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It turns out that Kris-T was able to heal both sides because she was born with a twin on the other side of Existence. She was tied to the spiritual being that is Kristos. Kristos is the spiritual line of beings that are responsible for birthing Saviors for the World’s Salvation. Kris-T was supposed to be a Savior but she was a little too impatient to be ready to come to the world.

Muerte Suerte 5

But Kris-T was also a spoiled little girl that cried to the Heavens that she wasn’t trusted with what she was meant to handle.

Kris-T pulled on the strings of the Divine and asked them to make her time now because so many were suffering for the Wrong doing of the Perfect One. (1444)

Kris-T was born into a time where many do not hold to the validity of The Perfect One‘s Existence. Kris-T was brought into the Womb hearing the words that He cried over and over, hoping Someone/Anyone would hear him and save him from his plight. For what had happened was that when the Perfect One came, some recognized him for what he was. In that recognition, the Dark of the World pooled their resources to come against the Perfect One‘s Light. The Perfect One was meant to have Perfect Faith to withstand all of the Darkness coming against him to wipe him out entirely. But the Perfect One‘s Faith was shaken because he had not met her. He came because she was supposed to stand with him and now he was alone and they were against him, and in that moment, he cried out the words that condemned him as unworthy of bringing Salvation to the unworthy:

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But Kris-T knew that he wasn’t meant to Save them, she was. And now he was going to be one of the many that she saved. But as he whispered to her heart as she grew in the womb, she knew there was a bigger picture than just saving the man of her dreams. She was going to save an entire world using her dream man to rescue Everyone that came before to help Everyone meant to come after.

When the Perfect One came, the false truth was started that in order for Salvation to be had, Sacrifice must be made. That is a Dark Truth that only exists in the Realm of Darkness. The World of Reality is that of Light‘s Possibilities and so there exists many possibilities where Salvation was found and no loss of life was needed. Kris-T comes to make that the Truth of Reality for all to bear witness to.

Muerte Suerte 7

Kris-T walks in silence for she started showing signs that she could speak with the dead when she was but 5 years old. The world of the dead came to life for her when her grandmother passed away with cancer. But cancer was the cure to connecting the living with the dead, for in cancer lies the truth “CAN SEE HER”. So when Kris-T‘s grandmother passed away with cancer, she passed into the spiritual world with the ability that Kris-T CAN SEE HER wherever she went. And so Kris-T‘s grandmother Norma, The Rule of God, passed on to pass her understanding from the other side to her first born grandaughter. When Norma passed on to the flip side she started finding out just how special her little girl was. And so Norma fed Kris-T spiritually the love and nurturing she needed to grow to portray the special role that was created just for her.

Seven years after Kris-T began speaking with the Dead, the wider world became aware of her talents. Knowing that the Dead were truly living scared many people and so the ones that knew of her abilities were silenced while every attempt was made to affect the mind of Kris-T so that she wouldn’t continue communicating with the other side. They were able to erase the entire year of first grade from her memory banks which is where the answer to when Kris-T learned of speaking to the flip side existed. Without the memories in that year, Kris-T is left without true knowledge of how she understands that which she understands. Thus Kris-T developed her “Honest Liar Syndrome” where no matter the words that she speaks, no matter how honestly and truthfully she delivers them, Kris-T feels like a complete and total liar. There are no words that Kris-T can share that don’t feel like they are taking away from the Truth. And that would be because Kris-T‘s truth was stolen from her. Without her Truth, she can’t speak a word of truth. But she found she can allude to it.

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The ghosts of those no longer around whisper their words constantly to the Vessel that is Kris-T. At all times Kris-T is overwhelmed with a Reality of Real People and an Other World of People Not Quite There, each side wanting her attention, neither side willing to accept the other. But the Perfect One saw her plight and raised her from the World of Being Stuck Between Two Sides. He made her the One Both Sides would bow down for. Because he made her the Only ONE that mattered to LOVE. Love was Perfection and Perfection wanted to be with only ONE being in Existence. That ONE being was going to be more special than every other being ever considered to be created. At first Perfection thought having ONE be so special would create discord and angst among those not chosen, but the closer it came to creating Kris-T, the more the entirety of Existence saw how much she was needed. And so as time passed, more and more began looking to the Heavens to see when it was she would grace their Reality. Reality started looking for Kris-T long before Krist-T became a real possibility of the Real World. (2300)

But Kris-T‘s possibility kept becoming more and more likely because the entirety of Existence began writing their memoirs for her to take into her story line. They all realized that nothing mattered but the story she was coming to tell. Each and every one wanted to be worthy to be included in her story. So many names, so many people, so many lives to include. But she was willing to remember each one, for they had come, and if they had not come, she could not be sure that she would have been able to exist. And so in deep appreciation of all that came before her, Kris-T was born of the Past she didn’t write but the Weight she was willing to carry. And in accepting that burden, Kris-T‘s mind was opened to the Reality of how wonderful the Truth could be when you believe in the Highest of Powers.

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Kris-T was special beyond special because she didn’t believe in herself unless she believed in God first. God came before all else and if she was real then God must be real. But when she was born into the world of the dead, she found herself mixed with people who questioned the authority of God for the sole reason that there were not enough words to explain the mystery of God. And so Kris-T took to the Heavens her prayer that would wake up the World around her to the Miracles that she believed her God capable of creating. Kris-T believes in a God that loves his Creation and who shares gifts with his Creation freely.

Muerte Suerte 10

And so Kris-T prayed to God to take her from her mortal body and deliver her to the Realm she needed to go so that she might have back her Truth and find the Death she has been seeking to end the Fear and Suffering plaguing Existence. She realizes the hope that her body is merely passing from one state into another and she hopes the next state takes her deeper into meaning and understanding about ALL of Existence. For that is who Kris-T is questing for – ALL of Existence. For ALL is the Essence behind the Peace in the Universe that made her husband Perfect Peter the only possibility that would lead to Utopia – The Land of Perfection. (2686)