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While Perfect Peter was busy working on perfect hearts and minds, Dudley DWHW was busy bailing water. It turns out the business he swindled himself into running was failing to be as easy as Dudley expected it to be. Dudley found himself with more work to do than he had workers to do it. He was constantly struggling to find quality workers to do the job right. He couldn’t find anyone to pin under his thumb as he had with Perfect Peter. And everything had been coming apart since Perfect Peter cut his hours down to four a week. In an attempt to keep making the money he felt he rightly deserved, he sold his wife into the slavery of working the business. He gave her away to endless hours of slaving away at the business while he sat at home playing video games. Dudley DWHW let her do the work while he took all the reward.

While his wife was busy working, Dudley was coming out ahead. He didn’t have to pay his wife like he paid everyone else. He could expect way more of her and just guilt trip her with marital responsibility rather than fork over money for her time and energy.  So now Dudley found himself making just as much money, more even, when he counted the pitiful stipend he allowed his wife to take from the business.

While Dudley was busy working his wife to the bone, Perfect Peter was busy making sure his family worked together to be happy. Perfect Peter had found the Perfect Opportunity for his children’s education. After nearly a full year of home-schooling, Perfect Peter found local schools that were willing to accept his children that focused on nurturing their natural individual talents.  Perfect Peter was happy because his children were happy to be going back to school. In all ways, life was good. Perfect Peter continued to have all that he needed and he didn’t care to ask for anything more.

Dudley was always asking for more. Despite having a home full of fancy things, the ability to buy things whenever he wanted, the opportunity and chance to travel frequently, and the leisure to enjoy free time as he wished, Dudley was not happy. He needed more. Dudley had caught wind that Perfect Peter got to spend all his time at home and while Dudley didn’t really like his home or want to be there all the time, he didn’t think it fair that he was chained to a desk while Perfect Peter had freedom to do whatever he wanted with his days. And so, Dudley start pulling strings to put him in a better position than he was before. He started spinning words and bending truths to paint the illusion that he would work better from home and get more done while covering the truth he only needed four hours to get the work done.

In order to make this float, Dudley felt comfortable enslaving his wife to work at the desk in the office all day to do the things he would no longer be around to do. Dudley did not care he was forcing his wife to work all day, come home and make his dinner, and then head off to work his business all evening. Dudley didn’t care that he was not affording his wife any time for herself or any opportunity to rest and relax. Dudley only cared that his wife make his life easier and that she shut her mouth in the process. He wanted a clean home and a full bank account. Dudley doesn’t value the contribution of women, he sees them as lesser people, enablers of his life of luxury.

Dudley DWHW is kind of a douche. He doesn’t care about the happiness of others. Dudley is only focused on doing what he wants. Despite having a family to care for, Dudley always took trips by himself or afforded himself luxuries he doesn’t share with his family. Even from his family, Dudley only takes for himself. Dudley’s children were beaten into submission from a young age. If they stepped out of line, they were faced with a heavy hand and a broken heart. Their early childhood was full of fear which blossomed them into submissive and quiet children who lie, cheat, and steal to keep themselves from provoking the violent wrath of their father. Dudley never spent time teaching his children how to interact with people respectfully, rather outwardly showing them how to dominate and manipulate through purposeful positioning and cruel and cutting words. Dudley sat back as his children morphed into pint-size predators.

Perfect Peter is aware of the predatory nature of Dudley’s children. Perfect Peter has seen how Dudley’s children treat his own family and how little the children at school accepted Dudley’s children. Perfect Peter does not wish that for his children. Perfect Peter wishes to raise kind, respectful, and considerate children. In all ways, Perfect Peter hopes his children grow to be a better reflection of the person Perfect Peter hoped he could be. Perfect Peter’s goal was to make his children the best they could be while never letting them settle for less than their best.  At all times, Perfect Peter was watching to help guide his children. He was ever looking for an opportunity to catch and correct their behavior in a kind and gentle way. Perfect Peter was comfortable being the authoritative presence the children needed in their life but embraced being the gentlest soul he could in how he loved them. In all ways, Perfect Peter was good to his children.

Dudley didn’t feel Perfect Peter was taking good care of his family. Perfect Peter worked so little that he was unable to afford to go out to eat, he was unable to buy new things, he couldn’t even afford simple things like cable televison or cell phones. Dudley felt Perfect Peter was falling short on his obligation to his family. Dudley liked to make Perfect Peter feel bad about how little he got to do with his poor life and so often offered to take Perfect Peter’s children with him on their frequent excursions, always commenting how Dudley could afford the extra expense that Perfect Peter was clearly too poor to pay for. Dudley wasn’t just happy with his affluence, he liked to make others feel worse about how well off he was. Dudley took the time to share words that would make others feel worse about themselves. Dudley DWHW doesn’t care to be nice.

Perfect Peter is all about niceness. His whole life revolves around treating people the way he wants to be treated. And Perfect Peter wants to be kindly considered and gently helped, so Perfect Peter goes about the business of giving the same to others hoping to get similar in return. Perfect Peter gives that which he hopes to receive, always. Perfect Peter has a lot to say but Perfect Peter won’t say anything if he feels it will hurt someone’s feelings. Perfect Peter cares more about people’s happiness than he cares about speaking his mind.

Dudley DWHW always cares to speak his mind. He has a strongly negative opinion of everything and always seeks to spread his negativity through hate and judgement and condemnation. Dudley rejects the social tools of kindness, consideration, and acceptance – he feels those are for weaker people. Dudley believes really successful people throw goodness out the window in light of doing everything they need to get what they want. Dudley DWHW has no morals and didn’t used to care how he looked.

But Dudley was starting to care about how things looked because things weren’t looking so good for Dudley. The business that Dudley had managed to procure was falling apart at the seams. His clients were unhappy and he couldn’t keep staff apart from his wife and one slave. It wasn’t enough. And so Dudley DWHW went about the business of cooking the books to make the potential profit of the business appear more than it was while painting the illusion of success and stability. Dudley got a sucker to bite off buying the business for a significant sum of money. Rather than pay off the outstanding bills Dudley had let pile up, Dudley took that money to take himself on a solo month long vacation to get to know himself better.


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