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Enter Perfect Peter into the equation again. Perfect Peter has sunken into deplorable poverty. He was living in a shack with no heat or running water, the pantries were bare, he and his wife were walking skeletons – though their children ever portrayed the vision of well-cared for babies. Despite the dire circumstances Perfect Peter ever sought to shelter his family from the coldness of life’s reality, always sacrificing the little portions he managed to procure to nurture the growing bellies of the babies who had no choice about the sad state of the world.  He nurtured their growth while his body wasted away.

Dudley DWHW saw his chance. He saw how low his old friend Perfect Peter was. Dudley DWHW never liked to see one of his own so bad off and so he extended his offer of help to Perfect Peter. Dudley DWHW offered Perfect Peter a position that would get him the money he needed to get his family back on track.  All Dudley DWHW asked of Perfect Peter was to work as much as he could, as often as Dudley DWHW could find work.  Dudley DWHW even charged Perfect Peter with finding more accounts for Dudley DWHW to acquire to have Perfect Peter work hard at while Dudley DWHW takes ample reward for negotiating the terms of the agreement.  Dudley DWHW is one of those greasy middle men who make himself feel better by connecting those that need work done with those that are willing to do the work. Dudley DWHW stands as the greasy underside of the situation as the one who puts out his hand for generous payment for knowing two people that could help each other.  At all times, Dudley DWHW takes advantage of every situation to put himself ahead. Still Dudley DWHW doesn’t care how he comes off looking in the process.

Perfect Peter found himself in a predicament. He was a slave to Dudley DWHW’s quest to make more money. Dudley DWHW could never make enough. He wanted to bank and he was willing to do whatever he needed to make that happen. And that included working Perfect Peter to the bone. Dudley DWHW was working Perfect Peter so hard that Perfect Peter was failing to be able to take care of the unstable home with his sick wife. Perfect Peter started to pull away to care for his family.

Dudley DWHW saw the potential loss of income as quite scary and so Dudley DWHW did something extreme, he welcomed Perfect Peter and his Perfect Family to come and live in his Drearily Dark Cave-like Home.  Perfect Peter couldn’t pass up the chance to make his family more comfortable and take them into better living conditions. They didn’t deserve what they were dealing with and so they came to live with Dudley DWHW.

As Dudley DWHW usually does, Dudley saw the potential for profit. Well now Dudley DWHW was a landlord and landlords get deposits and money for water. Dudley DWHW took what he thought he was entitled right out of the pay of Perfect Peter. Perfect Peter was up against a wall, he didn’t like that his pay was being taken but he was living better and so he just took it with a shrug. Dudley DWHW saw more room for gain, Perfect Peter found himself in possession of a prepaid food card gifted from Heaven. Dudley DWHW impressed upon Perfect Peter how his portion included covering the cost of food for the house. And thus Dudley DWHW found himself with a live in slave from whom he could take as much money as he wished, work as often as he needed, and charge for the expenses he didn’t want to pay in the house. Dudley DWHW was definitely coming out ahead for doing the nice deed of taking a homeless family in. Dudley DWHW was definitely better off for it. Dudley DWHW felt good about himself.

Enter God.

God sees Perfect Peter’s Plight. He understands personally the quest of being true to your nature in a world hell bent on making you dark and evil.

God sees Dudley DWHW. He knows Dudley’s excuses for his poor behavior. He does not care to understand why someone could be so cruel.

And so God kindly stepped in to help Perfect Peter. God sent Perfect Peter a care package from above in secret so that he would have exactly enough to get himself a house and fill it with all the stuff he needed to be happy. Perfect Peter graciously received his gift from Above and kept his secret while working hard to procure his home as God had offered.


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