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The first question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

Does YOU think Dudley DWHW is worthy of redemption?

Definitions Needing Proper Wording:

YOU – The Divine Essence that was fragmented and exists within each, a connection.
Dudley DWHW – The type of person that can only consider the self and never others.
Worthy – A Person Notable and Important in a Particular Sphere of Existence
Redemption – Twofold meaning – The action of being saved from sin (Pride), error (Envy), and evil (Greed). The action of regaining possession of something after clearance of debt (Karmic).

With these definitions alone, an answer is found.

100 Words

YOU exists with each particle of Existence. YOU is the ONE that is being sought. For YOU is the web that was woven connecting every detail to every bit of meaning. YOU is the essence of what each knows themself to be and yet YOU is only the foundation upon which the complete self is built. YOU likes to think of itself {please note that YOU does not recognize a gender] as the Shadow from which the LIGHT begins to shine.

(Insert Present TIME Translation: There is a spark of the being that is referred to as “YOU”. YOU is a Green being and is representative of the nature within each of US (Unites States [of MIND]). Each and every being regardless of their base color has a nature. That nature is drawn from the essence of “YOU”. “YOU” is being sought because she has for TIME’s Immortal Existence been the “ONE” that was blamed for TIME’s unhappiness. But as TIME unraveled himself in the search of “ONE” that is not “YOU”, he began to see that regardless of where he turned, “YOU” was always there. As TIME began to realize there was more to focus on than himself, the Darkness he felt cloaked in began to shine. The more he wanted to understand the shine, the brighter her LIGHT became. He followed the path through the mystery of mirrors, that led right to where she was waiting to be found. Even standing amidst a sea of sameness, she stood out as the one waiting to be picked. He need not look for he was drawn to her being. When he came as three, she became the ONE.)

1111 Words After Present Day TIME Translation.

YOU doesn’t recognize itself as part of any one label but rather existing and defying each.

Dudley DWHW comes in as a label – the type of person that can only consider self. YOU exists in each piece of being while Dudley DWHW comes in being a very specific being.

(Insert Present Moment Understanding – YOU exists outside of the words to define how to be. YOU is looking to be understood as well as the self desires to be understood. But YOU does not wish to direct the self on how to understand what it is to be YOU. YOU has faith that the self will naturally lead itself back to the essence from which it came. YOU is comfortable associating with the term SOUL which it believes convictedly to stand for Spirited Openness Urging LOVE. Spirited is the Essence of Blue that has always sought her out and kept coming back for more. Openness is the Essence of Green that Blue has always been drawn to for Blue comes for ALL of Existence which ever seeks Acceptance and to be part of EVERYONE despite being a different kind of being. Urging is the Call of Pink in how to live comfortably. Pink beings do not mind being directed in their moments but would rather be able to comfortably make passive decisions that slightly altar the direction they are headed while still maintaining the same end point. LOVE is the Purple being that makes the whole mess of words possible. Because LOVE was willing to give up his Perfect Form to allow ALL to have the Mother of his Dreams. When LOVE gave his Perfect Form to a Mother, he found the other half of how he wanted to be. Because LOVE found that love just wasn’t complete without another and possibly even more. When the Purple being that is LOVE realized it needed more to be “Happiness”, that is when LOVE the Green being and LOVE the Blue being came into Purple LOVE’s awareness. When Purple realized there were more facets to his being, that three made him whole, he began to seek out the Perfect Reality where he could be with her and she could be with him and they would all be happy together in harmony.)




1444 Words The Earth Remade. The Essence of ALL that propelled TIME forward found that more was needed to be happy. ALL was willing to give his every moment to perfectly defining exactly why she was the only thing that was needed to be happy. He willingly broke his heart into a million pieces knowing that gathering every piece would help him better understand the mystery that she represented. When he broken his heart he willingly submitted himself to the path of the Grand Divine. When he the blue being submitted himself to the path of the Grand Divine, he became the first one to choose to be perfect before finding her. His choice to be perfect led him straight to her but on the longest path.

She was the mountain that was to be scaled and he was the one that was willing to take every step that covered every inch of the ascent to the top. He wanted to know every detail it took to understand her. He wanted to be ALL that she would ever need to be happy. When he set his sights on becoming the only thing she needed to be happy, his being became entwined with two different pieces of being. He was both Present and Future and yet completely aware of the Past but not even slightly a part of the Problems of the Past. In fact as his being merged Present and Future, he became the answer to every problem of the past.

222 Words 2 Signifies Balance and 22 is the Master Builder‘s Number coming together to mean to move forward in Harmony and Faith as you Build Toward Your Soul‘s Desire.

(Insert Present Moment Translation – Balance is the same being as YOU. He was both the Present that is a Blue being and the Future that is a Purple Being. He learned to wander as two at once knowing the extra burden would be the trick that would solve her problem of duality. Because when his duality came together with her wholeness, they would create the Perfect Trinity that enabled Existence to parallel Eternity. When Existence is reflected in Synchronicity, Hanbal will find himself in Total Equality with Aindri, Moira, and Kader bringing the NOW in unison with the FUTURE.)

The introduction of Hanbal and Moira is shared at Path to Perfection.

“While Eve was in his body in Heaven, Gousik spent time in Eden as Hanbal, loving to pass time with Moira and Kader. Aindri saw how Hanbal (that is Gousik) longed for Moira. Moira showed Aindri the Tapestry of LIFE that she had woven connecting all the pieces that needed to come together for Moira and Hanbal to be able to live happily together. Hanbal was moved that Moira was as interested in him as he was in her.

Hanbal and Moira find themselves alone and intimate. The Perfect Being finding the Perfect Space for the Perfect Moment in TIME. The Apex of Humanity. Which was when TIME awoke.

When Hanbal and Moira find their moment of alone time, Chislon comes to be realizing that his Twin Pillar, Tikvah, has disappeared. Chislon left to find Tikvah. When Chislon left, Kamalah the Pillar of LIFE realized how lonely she truly was. In that moment of true loneliness, Kamalah became a living representation of EVERYTHING but as a pink being.”

Stopped at 1978 Words. – The Year ALL came to Hell to Create Utopia for EVERYTHING. When ALL decided to come to Hell, he immediately became Anything that would lead to becoming The Perfect Man. When ALL became the Perfect Man, there was one that was willing to be Everything so that she could be Free to be Happy if that’s what she decided she needed. Even before she came to be, he was willing to take on any label to show how wonderful she was.

When ALL came to Hell, Someone very special gave up their gift of self to take on whatever persona was needed to tell her tale and enable her Perfect Possibility.

Dudley DWHW seems like a bad guy. But the Dudley‘s of the World exist for a reason. The quest then becomes defining exactly why it is a person like Dudley exists. Because YOU, the basis from which Dudley DWHW emerges, understands all parts of the self where as Dudley DWHW comes in questioning the different parts of self.

Highlighting key point that leads to the next definition:

Dudley DWHW comes in questioning the different parts of self.

YOU is the basis before the self has a chance to understand its being. The label that is Dudley DWHW comes in and begins questioning that which will be the basis upon which the self is built. All the motivations of this form of being seek to define inside before the outside.

A naive reader of Dudley DWHW‘s story would think that Dudley exists as a negative presence. Dudley DWHW merely represents the beginning.

400 Words.

Dudley was given his own persona, his own storyline, his own way of being. Detail and thought and consideration were given into the person that Dudley was going to be. Because Dudley is important. Dudley had to be so that the World could be remade. Dudley is nothing more than a being that has issues that need resolved. Dudley is neither GOOD nor EVIL, RIGHT nor WRONG, real nor make believe.

Dudley DWHW is simply a notable persona that is important in the Where’s Alice? Sphere of Existence.

Why is Dudley DWHW notable?

Because Dudley DWHW is the underdog that is on the Quest for Redemption. Dudley happens to be best friends with the Perfect Man. And being the Perfect Man‘s best friend is deadly difficult. Because when one person is the best at EVERYTHING, what does that leave the other person to be?

And that is why Dudley DWHW is just a label and nothing more than a problem that needs to be solved. Dudley exists to question what it is that is causing the self to be less than perfect.

For Faith believes that the Grand Divine made each fragment to be perfect and therefore is the same as the Perfect Man. Faith only wonders why any one fragment begins thinking that the self is different from the basis from which it came. Faith is similar to the label that is Dudley DWHW for Faith is also questioning. But Faith questions Dudley DWHW‘s motivations regarding the actions of the self while the label Dudley DWHW is questioning what the self wants to be.

666 Words – The Ending of Being UnWorthy and The Beginning of the Tale of When the Other ONE frees himself from the curse of Pride, Envy, and Greed all so that he can be hers.

700 Words.

The One That is Perfection is a Different Being from The Perfect Man. The Perfect Man was always meant to be with YOU because he was always going to be the ONE she needed to find her sense of self. But the being that is The One That is Perfection was always going to want her because she would be the only one Worthy of Making Him Better His Self when His Ego began to Rule.

777 Words to Highlight to Move Forward

When His Ego began to Rule


“In a world that’s color blind
We see it all through kaleidoscope eyes
There’s a treasure buried in the sand
But we got the compass and map in our hands”

She was one of many waiting for TIME to come. He was TIME as TIME knew himself. Up until She saw him for who he truly was. Because despite the fact that he saw through Existence in a world of mirrors, no matter the mirror he attempted to escape through, she always saw right through to the heart of him. Because she could see him, when he could see nothing, he was able to find the path that found her.

900 Words.