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While on vacation, Dudley DWHW got wind of a growing industry – mental health. He took time to learn that there were people who were investing in taking people out of depression and giving them the ability to lead a happy life. Dudley got excited. He saw great potential for profit. Mentally unwell people were always feeling bad and therefore would always need to pay to feel better. If Dudley could weasel himself into the unwell loop, he could profit endlessly. Dudley felt nothing wrong with making people feel bad and then charging them money to make them feel better. Dudley only saw his ability to put himself in a better position off the backs of needy people. So Dudley came back from his solo vacation with the idea to start building his own mental wellness network.

Perfect Peter was focused on mental wellness as well. See, Perfect Peter’s wife had a psychotic breakdown and completely lost touch with reality. Perfect Peter’s once Perfect Wife became the worst version of herself. Perfect Peter knew his wife was unwell and in her sickness he fought to stand beside her and get her to better days.  Perfect Peter knew she just needed time and understanding and in ample amounts Perfect Peter gave her everything she needed.

Perfect Peter gave her the space to put her mind back together when she became too violent to be around the family. Perfect Peter would dutifully remove his family from her unsafe presence until she calmed down and could be with The Family again. When she would lose control again, again he would leave. Perfect Peter was constantly coming and going according to her cyclical moods but he was ever willing to work to keep his family as close as possible.

When Perfect Peter noticed his wife was starting to feel better, he slowly started sharing the responsibilities of the family she desired to maintain. He gradually let her build her trust in her ability to function as an adult again. He was always there to support and nurture her when she felt she was failing. In all ways, Perfect Peter was good to his wife.

Perfect Peter made sure to keep his wife taking care of herself because in her illness she could easily slip into not taking the medicine she was prescribed, eating the food her body needs, or getting the sleep her body requires to rest and refresh. Perfect Peter was aware his wife’s illness limited her ability to care for herself and he was willing to step up and make sure she didn’t forget to do the necessary things to keep her well. In all ways, Perfect Peter provided for her wellness and wellbeing.

In so many ways, Perfect Peter was being blessed by his attention to her details. Perfect Peter’s Beautifully Perfect Wife had returned, perhaps better than she ever. She was happier, she was awake and alert, she was helping, and more than anything SHE WAS THERE. All the time. Which made Perfect Peter perfectly happy. Perfect Peter was finding himself perfectly content nearly all the time. In all ways, life was good.

Dudley DWHW did not think life was good. He was spending all his time at his house, alone with nothing worthwhile to do. Dudley didn’t care to fix the problems in the house, those were for lesser people to handle. Dudley didn’t care to clean the mess that was upsetting him, that was woman’s work. In no way did Dudley feel it his responsibility to manage the house he was now always available to be in.

But the state of the house was weighing on Dudley mind. Dudley felt he deserved better. No one deserved to live in a house with pests. No one deserved to live in a house with critters. No one deserved to live in a house in a state of disrepair. At least those were the things that Dudley remembered Perfect Peter saying when he was really struggling. Dudley didn’t necessarily agree – some people deserved to live like trash but Dudley was not one of those people and therefore deserved better accommodations. Dudley began searching for a new place to live, someplace worthy of a person like Dudley DWHW.

God saw Dudley looking to get a new start. God thought perhaps Karma would like to help teach Dudley a lesson. Karma knew Dudley personally and relished the idea of putting people like him in their place. So God and Karma started weaving the strings of fate to set up Dudley to be the best possible version of himself while allowing ample opportunity to demonstrate what a douche Dudley DWHW had turned out to be.

In short time, God made known to Dudley a wonderful ranch home set on a beautiful secluded property that had ample space to start a small farm. God knew of Dudley’s love of animals and sought to provide and nurture that innocence. Dudley was excited at the chance to have his own chickens to save on the cost of eggs and make money selling overly priced organic eggs to health nuts. True to his nature, Dudley saw the ability to profit needlessly off the backs of others. Even poor defenseless animals and health minded people looking to fill their bellies with happy and wholesome food. It mattered not where the money came from or how he got it, Dudley was always willing to make himself better off at the expense of others.

Dudley was happy to learn that the house was bigger and more spacious than his previous residence and due to its remote location in a tiny town, he would be saving a whopping $300 a month on rent. Dudley was also taking the opportunity to move his sick and dying mother in with him and charge her $300 in rent. This new home was already starting Dudley a whopping $600 ahead a month. Dudley felt good about himself and his find. He always got what he deserved, exactly what he wanted.


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