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The Universe: “Nah, I ain’t a Transformer, I ain’t more than meets the eye.” *secretly hoping you will pick up the reference*

Sadly I did not get the reference. If it isn’t a Friends reference I’m very unlikely to get it. Sorry to let you down, but I’d love to know what you were referring to. What did that line come from?

The Universe: I know that if it came out of my head, it’s a real thing, I just need to try to figure it out. I believe when the older Transformers cartoon was on, the theme said something like “Transformers: more than meets the eye” or perhaps it was always the catch phrase of the Transformers.

Ah, that must be it! I googled it before I asked you and wasn’t sure that I had found the right thing. But that movie came up on the list.

The Universe: Yes, it’s definitely a Transformer’s reference. My mind is amazing at remembering nostalgia related things.

My mind on the other hand is so overwhelmed with seemingly nonsensical details of a fantasy world that I often can’t remember much at all.

The Universe: There’s not a thing that’s wrong with that.

I was thinking I was going to wait a little while before saying anything but in case I disappeared, I got a big job opportunity at a warehouse around where I live. For a person that didn’t go to college, warehouses and factories offer the best jobs. I have an interview Monday so we will have to see how it goes. But if I am not as active or participating in chat in Owndog’s streams, it will be because I started working again.

My biggest concern is if I get the job and I end up on first shift, I’ll likely be missing all of Owndog’s regularly scheduled streams.

Oh don’t worry about missing the streams. This is a great opportunity. We would miss you a bunch because you add so much character to the group. But it is so exciting that you having such a wonderful chance at employment.

Do you know what shift you are trying to get on?

The Universe: I know you are saying that I shouldn’t worry about missing the streams but I feel like it’s another job that I have because Owndog made me a moderator. In my opinion, I could go either direction as to which shift I get on but I think it’s most likely that first will be the one I get. There may be a possibility of getting on training on second shift and then moving to first. I don’t know yet so we’ll have to see.

I’ll be honest, I’ve enjoyed our interaction and I will miss it if it goes away. That’s really cool that you feel so strongly and honorable about your mod duties. It is wonderful to be supported by such wonderfully committed people.

The Universe: Letting Owndog down in any shape or form is really one of the last things I would want to do.

I understand completely. He’s the kind of guy you just want to be your best for. Because he’s so awesome, he makes you want to be awesomer for him.

Or at least that’s the effect he has on me. When I let him down, I always feel the worst. It’s like I’d rather have my insides ripped out, which is metaphorically what letting him down feels like for me.

The Universe: I knew this would happen, that my fun would end eventually. It always does.

Yes most fun must come to an end. The real fun is when you learn to ride the ups and down life always brings with a happy heart so that no matter the circumstances, you feel good.

The Universe: If all of this ends up working out, it will amount to the biggest up of my entire life but it comes with the down of having to cut back on a great community because of it.

The positive side is while you have to cut back on the community that is boosting your life right now, you will be gaining a valuable detail of your life that has been significantly weighing on your psyche. Even better, though you might have to cut back, cutting back still gives you access to everyone. So you aren’t losing just lessening, a much easier thing to handle.

Try not to make this job a negative thing. Because you tend to swirl negative and I would strongly dislike you getting the dream job and then thinking yourself into a state where you can’t stand it and leave a great opportunity.

The Universe: That’s a fair point.

Appreciate your recognition of the fair point. :slight_smile:

How are you feeling in this moment?

Energy, Potential job opportunity, Supportive Community

You have a lot going for you in this moment.

The Universe: I would say overall that I feel okay. I know that sounds vague but it is all I have.

Not vague, it describes your moment. Nothing wrong with okay. I consider okay to be a lot better than hating winter and the blues it brings. Okay is a damn sight better than feeling like you don’t matter. Okay is so much better in so many ways.

Interested in talking about the Devourer of Galaxies? I’d love to have your thoughts on the matter.

I can paste the words I brought up before to refresh your memory.

I ask because in my story there are the Four Pillars of Existence – LIFE, LUCK, LOVE, LIBERTY. Each Pillar is dependent upon the others to create stability and balance necessary to keep Existence in Reality. The Devourer of Galaxies has gotten wind that within each of the Pillars are worlds beyond measure, realms beyond possibility, and lands unimaginable. The Thought of the Treasure waiting to be consumed thrilled the Devourer of Galaxies more than he had ever felt in his expansive lifetime. He NEEDED to consume these Pillars. It became his mission to search them out. But due to their importance to the stability and balance of Existence, they have been hidden. He is beginning the hunt. The question is, which one does he hunt first?