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Time brought together two very different people to tell the story of two very different lives to lead.

First comes Dudley DoesWhatHeWants (DWHW). Dudley is kind of a douche. He doesn’t care about other people. He only cares about getting what he wants. He doesn’t mind bending the rules to get his way. He doesn’t care about lying and misleading and misdirecting to paint whatever illusion he needs to enable his desired outcome. Dudley DWHW has no morals, nor any scruples about his lack thereof.

When mentioning his lack of morals, now comes the time to mention his exact opposite – Perfect Peter with a Profound Moral Code (PMC) has an impeccably defined moral code of conduct. At all times Perfect Peter (PMC) feels honor bound to be the best person he can be. And to Perfect Peter (PMC) there is no honor to be found in taking advantage of someone else or hurting someone to get ahead. Perfect Peter (PMC) is so Perfect in his morals that sometimes he is unable to participate in life as he would desire. Sometimes his morals take him down paths he should never have to endure.

And as I speak of going down the path of darkness, I guess this is where the story picks up. Perfect Peter (PMC) was in trouble. Perfect Peter’s (PMC) perfect life was falling apart at the seams. His Perfect Wife was losing her mind and rapidly becoming his worst nightmare come to life. The weight of his Perfect Children was now solely on his plate and he was crippling under the pressure.

The job he worked to support the family didn’t care that he had a family to take care of. Nameless Corporation didn’t care two shits about a man in trouble, about one of their own that was losing everything fast.  Nameless Corporation only cared about making money and cutting costs. When Perfect Peter (PMC) spent too much time taking care of his NotSoPerfect Wife, suddenly Perfect Peter (PMC) didn’t seem so worthwhile to keep around.

He gave his time to the company. He put forth his best effort every day. Every day he implemented processes that enabled him to get more work done with less trouble. When problems arose, he was the one to put out fires and get the fixes started. Despite all his stellar performance, Nameless Corporation didn’t care to promote someone who so clearly defied their moral-less code of conduct. And so Nameless Corporation continued to work Perfect Peter to the bone until he had no time to give himself, no time to give his family, and no other option but to keep working hard to provide for the family in a job that didn’t appreciate the soul behind the blazer.

Soon Perfect Peter didn’t have the option to keep splitting his time between work and home. Home needed Perfect Peter and home Peter came. Peter was there through everything. Peter was there to carry the weight of everything falling apart. Peter was there to try to put the pieces back together as everything kept crumbling around him. Perfect Peter was trying to prop up a less than perfect existence as something worthy of calling a happy life. Peter worked hard to protect his perfect family. And it showed.

Seemingly while fate had dealt Perfect Peter (PMC) a solid blow to handle, Karma seemed to be dealing Dudley DWHW everything he needed to get all that he needed to be happy.  Things were taking off.  Dudley found himself in a cushy job where he makes a hefty sum of money doing nothing but sitting hours behind a desk pretending to punch numbers into a computer program and calling himself a professional. Dudley is very sensitive about the work he does. He doesn’t like it to be known that he doesn’t do very much. He has made life quite simple for himself. Despite being chained to the desk for 40 hours a week, Dudley only had to give 4 hours of real work to get the job done in any given week. Dudley didn’t sweat his job because his job didn’t take any thought and next to no time.

While managing to squeeze himself into such a luxuriously lazy lifestyle, Dudley DWHW positioned himself to become a small business owner. Playing up his people skills, he made himself look like someone who deserved to be in charge of people and resources. Dudley DWHW took the opportunity to take advantage of good hard working people to make his life even easier and more luxurious.

See Dudley DWHW found himself in a position to create legal contracts that required his workers to agree to pay for the cost of the materials it took to run his business. That’s right – he actually charged people the right to work for him. Yes, Dudley DWHW actually believed that if you would be lucky enough to work for him you should be lucky enough to pay him for that privilege and pay him to make running his business easier. Yes, Dudley DWHW chose to profit off the backs of harder working men.

Even worse than making them pay for the right to work for him, then Dudley DWHW went about the business of charging 100 times the markup for the cost of the worker’s services and then went about pocketing the difference between what he paid his workers and he charged the customers.  Dudley DWHW had positioned himself to make much money off the backs of other people’s hard work. Dudley DWHW felt good about himself. He got ahead and he didn’t care how he looked doing it.

One would question why anyone would choose to work for such a man, why would anyone would enable such cruel laziness?  The truth is when a family needs provided for, you’re not often picky about who you’ll take money from despite the shady circumstances you are all too aware of existing. When the family needs fed, the provider must make money to make ends meet.

For the next chapter: Ch. 2 Petty Person