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Can They Ever Be “Trusted”?

TIME will never truly tell
The path that led us to Hell
Up in Heaven we started the race
Without out light we fell from Grace

We took, we stole
When Fear came, we played the role
From up on high, we ruled with might
Never caring if what we did was right

We took, we stole, we told a story
And by the night, it got gory
Over and over the darkness came
Over and over we were to blame

Not one of us stood to fight
Not one of us chose to defend the light
We took, we stole, we darkened our heart
Never caring, never sharing, we forgot our part

Now the time has come to make due
For all the pain we put you through
We feel nothing, we are blank
Through our cruelty, we lost rank

We are her to earn it back
We know we got off track
Is there a way to settle this debt?
Is there more to do, more to bet?

Can we give ourselves to the call?
Bended on knee, bowed before ALL?
We give ourselves humbly, We give truly
In this vow we promise not to be unruly

From the Earth we have taken much
Now we give back, to be her crutch
The time has come to start the band
For Peace has come to our happy land.