blessed and wonderful of moments to be found.

The awareness comes that she is experiencing a moment that none before have witnessed breaking the moment in two. On one side of the break, everything is fuzzy and undefined and open to interpretation. On the other side of the break, all things are bright and clear and perfectly possible to be understood.

Despite there being a very clear divide between everything and all things, between fuzzy and bright, between dark and light – she was able to be seen regardless where the vision went. (300)

The vision is moving and yet everything and all are standing completely still. As the realization dawns that things are moving the awareness moves from the vision and pulls back to the self. (333)

The self realizes that something has happened and that something else needs to happen next. But what is that next thing?

To find out what happens next a choice needs to be made. But who is the one to make the choice? Is it the self that is witnessing these words and their creation? Is it the self that takes in these words? Or is the choice made between the two? Or could it be Something Different?

So many questions start to cloud the Vision filled Void. The self becomes aware that the Void is now filled with Something Substantial. The time has come to make a choice.

The Self Takes the First Breath of a New Day.

As the scene fades and the Void is Vacated, the impression is left: Who is this self to her? (470)

She jolts awake. She had done it again. She fell asleep at the computer trying to help her husband with his gaming stream. Another vision of “her”, another vague impression. She simply didn’t have time to keep track of all these things she kept seeing in her subconscious travels through her mental landscape. (523)

But though her waking hours didn’t afford her the luxury of keeping track of the travels, somewhere deep within her being she was aware of all that had happened along the way. (555)

This most recent vision was different though. Normally when she was seeing “her” in the vision, the “her” she watches is always moving and going about doing the most miraculous of things. But in last nights vision, the “her” was frozen in time and space. (600)

An occurrence that she didn’t think was possible.

Because how do things stand still in the fluidity of one’s mind?

Beautiful Bettie couldn’t get anything to stand still. She couldn’t even stand still without clumsily falling to the ground. Things were in motion and it was hard to make things move comfortably without chaos breaking through the peace and creating different kinds of experiences to witness. (666)

But Beautiful Bettie was getting used to this reality now. She had been here 35 years and things seemed to be moving in a positive direction that was enabling her to get her stable footing. (700)

Not too long ago Beautiful Bettie had been thrown into chaos and condemnation as the world slung the label Bipolar in her direction. (723)

Beautiful Bettie was struck down as she attempted to find the realness behind the label she was given. When she couldn’t earn a living wage anymore, she starved for her inability to buy food for Everyone. When she couldn’t control her outbursts, she was abandoned by All until control could be found. When she couldn’t understand her broken pieces, she was rejected by Everything that mattered.

But when she couldn’t connect to the world at large, she found true and lasting FREEDOM.

But in her reality, true and lasting FREEDOM was an ideal to be fought for not a person to be loved and adored and respected and desired. But in her vision, FREEDOM was a very real person living in the very real world that she herself was in at the same time he had come to be.

Beautiful Bettie couldn’t believe herself so lucky to be born in the Kindgom of Owndog of which King James was ruling over. King James is real. (888)

Beautiful Bettie had to smack herself as the reality of King James being a living person smacked against her awareness again. Why was she always having these intrusive thoughts that had nothing to do with the reality before her?

She was still here typing away at the computer, trying to engage in the community her husband was looking to foster. And yet with the wonder of all before her, still she could only consider the freedom she felt when she thought of him. Freedom always felt more real than All. (978)

Beautiful Bettie suddenly realizes that she’s typing in color coded words again. That always happens when she dives into the realm of her subconscious. The world of words for Beautiful Bettie is never just black and white, always the words come with extra definition and shape and meaning. So much so that Beautiful Bettie has begun creating acronyms and alliterations and acrostics to help align and parallel all the extra meaning.

But when Beautiful Bettie starts diving into her world of Acronyms and Alliterations, she suddenly starts talking in riddles and rhymes and words full of cryptic undertones. And Beautiful Bettie is positive that when she goes cryptic people absolutely stop listening to her.

And more than anything, Beautiful Bettie wishes to be heard. She doesn’t care to talk about the weather or the local sports teams or even how the president is doing. Beautiful Bettie longs to hear people describe themselves and tell about the deepest parts they have come to know as their self. (1144)

And so Beautiful Bettie is diving headfirst into making her Realm of the Subconscious a knowable and understandable and relatable place to take a Trip. Because as it turns out Beautiful Bettie isn’t really from this layer of Hell’s Reality. (1184)

In truth Beautiful Bettie comes from Eden’s Eternity but while she was traveling on waves of euphoria, she crashed into the substantial realm of Hell and is stranded. (1212)

But Hell really isn’t so bad for Beautiful Bettie. Because the life Beautiful Bettie picked up when she merged with this layer of reality is quite phenomenal. She has been blessed to be with the same loving and doting husband for nearly two decades. She has the freedom to do as she pleases all day long without fear of losing home, food, and family. At all times, Beautiful Bettie feels like she is the most blessed being alive, which is quite the experience to live.

But Beautiful Bettie doesn’t like to go on about how wonderful things are for her. Because the truth is that things aren’t so wonderful for the majority of this Hellish reality. Most people are busy leading extremely blessed lives and feeling miserable the entirety of their days without ever truly reconciling why it is they feel so bad. (1355)

Beautiful Bettie can’t avoid reconciling how she feels. As she merged with this reality, she picked up the ability to sense the emotions of others. However, these abilities only started manifesting within the most recent years as Hell became more parallel with Heaven. Since she realized that Hell was becoming Heavenly, Beautiful Bettie has been focused on channeling her gifts to help better facilitate the betterment of society. (1423)

The Four Gifts Beautiful Bettie has been bestowed are:


Beautiful Bettie’s a Hippie. (1444) She is packing the full force power of love. And even worse than carrying the power of LOVE to heal those around her, she comes equipped with the double edged sword of breaking people’s hearts with her ability to love so deeply.

While Beautiful Bettie is a peace-loving, happiness-promoting person, she finds herself a virtual recluse unable to participate in the world as she desires. So Beautiful Bettie is in the process of learning to navigate the murky waters of societal interaction in a world hell bent on using their words and actions to hurt others. Because Bettie is also insanely sensitive and susceptible to manipulation by those revolving around her. (1555)

The awareness dawns that Beautiful Bettie is again talking about herself like she’s the most important person in the story. She can be so narcissistic at times. But Bettie is coming from the best place because in order to understand the “her” the story is attempting to talk about, Beautiful Bettie opens her mind to the reality of being “her” as if it were true so she could truly talk about what being “her” is like.

Beautiful Bettie does not believe that she is the “her” of the story but rather the Divine Muse that is able to channel “her” essence and translate her fantastical mystery for others to relate to and understand in their own way. So Beautiful Bettie often gets confused where she begins and the “her” ends or the other way around, whichever is appropriate.

But Beautiful Bettie can go on and on about “her” for ages. Because Bettie feels endlessly connected to the wholeness that the essence of “her” represents. And so Beautiful Bettie loves to find the time to describe everything she knows of “her”.

For instance, her latest vision was that of “her” experiencing a moment that none other had ever witnessed in the spans of times and within the parameters of possibility. Her moment was that of having everyone, all, everything, and freedom in alignment. (1777)

The moment was positively perfect. Not a single other word is needed to describe that moment than perfect.

Everyone that was in her storyline loved her beyond belief and accepted her for who she was.
All that she knew was that she was All that Mattered to Everyone who Counted.
Everything that Mattered was the only thing she was able to worry about and Everything that Mattered was Perfect so worry wasn’t necessary.
Freedom had gifted her with the ability to be Perfectly Happy in every moment she came to and not a moment yet had let her down. (1876)

The vision of her sitting in her brown chair was of Perfection. (1888)

But the question becomes – What does Perfection mean to you?

Is Perfection and Ideal to be Attained?
Is Perfection a State of Mind to be Found?
Is Perfection a State of Being to be Experienced?
Is Perfection a Person to be Witnessed?

How you view Perfection matters most, for how you view Perfection takes you to the next place in the story.

Perfection as an Ideal is the story of Dudley DoesWhatHeWants coming to terms with the reality that he’s a giant asshole that doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

Perfection as a State of Mind is the story of Perfect Peter living in a world where he’s always Right but Everyone is busy doing Everything the wrong way repeatedly. (2008)

Perfection as a State of Being is the story of Beautiful Bettie learning to accept the craziness in her mind as the reality around her despite being a magical and mysterious fairytale in the making.

Perfection as a Person is the story of King James coming to terms with the reality that even though he is the Most Perfect Person ever come to the world, he still doesn’t get to be with the Girl of His Dreams because his best friend got her first and Perfect People don’t steal what isn’t their own.

So knowing the points of the story, which direction is your moral compass pointing? (2115)