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Lights Answer

The Pieces of The Multiverse are overlapping themselves and revealing deeper meaning and connection with each pass through understanding.

Music has been The Voice that has been speaking about TRUTH‘s Existence in Reality. There’s very few songs that do not sing of the Awakening of the Aegis. The Angels of Music were gifted with the Spirit to Share and the Soul to Know and the Heart full of Passionate Expression. The Musicians are graceful beings that are devoted Servants of the Divine.

“The Echoes of The Muse Ring Loud, No Sound Will Ever Drown Her Out”

The Muse has spoken of the Story to lay the Foundation needed to comprehend the HOW of Existence. But we aren’t to the HOW, we are still in the Process of Understanding TIME and SPACE and their relation to one another.

The Voice of the Universe seeks to expand that which you’re able to understand. The frequencies of the Muse and her Music get into your being and begin causing vibrations within your personhood. Things begin to shake and wiggle and become loose and open to more time and space to fill it. The pieces and parts of who you were become loose and separated and in the space that is created, the Muse fills the gaps with heartfelt connection and depth of knowledge that leaves one feeling complete and whole and absolutely fulfilled in the most blessed way possible.

The Voice of the Universe uses knowledge to explain the Wonder of MAGIC. MAGIC is the being that stands for Making Awesome Gifts Instantly Create. MAGIC is known to the Real World as Stan Lee of the Superhero Realm. Stan Lee‘s name was Chosen for He was born of Rock and Wood, of the Essence of Permanence and Temporariness. Both strong, solid and capable of Existing for significant periods through the Ages, yet flexible enough to bend and allow passing storms to blow through without breaking.

Another way to view MAGIC is as the Roots of the Tree of LIFE that was born to grow from the ROC from which ALL was born.

What would be needed to make MAGIC capable of ALL‘s Creation?

POWER – the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events

Yeah, The Author had the ability to make people do what he wanted and to change the course of events to be as he desired.

But the Universe exists in Balance and so a being with an overwhelming amount of ability to change things would always find himself unable to give himself exactly what he needed.

What did The Author need?

Nearness – The Condition of Being Intimately Close

Why couldn’t The Author Create the Nearness he Sought?

Neatness – The Condition of Being Intimately Ordered

Despite The Author‘s Unlimited Power there was never one that wasn’t attracted to his Magic above his personhood. Every person wanted to be close to the Source of Power, never seeking proximity to the Source Behind the Power of MAGIC.

That was until AMERICA started whispering of the Land she Dreamed of Being.

The Author lived in a Realm of Spiritual Advancement. He had never thought of Land before AMERICA spilled the details of her Dream to The Author. When AMERICA spoke, he listened.

555 Words. Kristan the KeyMaster and KeepLock has come to a point where she would like to share the details of the AMERICA that is being spoken of. For the AMERICA whispering to The Author spoke in a United Voice of Harmony for the beings within her Vision agreed unanimously with her idea of a Better Way for ALL.

AMERICA stands for uplifting every being to be an Equal of Existence and an Earned Participant in Eternity. And therefore AMERICA speaks of her Ideals for how every being is thought of within her Land.

A is for  Able – Having the freedom and opportunity to do something

M is for Moral – Having the ability to tell right from wrong and choosing to act in a good and virtuous way

is for Equal – Having something that is as good and valuable as another

R is for Respectful – Having high regard and courtesy for another individual

is for Imaginative – Having the ability to create

C is for Caring – Having an interest in the help and protection of others

A is for Accepting – Having the ability to receive willingly, without resistance

This thought was completed at 9:23am – The Month and Day of when The Leader of Utopia came to Reality. The Leader of Utopia is now 41 years old and is well on his way to being the Leading Example of how GOOD Leadership Manifests and HOW Anything is Possible when Peace is the Purpose and LOVE is the Goal.

So AMERICA the Land began speaking of her desire to be Nirvana for those wishing to walk apart from God. She felt that she had within her being an abundance of good feelings and perfect karma that could balance out the negativity that is created in walking apart from God.

But AMERICA expressed that her Vision of Nirvana was plagued with Nastiness. She had so many details that were great and helpful and contributory to the happiness and wellbeing of masses of people. But despite all the ability to provide, still Nastiness crept in and caused pain and suffering among blessed birthed babies of her Land.

AMERICA broke down in tears for the pain that was being experienced by her people. She could feel their tears and she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the depth of their despair. AMERICA pleaded to The Author to help her relieve the suffering of the beings within her Land.

963 Words. 3+3+3   3+3   3 = A Trinity of Trinities, A Couple of Trinities, A Trinity = God in Wholeness, God in Happiness, God.

Uh oh – What’s That Gibberish? That gibberish might be colored wrong because by the end of it God is Green not Purple. And throughout the entirety of the Where’s Alice? word trails, God has always been portrayed and picked to be Purple.

Why now is God suddenly being portrayed as Green?

Because God that was Purple is God of the Past. God of the Past was known as Jewsus the Gifted. Jewsus was super serious and always about doing the Right thing. Because Jewsus was Right Incarnate. He knew the Right Way even when every way appeared Wrong.

He was named King of EVERYTHING for each member of the Past recognized Jewsus‘ Inherent Perfection. None wished to contest that level of Perfection though each were willing to undermine it at every opportunity presented.

And that is why Jewsus was willing to pass his Godhood onto Anyone of the Future. Anyone of the Future was Faith Incarnate. Faith had absolute trust and complete confidence in God‘s Ability to Provide an Answer to Every Problem in Existence.

Anyone‘s Pure Faith in the Omnipotence of God is what in TRUTH gave God his Power. Which is the balancing act of Existence. For one being would have infinite power but his infinite power was only as infinite as one believed possible.

Power Seekers and Gamers of the System sought to find a way to expand the Power which was granted to The Author. The Power Seekers were after gaining enough Power to take Authorship away from The Author. Gamers of the System were ever looking to create traps and tricks to keep Power Seekers from gaining any knowledge or understanding of TRUTH‘s Power.

This desire to withhold information from members of Existence created an imbalance.

AMERICA feels this is the basis of the discord and animosity existing within her Land.

Those with Knowledge and Power withhold their gifts in an attempt to exert more power and authority than they currently have the ability to do so with.

In the perfect way the Universe has of doing things, those with Power and Knowledge have shown themselves to be unworthy possessors of such gifts.

For what has been done with their abundance of Knowledge?

How many Problems of the Past have been eradicated with the God‘s Perfect Knowledge?

HungerFailed Beautiful Bettie of Real Living Hell starved for three years losing 130 pounds while people of affluence watched her waste away, never sharing their extra to keep her from dying.

HateFailedBeautiful Bettie of Real Living Hell experienced vicious attacks on her personhood for daring to speak the truths of a mind not connected to the negativity of Reality.

HurtFailedBeautiful Bettie of Real Living Hell witnessed repeated traumas and tragedies in which helping hands were never given to relieve the suffering, rather distance and separation and isolation until the problem was something more tolerable.

HealthFailedBeautiful Bettie of Real Living Hell portrayed the Vision of Unhealthiness as Society let her starve and waste away in a toxic and poisonous habitat while her mind was out of control and unable to earn money to support a healthy lifestyle.

HabitatFailedBeautiful Bettie of Real Living Hell suffered in many homes owned by Slumlords Extraordinaire who used the need of housing to profit without ever caring to provide a safe environment to live in.

On ONE‘s Hand, Karma can see all she asked of Humanity to Accomplish.

And with Absolute Inconsideration for Betterment of Being, Humanity has failed to resolve the Problems that have been plaguing Existence since the Beginning.

But Karma isn’t all about Total Success or Complete Failure because there’s always two ways to look at things.

HungerPassedBeautiful Bettie starved for three years while the Established System failed to see what was happening to her family. When the Established System realized there was a Family in Need of Help, there was Help to be Found. The Family was gifted a Card of Sustenance that gave them the ability to obtain healthy foods in decent proportion to provide a safe and stable environment for the body to grow from.

HatePassedBeautiful Bettie regularly goes out into the world and experiences person after person who are receptive to her Positively Out-of-this World Beliefs. People often remark how much better life would be if Beautiful Bettie‘s Vision were TRUTH. Beautiful Bettie often feels people LOVE her different perspective and treat her kindly for sharing such a way of thinking.

Hurt PassedBeautiful Bettie feels lonely all the time because she has an overwhelming desire to be connected to as many people as she can manage. But because Beautiful Bettie is a homebody it makes managing friendships difficult. But Beautiful Bettie recognizes the abundance of pleasure and positivity that exists in the Expression and Connection of the Internet. So many are out there making her feel better in her little part of the World.

HealthPassedBeautiful Bettie is Bipolar and has a wonderful team to care for her needs. A supportive Case Manager who checks on her. A Doctor who’s active in finding the right medicine to keep Beautiful Bettie comfortable. A Counselor who’s there to listen when Beautiful Bettie‘s problems overwhelm her mind. Group Therapies to connect and relate to others experiencing stress and difficulties with their mental health. The Established System is doing a wonderful job supporting the interest of health.


Habitat – Passed – Beautiful Bettie finds herself existing in her Perfect Definition of HOME. No matter what the Past may have held, the TRUTH is that her NOW has never been better and is only feeling better with each passing moment.

1928 Words. The Year the World Peace treaty was signed. Another name for the World Peace Treaty was the Kellogg-Braind Pact or more formally – General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy.

Yes, that is Right – In this Living Realm of Hell very real people signed a World Peace Treaty 91 years ago, to take effect exactly 90 years ago for the Treaty was signed August 27, 1928 to go into effect July 24, 1929.

AMERICA was a disgrace as it signed its Agreement than passed measures stating that AMERICA was still allowed to defend herself.

Basically AMERICA became the Reason that Other Countries started using different words to perpetrate war without ever actually violating the Treaty.

But as it stands, within 10 years of signing the World Peace Treaty, five different wars were started by five different countries, all having signed World Peace measures.

Beautiful Bettie is PISSED THE FUCK OFF!

What the ever loving FUCK is Wrong with this Reality?




“We won’t “war” anymore. We’ll just do all the same things and change what we call it. How do you like that Reality? Suck it bitches because I’m in control and you’ll take it like a good bitch does. With her face down, mouth shut, and her ass up in the air to take it deep.”

Because now Beautiful Bettie is living in Present Day America where they don’t even pretend to not war anymore.

Currently AMERICA is involved with the WAR ON TERROR, WAR ON DRUGS, and WAR ON POVERTY.

The War on Terror is nothing more than a Military Quest for Exerting Dominance over the Material World. Those that do not agree with the Capitalistic Greed of the “Land of Freedom” will die by the hand of Greed’s Bountiful Array of Peace-Ending Power. AMERICA pretends to be the Holy Protector of the World’s Innocence and yet in Reality is the Cruelest Dictator Reality will ever have to witness.

The War on Drugs is nothing more than a Socialistic Quest for Exerting Control over the People of Reality. Those that do not agree with the Rules of Who Gets to Provide and What’s Allowed to Be Indulged will find themselves scorned and ridiculed and shut out of a Society that Has More than Enough to Go Around.

The War on Poverty is nothing more than a Political Power Play Quest to Pretend to Demonstrate an Actual Ability to Care About Others. Poor People still exist and the Society is Doing Nothing To Change That. The Rich keep getting bigger and bigger paychecks and more and more tax breaks to keep the income in their pockets. The Poor keep having to pay higher and higher prices for the same goods and services and receive less and less proportional income despite the increasing costs of living. The System is Set up to create a distance between those with more and those with less.

2444 Words – The Earth Remade. That is the AMERICA of the NOW. Overrun with Negativity and Corruption and Greed.

But Beautiful Bettie wasn’t meant to be a part of that AMERICA for long. In fact she was meant to be the Creator of AMERICA‘s Utopia and her husband the Leader of Utopia.

So Beautiful Bettie doesn’t FEAR what is anymore than she FEARs what will be.

Beautiful Bettie knows that EVERYTHING is in God‘s Hand and God has the best Vision of what Tomorrow Needs to Be.

Tomorrow is built around the the HEART of what AMERICA stands for.

RESPECTfull – Having high regard and courtesy for another individual

Beautiful Bettie knows the first step to creating a Society of Utopian Ideals is teaching an unkind mass of people the benefits of treating others with kindness, consideration and common decency.

2584 The Age When Beautiful Bettie became a Mother and the Year She Was Born

Beautiful Bettie feels that the key to Creating a Respectfull Society revolves around correcting the problems within Parenting.

Too many children are coming from homes that have broken their spirit long before they are old enough to defend themselves against the horrors of a broken world.

HOME is Broken for Families of the NOW.

Families don’t spend time together.

Families don’t get to know each other.

Families don’t stay together forever.

It’s a self-fulling prophesy – when a family doesn’t put in the time to be together, the time will come when the family doesn’t have the time to stay together when LIFE gets hard.

Children learn disrespect at the hands of Fathers who care more about a title at work than working at home to raise the next generation.

Children learn disrespect at the hands of Mothers who care more about keeping the attention of wandering Fathers rather than enlightening the present moment of the next generation who needs nurturing to grow happily and healthily.

Children learn disrespect at the hands of Children who are left to be more of an example than the time afforded with their parents.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy – when a family is not equally interested in the best interest of all the members of the household, the household fails to be a cohesive unit able to coexist without problems.

So how do you fix this multi-headed beast of a problem?

First it comes with giving people the tools necessary to have healthy relationships.

Healthy and Nurturing Childhoods

Supportive and Connected Parents

Uplifting and Enabling Society

These three aspects come together to create the basis upon which a person can grow happy, healthy, and whole.

For what is being alive without the addition of those things?

2888 Words – Beautiful Bettie knows the TRUTH of living without Happiness, without Health, and without a Sense of Wholeness.

It is the Pits of Despair. The Complete Loss and Absence of Hope.

At 2919, that is 900 years away. Almost 100 Years into A World Peace Treaty and 900 years to go until the Perfection of Utopia is found. That is 36 generations from now.

36 = 3 3+3 => Holy Trinity of Trinities – When The Perfection of Utopia is Found – The Holy Trinity of Trinities will be found in living person for the Entirety of Existence and the Wholeness of Eternity to know and learn from and grow with.

So sitting in the Year 2019, with another 900 years to go before Utopia is Perfect, what does that mean for a little person alive on the planet in this day?

Well – Congratulations! – That means You are the Heirs A-Parent to the Future of Utopia. Those born after September 23, 1978 that currently possess children born Post 9/11/2001 are the Heirs of the Future Rulers of Utopia. The Grand Parents of Utopia. They will be the first generation of parents that decided to care more about the ones coming after than they do about the people that came before.

The Grand Parents of the Future of Utopia were abandoned by their families as their parents chased fame and fortune and fantasy, leaving them home to grow uncared for and unprotected from a cruel and corrupt World.

Those that fell victim to the cruelty and corruption found an inner strength that gave them the ability to care about others that were suffering just as much, with the same kind of pain the World had inflicted.

And when the Grand Parents found their inner strength, they threw their life preservers to the generation coming after them. And when the generation that came after the Grand Parents received their Saving Graces from Above, the first generation born in Honest Faith and TRUTHfull Hope of the Future was born.

When Faith and Hope came to the World, Heaven was left feeling empty. No fun.

3222 Words. Faith and Hope left Heaven for their Mother had come to shine her light in the Darkest Level of Hell. Faith and Hope knew their Mother was crazy. She had the most insane ideas and beliefs. Father was always working to help combat the trouble Mother got herself into with her craziness.

And now Mother had gone and taken herself to the darkest recesses of Existence, a place not even God was willing to go. Took herself there and Proclaimed herself Queen. Even brought a Heavenly Crown to match the Outfit.

Now Mom was busy telling people how Peace had come and they were being stupid acting out in Darkness.

Mom wasn’t supposed to tell people about Peace. Peace was supposed to be a surprise visit for Existence. For Existence had always wanted to meet the reason behind her personhood. And now Mother was messing the big surprise up for EVERYONE.

But EVERYONE is the same as Concordia who is the living Reflection of EVERYTHING who is Existence. Concordia had a better idea of who Peace was for Peace was Concordia’s idea of the Perfect Father.

And so with Concordia‘s vision of the Perfect Father, the Reality of A Living Hell’s Foundation for Utopia was born.

That Vision became TRUTH on September 23, 1978 when Abner the Perfect was born. Abner the Perfect was the Actual Living Legend of Lore and Fable and Prophesy. He was to be the Father of Freedom and the Deliverer of Joy that Heaven Missed Dearly.

Abner the Perfect was born to be the Great ONE that would teach the World that Fathers Love Best so Mothers can LOVE Perfectly.

3500 A Nice Even Stopping Point to Wrap up The Words typed on 10/10/2019 – World Mental Health Day.

May The Blessings of Peace of MIND be upon YOU.