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In attempting to get into the new house, Dudley found out that his new landlord wouldn’t allow animals without a $25 pet deposit each month added on to the cost of rent. Dudley did not like the idea of paying for the right to have his animals in his own home so Dudley found a legal loophole to get him out of needing to disclose the presence of a 100+ pound dog in the home. Dudley intentionally hid the truth and didn’t think twice about doing it, that was just Dudley doing what he naturally thinks is okay to do – lie and cheat and game the system to get what you want without ever considering the cost of being so shady and deceitful.

So Dudley signed the lease, purposefully deciding to mislead his new landlord on the presence of numerous animals that will be maintained on the property.  Dudley gave the landlord the check for the deposit and first month’s rent and went about the business of loading up his wife with the responsibility of getting the house ready to move. Dudley didn’t feel like going through his stuff and didn’t feel like spending time putting all his things together and readying them for the new house. Dudley felt like doing what he wanted to do and right now that would be tasking his wife to handle the responsibility of packing their overly crammed house of things and getting everything ready to move all by herself.

Perfect Peter knew that Dudley was looking to move and how he was leaving his wife to handle everything by herself. Perfect Peter knew the weight of moving a house by himself and felt no one deserved to handle such pressure alone. Perfect Peter also saw how overworked and burdened by time Dudley’s wife was and so Perfect Peter lent his Super Packer wife to help as Dudley would allow.

Dudley didn’t care about how the packing got done, so long as he wasn’t the one that had to do it. So Super Packer Wife and Dudley’s slave-wife start working together to tackle the house.  Things were going well. Stuff was getting done. Dudley felt like he needed to stir up trouble, things were going too easily. So Dudley started overseeing the work process of the two women, he started questioning every choice they made and started fights about the trash that was disposed of, second guessing everything, causing more distraction than help, creating more mess than calm. Dudley was working to make it harder for the women. Why? Because Dudley could and he was just a jerk like that. Despite Dudley’s best efforts, the women were able to get the job done as they needed.

It came time to move. Dudley didn’t want to do the work, he never does. Dudley DWHW always finds a reason to make life easier for himself while forcing someone else to do the work he’s unwilling to do. Seeing the overwhelming amount of big furniture that needed moved, Dudley was unwilling to lend his energy moving his own stuff to his new home. That was menial labor and there were people that could be paid to do it. So Dudley started looking into hiring professional movers. Despite being unwilling to do the work himself, Dudley was unwilling to value the movers’ time properly and complained how expensive it was to move his things. Through constant complaining and combing for greedy opportunities, Dudley found a business that rented movers for $200 for three hours.  While three hours wasn’t much time, it still saved Dudley from having to move his heavy things himself, something he was okay with.

As moving day approached Dudley started to dread how many boxes there were to carry. He didn’t like that he had so much stuff to move and felt that he shouldn’t have to move things by himself. So Dudley started whining and complaining to his friends how stressful moving was and how hard it was going to be for him to move everything with his weak ankle and sore back. Dudley really started pulling the guilt strings to get the people who loved him to work for him, to take advantage of their natural love for him. Dudley didn’t care that he never spent time helping his friends when it was their turn to move, he only cared about getting what he wanted. Dudley didn’t care about taking advantage of people’s emotions and using them against them, not even his friends and family. So Dudley found himself with a handful of people willing to make his life easier moving into a new house.

And so the move came. The movers loaded up the furniture but it took the whole three hours to get everything loaded onto the truck, leaving no time to unload at the new place. Not wanting to do the work himself, Dudley felt forced to pay another $250 for an extra three hours to get the job done.  Dudley wasn’t happy to pay extra money, he felt swindled in the process but he was glad he didn’t have to do the work of carrying all that heavy crap.

During the course moving, Dudley’s overly expensive fancy stove was broken. While movers insurance covered the damaged, Dudley was still going to be without a stove for a little while. Dudley planned to navigate this hurdle by eating out until it was fixed. Money was going to be tight after having to pay for rent at two places, hire movers, and now eat out all the time. But Dudley wasn’t scared, he prepared for times like this, that was what savings was for.

Also, while moving in Dudley realized there were some problems with the house that the landlord would need to fix.  Dudley notified the landlord of the problems and set up a time for them to come make the repairs. The landlord came while the Dudley family was not home. While approaching the house, the landlord was startled by the sound of a large dog for Dudley had left his dog free to roam the new home, not penning it up to hide its presence on the property.

The new landlord was not happy. They were not made aware that there would be large animals within the home. They were very open with the requirement of a pet deposit for animals. At no time did Dudley make any mention that there would be animals within the residence. The new landlord did not think highly of Dudley anymore. Because after attempting to cash the deposit and first month’s rent check, he was surprised to have the check bounce.  Dudley had explained that he forgot to take the money out of his pocket and deposit it into his bank account. The landlord had written this mistake off as plausible because moving was stressful and he got the money right away anyways. But now, the landlord was not so sure about this Dudley DWHW guy.

Now the landlord was aware that Dudley was not completely honest. Dudley DWHW was misleading in his nature and words. The landlord didn’t feel comfortable renting his house to the Dudley family, he wasn’t sure what he could expect from them but he knew enough to know he couldn’t trust them for anything. And so the new landlord started working to find a way out of the lease he had just signed with Dudley. The new landlord didn’t care to keep his promises to someone who didn’t care enough to be honest.

Dudley DWHW is finding himself to be quite nervous for he is in quite the difficult position. The old home he vacated already had a lease signed for a new tenant. There was no going back. But going forward was going to be rocky. All Dudley’s comfortable savings was tied up in the two monthly rents and the added expense of food. He had completely depleted his savings to make this move and was going to be living on bare bones until he could build up a decent buffer again. Dudley simply did not have the money to afford another deposit and first month’s rent if he were to lose the home they had just moved into.

Dudley’s in quite the pickle. God has laid out the cards. Karma is poised and ready to pounce. All the pieces have been set.

Where does the story go from here?


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