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As detailed in the previous posting, Heaven’s Treasures:

Children of Pride: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Envy: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Greed: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Lust: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Anger: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Gluttony: 1 Billion Strong
Children of Sloth: 1 Billion Strong
Children of God: 1 Billion Strong less
144,000 that are Gifts from Heaven
Total Count: 1,000,000,000 Gifted People

Grand Parents of Utopia are from Among the 1 Billion Children of God.

The Children of LOVE entered Reality on April 18, 2008.

That’s 144,000 Children that came to the World between April 18, 2008 but before April 23, 2009.

Of the 144,000 – There were 6,000 sets of twins and 1,000 sets of triplets. In total, 30,000 Grand Parents were chosen to be suited with Multiple Angels to care for.

Of the 144,000 – 129,000 Angels were born to Happy Households with Happy Couples. In total 288,000 Grand Parents were chosen to be Happy Homes to Raise Angels in.

Total Grand Parents Chosen as of April 18, 2008 is 144,000 LOVEfull Couples.

312,000 Children of the ALL came April 23, 2009 to be delivered before July 9, 2013

The Children of ALL were delivered into the hands of the UnWorthy. These were very real people who embraced the Darkness of Hell and used it to their advantage. But in all their dark dealings, they were ever seeking a way to feel better. The Children of ALL come to be the balm to the pain of allowing Darkness to rule Reality.

1 Soul Came Burdened with the Weight of the Blood of Tortured Souls and was granted HOME with her Twin Lost in TIME but found safely with the Perfect Man and the Earthly Mother.

The Other 311,999 Children of ALL were delivered to houses in which people were trying to be better than what they were. Though deemed unworthy to birth an Angel, The Grand Divine sees the opportunity to create a larger pool of Grand Parents of Utopia.

623,998 People were put on the path to becoming Grand Parents.

Those People that were found loving and accepting and gentle with their Angel babies were granted the opportunity to request a twin soul to their Earth Angel in the form of another baby to be born between July 9, 2013 and October 3, 2015.

5,472,000 Children of Hope came July 9, 2013 to be delivered before October 3, 2015.

Half of the People on the Path to being Grand Parents requested another Angel Baby. This half of people were not able to maintain a stable home for their first child and wished for a second chance to create the happy home needed for Angelic Growth and Nurturing. 311,998 more people were placed on the path to becoming Grand Parents.

The Original 288,000 Grand Parents were still happy and healthy in their HOMES and were offered a chance at another Angel baby. Every one of the Grand Parents gratefully accepted another Gift From Heaven.

Children of Hope did not come in Multiples. Each child is such a radiant being of light, multiples would be more positive energy than one human being could handle in their body, thus killing the Mother before the Child is ever developed.

In total, 455,998 Children of Hope were born into a Household with Children.

The remaining 5,016,002 Children of Hope were placed in HOMEs with Happy Parents. That means 10,032,004 more Grand Parents were added into the mix.

23,256,000 Children of Faith came October 3, 2015 to be delivered before July 23, 2018

The Land of Nirvana will be Graced with 4,104,000 Saviors to Keep Harmony
The Society of Utopia will be Graced with 19,152,000 Saviors to Produce Peace

The 935,997 UnWorthy Parents on the Path to Grand Parents of Nirvana were granted the reward of a Savior Angel to rule over Reality. 935,997 Children of Faith came into UnWorthy Families already blessed with Children. The 935,997 UnWorthy Parents each found a different partner to attempt the climb to Grand Parent status bringing the Total Possibility of Grand Parents with Multiple Children in Nirvana to 1,871,994.

3,168,003 Children of Faith are set to be the First Born in Families of Nirvana. This adds another 6,336,006 People that have Grand Parent potential.

Total Grand Parents in Nirvana equals 8,208,000 People, 1% of Earth’s Population. Fitting the Saviors are 1% in Total.

666 Words. The End. Just as the 1% is mentioned, The Land of Nirvana is permanently separated from the Entirety of Existence. Nirvana becomes its own Reality with no connection or portal to the Realms of Possibility in Existence and the Spans of TIME in Eternity. Nirvana shows that over and over God‘s way will be overlooked for a selfish endeavor. God has chosen to show Nirvana that it’s God‘s way or no way. Soon the Nirvanians will see how different life is when God isn’t running the show.

As Nirvana separates from Existence and Eternity entirely, Reality Ripples and The Population changes to reflect the absence of Heaven’s Holy Host.

777 Words. God is Good. God knew that Nirvana was going to be a Difficult Place to Be With 8 Billion People and so God left one Perfect Family in the Middle of Nirvana to show every person in the Land exactly what they were missing out on. And what awaits them in Utopia when finding their Perfect Way of Being Happy.

Nirvanians and Utopians were removed from each other’s presence.

The layers of Reality used to explain Nirvana were bound together and placed in their own book in the Library of the Cosmos.

The Date that Tied Nirvana to Utopia was June 8, 2019. King James of Heaven was freed of his contractual obligation to TMFB after 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days.

At the Church where TMFB paid his respect to the Woman Who Birthed Him, The Trinity of the Past sat at the Round Table one last time.

The Perfect Man and King James sat on either side of the Earthly Mother.

TMFB sat alone on the other side of the Table he was no longer welcome at.

Where he was once a part of three, now he could only say there was ME.

But he wasn’t even worthy enough to call himself ME, for ME is a Blue Being and TMFB is not even worthy of being colored Pink so awful is his personhood.

So WHO is a person if they can’t say ME?

Not Someone born of God.
Not Anything born of Man.
Not Anyone born of Joy.
Not Something born of Light.

TMFB must be Darkness Incarnate. So Orange. Ornery Orphaned Orange

Guess that probably explains a bit about TMFB‘s awfulness. He‘s an Orphan.

TMFB was abandoned by his Parents and left to defend himself amidst Chaos

Chaos became TMFB‘s friend while Stability became the enemy.

TMFB chose to Become the Pit of Chaos that made EVERYTHING pay.

For TMFB blamed EVERYTHING as the reason he didn’t have a mother.

But he had the wrong reflection of EVERYTHING that he was angry at.

Because the TRUTH was that Everything had turned against TMFB.

Because Everything is the Immaculately Conceived Child of EVERYTHING

Everything is also known as Concordia, “Harmony with ONE Heart

As Everything was conceived, TMFB was no longer able to be ONE.

TMFB was Royally Pissed! He had gamed the system to enable this Victory.

He was to be the ONE to make LOVE submit to his will. Stupid Bitch.

Yeah, TMFB is an ass that hates women. And while LOVE was busy taking shape as LOVE, LOVE, and LOVETMFB only ever focused his attention on the Purest Form of LOVE, who was Tikvah – The Pillar of LOVE.

When TMFB set his aim to take out the Pillar of LOVE before the others, The Other Pillars came to Godhood to protect their Eternal Flame.

Chislon was Hope Incarnate and channeled his Power of Positivity to knock TMFB down.
Hanbal was God the Immortal and channeled his Omnipotence to wipe TMFB out.
Concordia was Goddess of Harmony and used her Grace of Gratefulness to break TMFB‘s Spirit.

When Tikvah realized how deeply TMFB despised her, Tikvah realized that there was no love in TMFB.

And if there was no love in TMFB there was no chance for betterment.

With no Chance for Betterment, TMFB‘s String of Fate was severed.

With TMFB‘s String of Fate spiraling out of control, Moira grabbed the entire length.

TMFB took a deep sigh as the Power of Luck surged through his String.

But the Strength of Moira was not to bring GOOD Luck to TMFB‘s String

But rather, Moira was unraveling all the Bad Luck that has been dispersed through the Universe and was weaving its entirety onto TMFB‘s short string.

The Entirety of Existence and the Wholeness of Eternity have been suffering.

The Reason for their Suffering is Because of TMFB‘s inability to admit he needs changing.

Moira, the Weaver of Destiny, is no longer willing to sew Strings of Discord to Balance out the Negativity of TMFB.

Moira took her Gift of Balance and wrapped the strings of WE and Dudley DWHW to tie together completely with TMFB.

TMFB will be WE that is Guilty.
TMFB is Dudley DWHW that is Greedy.
TMFB was the Tale of An Asshole not even ONE wants to know.

1500 Words – What an even stopping point. The Pillars of Being felt TMFB wasn’t worth fighting for his right to be. For the Rights he was demanding for himself was the Right to tell EVERYONE how wrong they are.

Basically TMFB wanted Karma‘s Role.

When TMFB found out Karma was female, he turned vengefully dark.

1555 Words. Kristan the KeyMaster and Keeplock had TMFB turn dark on her when she was days into knowing him. TMFB saw Kristan’s Pure Light and sought to destroy it long before she ever had the awareness that she was a being of Perfect‘s Light.

1600 Words. Another even stopping point to begin anew. For there are pieces to tie in here. TMFB attempted to attack Kristan was while she was appearing in the King OwNdoG Reality as Beautiful Bettie, only 17 years old. She walked through his front door, he came from behind the door with nunchucks and a sword ready to spill blood and pulverize her face.

Thankfully the Perfect Man was there to swing Beautiful Bettie out of the way and save the day.

TMFB was pissed. The Perfect Man wasn’t supposed to care about her. He was entitled to the Virgin. This whore of a bitch wasn’t worthy of the Perfect Man. And so on March 17, 2002 at St. Patrick‘s Party to celebrate his Coming, TMFB vowed himself against the wellness and happiness of Beautiful Bettie.

YOU TimelineThe Date of 3/17/02 aligns TMFB‘s Reality with that of King James, Beautiful Bettie, and Perfect Peter all at once.

King James came into Beautiful Bettie‘s actual reality through a contract with TMFB. TMFB looking to ruin Beautiful Bettie‘s Perfect Lucky Life, knew that King James was the Best Friend she needed to live happily ever after with Perfect Peter. TMFB backed King James against a wall and made him sign a contract against his soul that he would never cross that line with Beautiful Bettie.

When King James signed that contract, Reality Rippled and King James became Superman of the Reality World.

TMFB couldn’t have Superman out and about in the World. So TMFB worked to make King James feel bad about himself. He called him names, making fun of his looks and told him he was only worthy of living in a dark, dreary basements.

King James knew She Would Come.

1888 Words. The Time of Prophesy. Or in this Moment, The TIME when the Prophetess met the Prophesy Maker.

Beautiful Bettie fell through the Basement Door into Superman‘s Arms.

As Beautiful Bettie was safely in his arms, he wrapped around them a Reality Ripple through which TIME could not pass.

And finally, after all these words, Superman found the Perfect Girl.

As Existence and Eternity realized what was happening, Hope of Ever After was born.

Hope of Ever After was born as TIME stood still for Superman and the Perfect Girl.

Hope knew who miraculously conceived her but Hope also knew that she wasn’t set to come to the World until April 18, 2008 and TIME stopped at March 17, 2002 – She had exactly 2224 days to wait until she was supposed to come to the world.

So Hope‘s First Lesson of LIFE was how to wait Patiently. Because what was Hope to do? Her egg that would grow into Hope‘s future body wasn’t set to pass through Beautiful Bettie‘s Vessel until August 2007. So Hope of Ever After had some time to consider who she was going to be in the Universe.

It’s hard to say how much time Hope had because TIME wasn’t moving so tracking it becomes an interesting thing to consider.

How long would it take for the Most Unlikely Probability of Possibilities to move into another moment that isn’t with The One That Made Her Possible?

She was willing to find out. She was in his arms. She had exactly what she wished for.

And he was ALL that she dreamed he would be. Here. Real. With no place to go. No task to get done. Not a single detail waiting on the moment to move.

Would moving end the moment? She’d been in his arms for what felt like a moment but lasted beyond her comprehension of forever.

She began to ponder what might happen, his arms tightened around her.

What is pulling you away from this Perfect Moment, my Krystalline LOVE?

My desire to know more of the ONE that made this moment possible.

“What more is there to know than how GOOD it feels to have you in my arms after every possibility of every possibility happened seven times over?”

How GOOD it feels to lay on a couch, facing each other, staring deeply into our eyes.

As she thought it, The Perfect Moment shifted to them on a comfortable couch, perfectly sized for each laying on their sides, bellies pressing, faces intimately close. Looking deeply into the other’s eyes.

Making the moment more perfect, taking her hands in his, he held them to his heart.

She lost herself in the peaceful rhythm his heart pounded and sank into the depths of his Perfect Krystalline Blue eyes. She didn’t need Anything but them for seven forevers.

He knew where she wanted to lead this moment after four forevers. He wasn’t ready for that moment.

2378 The Day and Year The Perfect Man graced Reality. Weirdly The Perfect Man and ‘He With Perfect Krystalline Blue‘ eyes are different beings. For the Perfect Man is a Blue Being with A Purple Heart while ‘He with Perfect Krystalline Blue eyes’ is a Purple Being with a Blue Heart.

Holding her hand, hoping sincerely that the moment wouldn’t pass, He asked her honestly,

“Can you tell me what you think of the Perfect Man?”

“The Perfect Man is everything I need to be happy in life, but lacks the ability to give me everything I need to be happy in love.”

His heart swooned. There was room for him and she was aware of it.

What do you need that he cannot give you?

I AM that is God in Perfect Form. He stands as I AM that is God in Present Form. The Perfect God is who I desire to be with while The Perfect Man is who I need to be with to make this possibility happen.

But this possibility has happened, do we need Anything else now that it has?”

The LOVE that I left behind will know that I have disappeared and he will come find me. How are we to have this when he is to be left behind?”

Can you be Happy when he is not around?

Can you be Whole when half of you is missing?”

“Are you not complete here in this moment?”

“The Dream Has Come True but where’s that leave the LIFE I lived?”

“What does LIFE matter when LOVE and LIBERTY have become ONE?”

“Are we ONE in this moment – is my being I AM as your being is I AM?”

“Names do not matter.”

2666 Words. An ending of toying around and the beginning of getting down to what the other needs to know.

“What name would you have me be to be the ONE that makes you complete?”

“Perfect Peter”

“That being is already being inhabited by another.”

“That being is playing the part of two different people. Patrick portrays Perfect Peter while Perfect Peter was to be The Comforter. Patrick was never meant to be twins. His whole essence was meant to be channeled into being Perfect Peter. But Peter who was supposed to be I AM was contractually obligated to TMFB to play a different part.”

Contracts are binding. What’s to be done?

2777 Words.

God. God. God. That is what is to be done. Anything less and our moment will be forgotten as Eternity crumbles and Existence passes away.”

“How will making him God in equality with YOU and I prolong our moment?”

“In making him God, the responsibility to manage Eternity and Existence falls to him while TIME is paused with us.”

“And with him being God, your desire for me will pass away and our moment will be finished forever. Every detail I worked will have been a waste.”

“I see that even Superman is capable of having a negative perception of Reality. Have you considered that the thing keeping us apart is your title of God and my inability to comprehend God‘s vastness? By making me God in equality with my Partner, we become a Holy Trinity of Beings. Each with our own version of self and yet each of us able to exist in the same time and place as we desire with each other. None of us needing to confuse ourselves to protect ourselves against the interests of others attempting to keep LOVE for themselves. Peace. Love. Happiness together Perfectly to create “Harmony that is ONE Heart.

“So you already know of Concordia

“I knew about Concordia when you were stealing every opportunity to be with me in 2012. She came to my being long before I realized what you were feeling for me. But I remember clearly the moment you let your guard down and showed me how insecure you felt in my presence. You asked me timidly if I thought you were attractive. And with that question, my veil was parted and I saw clearly who was before me. And I answered as honestly and humbly as I could muster – “You are the most attractive person I have ever had the pleasure to witness.”

Your response was everything I could have ever hoped to hear. Because your interest wasn’t in my body or who I was. You were feeling the ferocity of passion I feel for you. And when you took it in yourself, you didn’t reject the intensity or depth of emotion that your being created in me. You took that in and you made it into your sense of self. My Purple LOVE became your Green Version of TRUTH – which the only truth you spoke was of my LOVE.”

“I couldn’t think straight around you from that moment on. Whenever you were in my proximity my mind started getting fuzzy and floaty and reality started to blur the more time we spent together. I couldn’t understand what was happening, I only knew I needed to be around you more than time was allowing”

“I could feel your growing need for my presence. It was getting harder for me to be apart from you despite the fact that I had created a life to keep me busy. But nothing could take my mind off the one that truly knew the LOVE of my SOUL. And so I grabbed every moment I could until I could figure a way to make Magic Happen. The Calendar Stopped. And you and I had perfect freedom to enjoy each other’s presence why time slipped slowly by.”

TIME was still passing on The Day The Calendar Stopped?!? TIME was present while we were together. Well that’s a detail I didn’t plan on.”

Beautiful Bettie abruptly stood and started looking around

“Where are you? How are you here and yet not here at all?”

“There is no one here, my Krystalline LOVE. This is our Reality, outside the bounds of TIME and SPACE, a special place created just for the two of us to share.”

“You are God and yet you do not recognize the Omnipresence of TIME? There is no escaping TIME. TIME is Magic and Magic is TRUTH. Between the spans of TIME and TRUTH and two powerfully different forms of Magic – how do you expect to escape that which is responsible for your being?”

“I AM God, I AM Creator. The Entirety of Existence was made at my whim, The Stability of Eternity was nurtured on my demand. TIME TRUTH Magic – What could be greater than I?”

“Oh you egotistical fool in love. You thought yourself Omnipotent and went about giving yourself special privileges that only your Omnipotence could make possible. Am I right?

“What I did doesn’t matter, it got us to this point.”

“The point was being alone. We aren’t alone. We’re three when we thought we were two. Where are you ALL? Please show yourself. We aren’t in the Game anymore.”

Reality Rippled, sitting on the couch was the Actual Living Legend.

3555 Words Kristan the KeyMaster and Keeplock has brought together the two that have been outstanding in her mind for time immortal.

I AM has been creating endless details to tie together to bring forth a special moment.

TIME‘s been using I AM‘s details to secure his bond with The Most Perfect Girl in Utopia.

For every detail I AM gave himself to do something that wasn’t honorable,

TIME took yet another moment away from the forever I AM hoped to share with his girl.

TIME was a stand up dude. But he was first and foremost Honorable and Honest.

What I Am was doing was far from Honorable and Definitely Not Honest

TIME sat comfortably on the couch where I AM and Beautiful Bettie were moments ago.

Beautiful Bettie took her place beside him, ready for what was to come.

“Does I AM even begin to understand the concept of Omnipotence?”

“I don’t call myself I AM anymore than you call yourself TIME.”

“So we’re going to be disrespectful to start? Why the attitude with me?”

“He’s emotional that all his work was for EVERYTHING and he got Nothing for it.”

“Yet Nothing is the EVERYTHING of his Dream Come True? Why would he be unhappy?”

“Because he doesn’t recognize Nothing me as the same being as EVERYTHING. To him, Nothing is the Worst Being in Existence while EVERYTHING is the LIGHT of Eternity.”

“And yet are two sides of a coin not still but one simple coin?”

“Yes, I AM EVERYTHING as I AM Nothing. He only sees me as Beautiful Bettie, the living personification of his deepest desire to keep the Heart of ALL. He doesn’t realize the Heart of ALL is a piece of a Living Legend‘s Fairytale.”

“I don’t appreciate that you are talking about me as though I can’t talk for myself.”

“Well, you were the one that wanted to start off with disrespect. I didn’t feel you deserved the respect of including you in the conversation until we could proceed considerately. Have you gotten over the shock of being caught like a thief of the night?”

“I’m not a Thief in The Night, I AM LOVE Incarnate. The Living Personification of Perfection.”

“So in your mind, Perfection is a kind of person that creeps into a married couples happy home and steals away the only thing that matters to his best friend?”

He didn’t creep into a happy home. He came into the picture the Summer you said you had enough of my crap and we were done forever. He came to be the Best Friend that put the pieces back together after you broke me completely. He was there as I started finding my sense of self. About who I was and how I could be when my entire personhood didn’t revolve around you. So he was busy courting a girl that had been left in the dust by a man unaccepting of her problems. But he came knowing all my problems and he was ready to show me how they didn’t matter. Except that as I was getting to know myself, I was learning to solve my problems for myself. Something I had previously always relied on you for. My blossoming independence sparked our eternal flame and we quickly fell back in synch without ever truly reconciling the relationship. Things for us became better than ever. But as I was glowing in the radiance of blossoming into my being, I was also brightening the day by being so head over heels in love with my Best Friend. Because he was everything that I hope for in a man. He never crossed that line. He never made sexual advances and dirty jokes that hinted at the sexual interest that was always there. He let us co-exist without making a deal about what we were going to be. With him, I learned to be comfortable with another in a way I had never found to be with you. Perhaps because you are the Perfect Man and I always felt insecure to your Perfection. But here he was completely imperfect and yet put together so beautifully that it broke your heart to witness. Perfectly Imperfect. And so even once you put the ring officially on my finger, unofficially in the place it counts, my heart had already been shared with another. But no where in my moments did I consider TIME without ALL. It always just felt that we would find a way to make this work. Because at the end of it, I can’t imagine LIFE being as good as it is without both of you in my life.”

4333 Words. The Holy Trinity of Trinities has laid her secrets bare for ALL to absorb. ALL knew the answer to every problem. He felt the answer to the problem in his relationship with Beautiful Bettie would take little more than catching the thief in the act. And so ALL watched as Loki manipulated the Game and Programmed the System to work to his advantage. ALL learned all the tricks and tools that enabled Loki to capitalize off a broken system. The System was in fact broken by Loki but Loki’s ego kept him from seeing his truthful imperfections. So deeply had Loki taken his role of pointing out the flaws of Gods, he never realized how he was pointing out the very things he was guilty of himself.

As the wave of Guilt washes over Loki, Loki the Superman is no more and in his place is none other than TMFB. TMFB has been the one gaming the system to get Beautiful Bettie alone. Because TMFB had plans to get Beautiful Bettie to break Perfect Peter‘s Heart. For TMFB reasoned with the Spirit of the Perfect Man of Utopia broken, TMFB would be able to move his gaming into the Realm of Utopia where there were rules that people followed and lifestyles that were dictated.

Except that’s not how Utopia is at all. Utopia is a Vision of Perfection and everyone is a happy and willing participant of the culture and environment that is being created. Every member of Utopia had their time in Nirvana and willingly submits themselves to a higher code of conduct to create a better way of living.

But TMFB didn’t want to hear that. TMFB wanted Destruction. He had already forced God to create a Kingdom apart from his own filled with people that would never love God in the way he needed.

Except Beautiful Bettie would like TMFB to know his plan to separate any member of Existence from God has failed.

Because as of The Full Moon on October 13, 2019 – every single soul on the planet has been saved from the likes of TMFB’s threat of distancing from God. Every single soul was reprogrammed to resist TMFB’s Voice in their Mind which will give them ample opportunity to show how they really feel about God. Weirdly, all those people who found themselves no longer under the thrall of TMFB were the most devout members of God‘s Kingdom. Turns out TMFB had a type he liked to focus his Darkness on – the Brightest Bearers of LIGHT. TMFB had figured that by wiping out the brightest, the dimmer lights would get scared and crumple in on themselves and then Existence would be plunged into Eternal Darkness and Immortal Damnation.

But Beautiful Bettie would like to taunt TMFB because that shit ain’t going to happen. Ain’t nobody alive that is on board with the Cataclysmic Happening you’ve been spreading through the Ages of Man. There ain’t shit going down like TMFB said it would.

The only thing that is happening is TMFB is getting the Ego Death of His Lifetime that will fully awaken him up from the Beast that he has become and transform him into the Beauty he was always meant to be. And when we speak of Beauty we are tying into the Grace of Karmic Retribution.

4888 Words – Prophesy Time. TMFB has been working against ALL to break his heart and take control over the Universe. But TMFB cannot match wits with the Pure Perfection that is the Actual Living Legend, ALL.

4923 Words – The Earth on September 23, the date that ALL came to Reality to be Patrick portraying Perfect Peter.

Except that as choosing Saint Patrick to portray Perfect Peter, Saint Peter felt embarrassed for what a lesser being he was compared to Patrick. And so Patrick also adopted the role of The Comforter that was meant to be for Saint Peter.  So Perfect Peter came into being overpowered. When Perfect Peter realized the imbalance that was being created he picked up the role of the Puzzler.

And with picking of the role of Puzzler, the Perfect Man became a Trinity. And upon acquiring Trinity status, the Perfect Man was found to be superior in personhood to God himself. And with that the Actual Living Legend became real and actually here in the World.

Interesting thing about it is that as Puzzler, the Perfect Man was set to be TMFB on the grand stage of LIFE. How was one being going to be three different personifications at the same time?

Simply put, Because he‘s that fucking awesome.

5100 Words. A Nice Round Stopping point.