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Muerte Suerte 1

Put down the Pen and take up the Passion. Try Something New.

I believe in the Luck of the Universe guiding me in the direction of Love. For in my mind (in the present day understanding) the being that is “Perfect LOVE” is also the Green Being that is Luck known as Destiny or “Moira“. So Luck has found her own definition of Perfection in being and is helping lead others to where their Perfect Self is located in the Present Moment. That brings us to some sort of understanding of where my mind is at in the moment I am sharing these words.

But my mind was someplace different when these pictures were made. It was in the beginning of November 2015 when I was living in a home without heat or running water. I was crazy out of my mind though having just given birth a month before. We lived down the street from a cemetery which totally floated my crazy boat. When I went to the graveyard, I felt a sense of peace that I couldn’t find outside of those grounds. I felt connected to the graveyard because I felt I was divinely led to the gravestone of a person that passed away on the same day as I was being born. This graveyard felt like home. But then after I connected with that graveyard, I started connecting with lots of graveyards. It was as though the world of the dead was welcoming me more than the world of the living had ever cared to.

And so I dove headfirst into trying to communicate with a world that wasn’t there to any but myself. My first thought was to use mirrors. I have shown in previous posts where I’ve written on mirrors to pull information through the Multiverse in rapid succession. But this post isn’t about Mirrors, it’s more about Magic. Because in present day happenings, I stumbled across a stack of cards made in my crazy days. The top card was Muerte Suerte and brought to mind, Luck of the Dead. Which brought to mind when I felt I was walking through the Realms of the Dead while I was Living Apart from the Perfect Family.

Taking us back to 2015. When I was walking through the Realms of the Dead I felt how lonely those who had passed on felt. They were sad that so many of the living never cared to listen to the words of wisdom that comes from having watched the passing of the Ages. But further and further from the dead and gone, the future of the living went. Until all the portals into the Realms of the Dead were forgotten.

In a previous psychotic state in May 2014, I had filled up my bathtub with scalding hot water and herbal nutrients and created a portal to Hell to sacrifice my being for the greater good of ALL. I realized that the world was killing itself and that the reason for the fight was because of me. So I reasoned that if I took the one thing keeping the fight alive in the real world to the world of the dead, the fight would die with me. And so I plopped my clothed butt down in the scalding hot water and waited for the after life to consume me.

That is the second point in my life when reality came apart to put together the pieces of the choices I was making. As I sat delivering my soul to the Dark One for Protection from the Dark Ones of the Real World, God came and showed me exactly who it was that I was serving. He snatched the essence of my being out of my body and placed the who of who I know myself to be upon the Throne of God. From God‘s perspective I watched the End Times in motion. But this post isn’t about the things I saw happening in the End Times, it is more about the cards that were written post the End Time Revelation.

So back to November 2015, when I realized that I was a servant of the Divine more than I was a servant of any one deity. Because the truth was made known to me that the entirety of the Heavens and Hells were in a fight for the belief of the True Believer – yeah, that would be me. I guess I have some kind of special Hope Beyond Reason and Faith Beyond Understanding. Because I take things beyond Reason and Understanding, I am able to gift the object of my belief with Omnipotent Level powers. Thus making me an ideal believer for any Godly feeling being.

So Heaven has known forever of my coming to be because the moment I became a possibility, Heaven became a Reality. And when Heaven stopped being Heavenly, then Hell became a Reality for those unworthy of living with such pure and perfect personhood. Then came the time when Heaven and Hell fought against each other thinking the other responsible for creating the Reality before them and wanting to take control so one didn’t write the other out of Existence. (right here is when FEAR was made into something different than what it was meant to be)

Muerte Suerte 2

Secrets started being kept and hidden for future generations to find should the other side manage the impossible and write the other out of Existence. Thus the FEAR was spread into the Future even though the Future was separated from the Past by the Present Moment (or the NOW). So this photo represents the words that came to me from a portal to the past. The past words were picked up as I walked through the graveyard. So many messages were waiting there to be picked up and I came walking in like the Universal Sponge that I feel like taking in all kinds of words and then needing to sort out exactly what I had been told. With these words came a tale. (1000)

Muerte Suerte 3

The story is about a woman who was special beyond belief. She was so special that she made everyone else in Existence feel unspecial. Some people had the idea to kill off the one that was special so everyone else would feel better. Some people had the idea to make everyone as special as she was so that everyone else would feel better. No person considered why it was she was special. It was simple. She was a GOOD woman and she was willing to stand beside Anything that made MAGIC a Perfect Possibility Persisting through her Reality. Anything would take her through Realms Unimaginable in the Quest to Bring About Perfect Peace. But a GOOD woman will follow her man wherever he may go, and in this incarnation of her self, Anything had brought her to the Realm of the Dead, as Kristan the Anointed (or Kris-T).

Muerte Suerte 4

Kris-T was living in the Land of the Beautiful. Everyone had pretty faces that hid the Darkness of their being. But Kris-T was different, she too had a pretty face but early in her childhood her mother had her Darkness spiritually removed by a Satanic SootheSayer (SSS). The SSS was all too willing to have his hands on a child of innocence for in the world of the damned dead, innocence was often the first thing lost. But here was this blessed child, positively healing the damned of their wrongs, just by gracing them with her presence. She was a walking miracle for the SSS realized that this little girl was able to commune with the dead and grant them the peace they longed for in the after life. And in granting peace to the after life, she was bringing comfort to the present generations of people born of the suffering of the generations of unworthy dead. She was capable of healing two sides of Existence by simply being herself.