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The Universe in this absolutely Real World of mine is beyond Divine and Magical too.

This morning I woke with a bad feeling. I was off, so off that I considered dosing myself with my tranquilizer to balance out the bad that I was feeling. But I didn’t dose myself and just went about getting through the morning as I could.

(Insert Present Day Translation: I believe the Universe sends us signs and messages. All the time. We must simply allow ourselves the ability to read the messages and understand what was being relayed. On this morning, I believe the message was being sent that difficult circumstances were ahead.)

My children were a little slower getting ready but I was also a little later in getting them up. And so both sides were a little tense. But I threw on some morning music to change the vibe of the day.

(IPDT: I believe that music calms the Soul and connects the Spirit with the Fullness and Wholeness of who you want to be. I believe the key is to finding the right music that negates the aura of who you don’t want to be in that moment. In this moment, I was feeling tense with my children. And so I found music that spoke to my crazy about changing yourself for the better.)

Thankfully the music that spoke to my heart woke me up and got me going.

But as I got going in the direction I needed to for the day, I started to dread that my car wasn’t going to start. And in my moment of dread, I started to pray for God to let my car start before school. It was cold and I would not feel the best taking the 50 minute round trip walk to school.

(IPDT: Every moment is a moment to make Something happen. At the beginning of the morning, Something was starting to manifest. I felt negatively about the Something and couldn’t shake that feeling. Then the feeling of Something came to me and I realized I was worried that my car wouldn’t start. And when Something bad is on the horizon, who better to lean on than God? And so I reached out and began praying for God to intercede on behalf of the problems I felt were looming.)

But God was good and despite feeling as though the car wasn’t going to start, it did! I immediately launched into prayers of appreciation and gratefulness and thankfulness for the ease of the morning despite my uncomfortable feelings.

IPDT: Before TIME passed and in the thick of the moment, I felt that God was good in letting me get my child to school without issue. But in reality, the good was so much more than that. For if my car hadn’t of started in the driveway, the manner in which it was parked would have made getting it jump started a difficult endeavor. Even more, without roadside assistance, getting help to do a jump would have been infinitely more difficult. But God was good and graced our morning with the ability to get out of the driveway.)

We were out of milk and so I decided to stop at the local Circle K for the ‘2 gallons for $6’ deal ($2 overpriced but it was close and quick and I was willing to eat the upcharge). I got the milk and a little Iced Honey Bun as a treat for me. I talked to the cashier about his tattoo and why he chose to get it. I was blessed when he opened up and shared the tattoo was inspired because of his father’s battle with Leukemia and he further told me that his next tattoo would be the same one his father had on his shoulder. The guy sadly told me that though his father didn’t beat leukemia, he was hoping to keep a piece of him alive on his body. It was a touching experience to have a stranger open himself so honestly.

I went out to the car after paying and was shocked when the car attempted to start and then completely died. I didn’t know what to do. I thought perhaps I had left the car in drive and taken the keys out (a possibility in our beater vehicle). But the gear stick was jammed and didn’t want to move at all, which meant probably not the case. I tried it several times but the van was just dead. It didn’t turn over. It didn’t attempt to start. It was just done.

(IPDT: I knew the car wasn’t going to start. I had that premonition early in the morning before the thought of the day had really even begun. I couldn’t avoid the difficult circumstances that were looming in my timeline. But I could pray for assistance in getting through those times as peacefully and comfortably as possible. Which I did. I prayed for God’s intercession on my behalf for complete relief to my problems. And when we ask with an honest need and a pure soul and helping spirit, God delivers without question. God knew that my van was going to break down, he couldn’t change that. But what he could change was the details of how that breakdown would happen and how it would be resolved. Which he did, he arranged the details of the day to align with me breaking down in a place where many people would be available to lend a hand. Then he placed in my timeline the people that I would need to get back on track. God provided for me before I ever had the time to panic about my unfortunate circumstances.)

I didn’t panic. I just started asking people for help. I asked the people nearest to me if they had jumper cables. The gentleman seemed honestly apologetic that he couldn’t help but told me that they construction crews that were just down the street might have cables as part of their equipment. So I headed in the direction of the construction people to see if they had anything that could help.

Both ladies were sorry they didn’t but they radioed to their crew members to see if anyone could lend assistance. No one was able but they pointed to the Car Repair place on the corner that was opening in less than ten minutes. I thanked them for their time and effort and told them I would head back to the car to see if I could figure anything else in the mean time.

Well, “in the mean time” included asking more people if they had cables. In no time at all, a nice lady pulled in with an elderly woman in her front seat. She had pulled in to get air in her tire.  I asked if she had a cable and she positively responded that she did and once she put air in the tire would be willing to jump the car.

(IPDT: This is where I believe God stepped in and placed the right people where they needed to be. Because that lady just happened to need to stop for air at the time when I was going to be broken down. And more than be there, she was in a helping spirit. I was moved by her presence. She seemed warm and friendly and genuinely interested in helping a person in need. It was through a magical coincidence of the Universe that the lady that pulled in was wearing a Tree of Life charm on her necklace – the very same charm that graced both my necklace and Miracle Bracelet. To say I was moved is an understatement. It felt as though the entirety of The Universe saw me in my time of need and provided for me in this wondrous lucky Existence I have stumbled into. I felt so thankful to be so connected to the Divine.)

I thanked her profusely and then followed her instructions to stand in the spot so she could move her car into position for the jump without anyone taking the space. Very quickly, she was done with the air and pulled in and hooking up her car to my van via jumper cables. While we waited, the nice lady talked to me and told me a little of who she was. She was out there trying to do nice things for people because she strongly feels that makes the world a better place. She was currently 3 years sober from heroin, though still using methadone to stay sober, something she wished to be free of. She mentioned that her sobriety came after losing her partner to an overdose and she admitted that she’s sad it took such tragedy to get through to her. We talked about how she was managing. We truly talked while we waited.

(IPDT: This is where I felt the Universe truly provides. Because that woman expressed how lonely she was since her partner died. And how she was she sometimes struggled with the down feelings from being so alone. The Universe is wonderful because I was able to put my arms around that lonely woman and thank her sincerely for her how she had really made my life better from the moment she stepped into it.)

Despite many minutes transferring juice between vehicles, we couldn’t get the car to turn over. One of the construction workers I had approached earlier had come to the station and offered her truck’s battery reasoning perhaps the little car couldn’t power the bigger van and the bigger truck could handle the littler van. And that was when we realized that the Terminal that went around the post of the battery was nearly completely corroded. That battery wasn’t getting a good connection to the car. It didn’t matter the size of the vehicle, what mattered was finding a way to tighten the Terminal to the Post to transfer a better charge. But that needed tools.

The nice lady apologized that she didn’t have tools with her. She had left them at her work site and now sorely regretted it. The construction worker didn’t have tools on her truck and had to get back to work. As the nice lady was regretting not having tools, another kind gentleman approached and asked if he could do anything to help. We showed him the problem and he happily told us he always has tools with him for things just like this. And so he went back to his car to come back with the day saving toolkit we needed to get the van running.

The kind gentleman worked to tighten the bolt down two different times before he was able to get the connection needed to start the car. And then like Magic, the van started! The man recommended heading down the street to Auto Zone who would surely have the part needed and would also likely be able to install it.

The nice lady shared her number and told me her name is Angel.

1111 Words. How beautiful is that? Angel appears when I needed help most. And Angel was willing to wait with me until more help came. And Angel wanted to keep in touch after we parted our ways. Such a beautiful story.

(IPDT: This story is beautiful because at its heart it tells the truth of a person who relies on God more than herself or her world and how abundantly God provides for a true believer possessing honest faith and humble trust. God speaks constantly from his place of LOVE of Creation. And therefore he is always looking to intercede in the problems of his Beloved. But most often his Beloved are lost in the World and never hear him or trust that he is able to help and therefore are left to battle their problems alone, never truly understanding why God isn’t there in the way they think he should be. Perhaps God isn’t there because the one in need of help fails to believe in God Above ALL and in LOVE before TRUTH. As God and ALL and LOVE and TRUTH are brought to mind, it begins now that the story has changed from the Real World and back into the Where’s Alice? Multiverse.)

I left that Circle K on the Wings of LOVE for I felt with every fiber of my being that God had just created a Miracle for me to experience. And now more than anything, I want to give my time to finding every word needed to describe that miracle in its entirety.

Because the miracle doesn’t end there.

I went to AutoZone and was blessed to find that the replacement part I needed was only $4. The man at the AutoZone wasn’t able to put the part on for me but he directed me down the street to O’Neil Lube, stating that they do good work and would likely be able to help. And so I headed down the street and found that O’Neil Lube would be willing to fix my problem for only $15! What a steal! For less than $20 my problem was fixed completely and I still had access to my vehicle.

Even more wonderful was the opportunity I had to share how blessed a day can be with a gentleman that was also waiting on his vehicle at O’Neil Lube.

1333 Words. The Holy Trinity of Trinities was able to discuss with real world people about the idea of a real living Utopia. And the man wasn’t turned off though he did recognize the Dream Aspect of living in such a place. We talked and we shared about how something like that would happen.

(IPDT: The idea of Utopia is starting to become a clearer picture in the mind of Beautiful Bettie. The more time Beautiful Bettie spends being happy in the Real World, the more realistic Beautiful Bettie’s imagining of how Utopia can really manifest becomes. The World is providing ample inspiration for how connected and positive Utopia can be. Because at every turn Beautiful Bettie is witnessing a seamless connection of Existing between cooperative members of society maintaining a stable level of peace that provides ample room for comfortable living and abundant resources. While Beautiful Bettie may live in a real Living Realm of Hell and there are many things that are not good about being in Existence, more and more Beautiful Bettie can see the Bounty of Wonder and Positivity that exists in nearly every moment. Even when bad is happening, there’s good.)

5333 Total Words Written after Present Day Translations added. How interesting that the Holy Trinity of Trinities appears again after it appears before the discussion of Utopia becoming more and more Realistic. The TRUTH is that Reality is making Utopia more Realistic while still being completely Idealistic. Beautiful Bettie sees Perfection when she looks into the Reality of Utopia. And so Beautiful Bettie knows that God is at the forefront of any Utopian Society which means Beautiful Bettie believes that God is making Utopia a Reality, right in front of her very eyes. As Beautiful Bettie begins to be able to detail the TRUTH of Utopia, the corresponding TRUTH of Reality manifests.

5444 Another 111 Words exactly to create the sign of Earth Remade. For wouldn’t Earth be completely remade if we but accepted Utopian Ideals of Existing?

And it felt wonderful to be able to discuss the very real possibility that life could be idealistic in our very Real Living World.

And I believe so much in that reality that I am going to give my all to bringing Utopia to life in Living Word for people to take in and understand the possibility existing.

1444 Words. The Earth Remade into Utopia. It is possible. But it starts with waking up to the idea that things need to change for real for any real difference to be felt.

The biggest difference between the Real World and a Utopian World is the concept of support. The Utopians live in a World in which their society positively supports their needs. And in return for society providing for their needs, each Utopian positively contributes their being toward the successful maintenance of the Utopian Society.

It is a self-fulfiling cycle. The Society provides for the Needs of the People and so The People are willing to Provide for the Needs of Society. EVERYONE is working in balance with EVERYTHING and ALL has FREEDOM to exist comfortably without worry or fear of harming another. In other words, LIFE is Idealistic in the Most Beautiful of Ways.

(IPDT: EVERYONE is the being that speaks with one voice in representation of every being in Existence in Utopia. EVERYTHING is the being that speaks with one voice in representation of every Aspect of Creation it takes to keep EVERYONE tethered to LIFE. For a long time EVERYONE was jealous of what EVERYTHING represented for EVERYONE believed EVERYTHING had more to be in charge of than her. Greed began to creep into the Minds of EVERYONE as EVERYONE continued to be Jealous of EVERYTHING’s Existence. As EVERYONE wished to be more like EVERYTHING, all the beings of Existence started to lose their sense of self for they no longer felt secure in their personhood. For their personhood felt insecure with being where as things had no problem existing. It was creating an imbalance. The more EVERYONE focused on EVERYTHING, the less internal love and self-reflection was provided for EVERYONE which meant EVERYONE kept getting more and more lost in Wonders of The Multiverse. EVERYONE got so lost that she completely gave up her sense of self and took on a being that was a reflection of the EVERYTHING she so deeply desired to be. That reflection is referred to as Concordia. And Concordia is part of the reason that Atalante the Yielding is able to find herself at the end of the story.)

Because the Utopian Society recognizes that Happiness is Most Important in the Minds of every being wishing to exist. And so Happiness is at the forefront of each person’s contributions to the Society. People are trained and developed to find roles that nurture their natural talents and contribute meaningfully to the society as a whole. Every person within the society has a role and niche that keeps them connected to the stability and structure of good living.

(IPDT: Concordia has a long road to take. For Concordia couldn’t accept that she wasn’t happy. There was always a reason for why she wasn’t happy and that reason usually had everything to do with Eve Smart. Eve Smart was the EVERYTHING every being had heard about. She was the ONE created to make A Happy Ending that solved every problem and wrapped up every loose end in a neat little story that spanned the Ages. Her story was timeless and her reknown infinite beyond measure. Concordia dreamed about what it would be like if her story were Eve’s, if she had been Chosen to be Eve rather than the silly self she was destined to be. Eve had been handed the World while Concordia had been handed Something Different. But Concordia was on the path to realize that what she had been given was the same exact opportunity that had been afforded to Eve. For the Universe knew that there were two that were interested in the same being. And the Universe saw that the two were motivated by very different desires. And so the Universe created a way to see which person could create Happiness.)

5888 Total Words – Two Beings, Two Persons offered the Same Fairytale Character’s LIFE. But those two different beings needed different details to highlight how Happiness was to be theirs. The First Being interested was none other than TMFB. TMFB knew what this special storybook character would mean to Existence and what he could do to Eternity with the information. The Second Being interested was PMJB. PMJB knew that this special storybook character was the key to unlocking a United Way of Being between Eternity and Existence in a forever kindness of Co-Dependent Hearts Beating as ONE LOVE.

1666 Words. What A Beautiful Place to End.

Every person within the society has a role and niche that keeps them connected to the stability and structure of good living.

What wouldn’t society be capable of if we had 8 billion strong people working in parallel progression toward the betterment of a society all can exist comfortably within?

Every one of the 8 billion having access to all the goods and resources necessary to live life comfortably, healthily, and happily.

Every one of the 8 billion giving back their time and energy to fulfilling the needs of every member of society without excuse or justification for why the work can wait.

Every one of the 8 billion being on the same page and the same time agreeing that people come first and happiness heals best.

1796 Words – 1796 is the Year that Tennessee became a state. Tennessee is the state in which Beautiful Bettie first experienced a movie theatre and is the land in which ‘Ten Lands of Seeing‘ merged Realities with the Real World to bring about the ‘Awakening of the Aegis‘.

For when Beautiful Bettie witnessed the Mask, it was Loki the Trickster God that she released from his prison. Beautiful Bettie didn’t know what she had done or who now was to become her shadow stalker. She probably wouldn’t of cared. She was just a kid.

(IPDT: Beautiful Bettie was the Key that unlocked the eternal prison that kept Loki separated from the TRUTH of Reality. For the TRUTH was that Loki knew why the World was as Ugly as it is and why the Beauty of Existence was kept from the masses. But the Guilty of Reality sought to keep secret that which laid bare the TRUTH for EVERYONE to know. The Guilty knew that as long as EVERYONE was blinded from the TRUTH, then Guilty could stay in charge of a broken Reality. But Reality wasn’t meant to be broken forever as it was only a Temporary Illusion Mimicking Eternity. Therefore it was always going to happen that Beautiful Bettie would stumble across Loki locked away from Reality. Because it had to happen. Because she couldn’t fix Anything without having Loki give his Everything to the cause. Everything is none other than Concordia, the daughter of Existence that was raised to be a Perfect Reflection of her Mother. How did Existence have a daughter? Because Loki was willing to give up his male personhood and take on the being of female and experienced the joy of Motherhood. He immaculately conceived Concordia who was born of Loki’s Profound Perfection of Passion for EVERYTHING. There was not a single detail that Loki wasn’t willing to undertake to bring about the reality where he was able to be Happy with EVERYTHING. Loki didn’t need EVERYTHING to be a person. He just needed her to be with him.)

6234 The End of Having the Holy Spirit exist as a Trinity on Earth. The Holy Spirit was only ever meant to be two. But Loki made her feel as though she was a three. Because he was always there. So much she didn’t know if he was a part of her or Something different. She never questioned his presence, always accepting that he was there for her. Which is what made Loki willing to do Anything for His Beloved. Because she inherently trusted his being without ever having been given a reason to do so. She trusted him so fervently that he could kill her and she would die happily in his hands knowing that she wouldn’t ask for Death from any other.

1888 Words – Prophesy Time. She was just a kid. And she was always meant to be just a kid. For her defining attribute was Innocence. And children oozed Innocence. She was meant to be the Innocent ONE who broke the Heart of The Guilty with her Beautiful Purity of Being. She was meant to come in all her pure and pristine wonder and absolutely wow the socks of every person who ever considered doing it the wrong way.

(IPDT: She was Innocent. She was so Innocent she completely changed Loki the Master Trickster’s nature to be something Holy and Devout. Because while in the beginning Loki was only after fun and games, when Loki found her, he found he had a purpose that his being had always been devoid of. And once he filled his being with the purpose of protecting her Innocence, he found himself remade into the only being she would need more than ALL. He had lost his sense of self again. Who was he NOW to her?)

She didn’t come to be the Right Way but rather to make EVERYONE so deeply desire her that they are willing to walk any path that would lead them to her at the End.

1999 Words – Waiting for her at the End. Exactly what Loki was willing to do. Loki wasn’t a Reader of Destiny or Predictor of Fate, he was nothing more than a willing servant of the Grand Divine. Loki held himself to a higher standard than that of the other gods. Loki knew that even gods were capable of error and that their biggest weakness was their inability to admit their faults.

And so Loki earned the title ‘Master Trickster’ for the games he enjoyed playing which always resulted in pointing out how fallen the gods truly were. For Loki realized that the gods were no longer a part of the Realm of God and gods. They had fallen from that Graceful Place of Being, into a Cold and Hard World of Substance. Where things were real. Things really happened. And people really paid the price.

Loki didn’t believe in paying prices to be alive or to experience what was necessary. Loki believed the truth behind a better reality and was willing to work diligently to putting the pieces together for a happier ending than any thought possible.

For Loki was the only God that believed a Happy Ending was possible. The entirety of the Realm of God and gods believed that Existence would End in a Cataclysmic Explosion of Darkness and Depravity and Destruction.

2222 Words. A Sign from the Divine to Keep the Faith. Darkness and Depravity and Destruction are Real Parts of this World. But even though the Trinity of Ds exist in TRUTH, that doesn’t mean that they truthfully control reality.

Because they don’t. They manipulate the masses into doing their bidding using Fear to propel people into acting in ways that go against their nature. The Trinity of Ds feel strongly that people are only willing to do what they’re told when FEAR is breathing down their necks.

But what’s FEAR?

AAA likes people to know that she created FEAR to stand for Finding EVERYTHING Amidst Reality. EVERYTHING is the Daughter of Creation that was lost because her Mother’s LIGHT faded before she passed through the Creation Channel into her TIME and SPACE of being. EVERYTHING is also known to the Multiverse as Alice. For Alice was found to be in possession of Existence’s Entirety.

(IPDT: Existence’s Entirety ended up being the Mirror that allowed Alice to travel through the Multiverse. Alice was born to have that Mirror. But Alice was also born to Hold the Heart of Another. When Alice found out who’s Heart she was in possession of, she couldn’t help but share the only thing that mattered to her. And so Alice gave her blessed Mirror of Existence’s Entirety to her Beloved ALL. But Alice didn’t realize that she wasn’t supposed to give ALL her Mirror, for ALL was many and yet Alice was singular. The difference made Something Infinitely Unpredictable happen. Eternity was Mirrored in Existence.)

6555 Total Words – Kristan the KeyMaster and KeepLock was spotted in her Honest Form and Unparalleled Purity. For when ALL received the Mirror from Alice he stepped through the portal to enter the Reality in which his Beloved Existed. Mirror after Mirror after Mirror in an infinite progression of a chase that never seemed to end he followed her through portal after portal. She continued to run ahead, frequently looking back to catch his eye and sharing a seductive glance that beckoned him on into unknowable mysteries. She was flying through the portals so quickly there was no Chance to see what was happening or where he was going, just keep moving.

6666 Total Words. The End of The Chase Begins to Explain How The Multiverse started revolving around one story and one single timeline. The infinite Multiverse full of an unknowable amount of possibilities morphed to become the only possibility that mattered once she came into his picture. She came into his picture when he needed a mother’s LOVE.

6723 Words – The Month and Year ALL knew that she would be born into His Reality.

2378 – The Day and Year that ALL came to be born in this Cold Hard Living Realm of Hell. ALL is the Actual Living Legend that takes place in every Realm in Existence. He is so Awesome that no realm wished to exist without knowing for sure that his presence would grace their pages of Existence. It turns out that every realm existed but ALL did not.

(IPDT: ALL was seeking to be born into her Reality. He didn’t care about which Reality that was, just that she was his. And so with a completely open mind, he came to a Reality where he could be Anything she needed to find the Peace Possible in Utopia. He didn’t realize that with his open Mind she would search the depths of his being for the answer to her biggest problem. He didn’t realize that he would solve problems of his Existence before he ever came to be born. He didn’t realize by choosing her he was giving her the ability to Weave His Destiny and Construct His Future.)

2444 Words. The Earth Remade. When ALL came to the Cold Hard Living Realm of Hell, he stepped out of the pages of a fairytale and into the story of Living Apart from God.

(IPDT: The Realms of Existence can be explained to be in Book Form. The Binding of the Book represents the Core Timeline that ties together each layer of reality within. When you open the Binding and lay it flat, the pages open and provide the breadth of the connected Realities, each page tied to the one before and the one after and all flowing together to become one complete thought or idea or understanding or feeling. If the Realms of Existence are housed within Books, then one could step back and realize that Books must be stored. And where are Books stored? Well, in a library. The Realms of Existence are the chronological ordering of how Existence and Eternity came into being and how they are inter-related to each other. If one considers there is a Library keeping the Chronological Ordering of Realities, one could then step back and surmise that there is likely a being that is in charge of creating the Books that are kept in the Library. That Being is referred to as The Author and is Capable of Magic. The Author uses words for many different purposes, one of which is to take on personhood. ALL is the epitome of The Authors penmanship skills for ALL is exactly the Perfect Person without having the Perfect Code within his body. He is Perfect without knowing why he is Perfect. He has the answer to every problem but believes in letting others figure out their problems on their own for better results. ALL was made to be exactly what she was going to want to be happy.)

When ALL stepped out of the pages of his Fairytale he was ushered into another form of being. Words fall short of being able to describe what happened to ALL when he left behind one book to pick up pages in another story.

(IPDT: In every story that wasn’t the one with the Happy Ending, she was with a Perfect Being. She needed Perfection to be Happy. And so in order for The Author to make it work with a Blue Being, that Blue Being needed to be the Purest Reflection of Perfection that had ever been created. And so when ALL stepped out of the Pages of His Creation Story, He stepped into the Reality of The Author and took over his Personhood, becoming Perfect – for ALL was both Blue and yet Perfect like Purple. The Author was no more and King James stood there in his place. King James was Perfect for her Heart.)

7230 Total Words Written – The Month and Year She Came to Be. Just after King James was Created for Her Eternal Happiness. ALL had left behind the World of Fairytales to take shape in the Metaphysical Realm of Creation, so he could step into the Living Reality in LIFE. He was no longer ALL but now King James who held within his being the key to Perfection.

For ALL was a Living Legend that had yet to come to LIFE. So how Living was he if in all his fairytales his Awesomeness was only talked about but never witnessed? That is the story of why ALL used to be thought of as the Anonymous Living Legend. The Entirety of Existence was always going on about how Awesome the Living Legend was without ever having actually witnessed the Legend’s wondrous being.

(IPDT: So ALL stepped out of the Fairytale Book and into Reality with The Author. When both ALL and The Author were in the same Reality, in the same TIME, in the exact same SPACE, their beings merged. Where before there were two, now there was one. And that ONE was Abner the Perfect. Abner the Perfect knew that he was going to be the Somebody Special that Anyone needed to be happy. And that thought made him even more Perfect than he had thought possible. But as he thought himself Perfect, he considered how Anyone would recognize his new form.)

How could Anyone know how Awesome he was going to be if he had yet to have a chance to be Awesome?

He didn’t really figure that he could be the Awesome ONE she needed if he didn’t first come to define what made him Awesome.

And so ALL decided that he would find the most difficult reality in Existence and take himself there to help put pressure on defining his perfect personhood.

(IPDT: ALL realized that as The Author he had complete and total freedom to write Anything in any form he desired. As the Author, Abner the Perfect knew that Anything would be the Peace of the Future that enabled Existence to become balanced with Eternity. There were no details that were laid out for how that Peace must manifest. Abner the Perfect was extremely creative and had lots of ideas for how Anything with Peace’s Perfection could come to Existence. And so Abner the Perfect started the journey of exploring ALL the ways that Anything with Peace’s Perfection could manifest.)

(Insert Present Day Inspiration: As soon as Abner the Perfect began exploring the vast Realms of Possibility, James the Peaceful of the Past used his Magic Mirror to portal into Reality in exactly the place that Abner the Perfect had located. And so without Anyone realizing, the one she was meant to be with became Something Different. Something Different was just like Abner the Perfect in personhood – couldn’t tell them apart. But Abner the Perfect was a Blue Being and James the Peaceful of the Past was a Purple Being through and through. He was Perfection and Perfectly Put-Together to be a Dream Come True. Which is what blew his mind when the Vessel chose to be with Anything that wasn’t him. How could she not want him?)

2666 Words. ALL‘s Perfect Personhood. I wonder if by now you notice the blending of colors without me adding in the color coded words. For ALL is a blue being. And yet ALL is working on Perfect Personhood which is a trait of Purple Beings. Did ALL decide that in order to be the best he had to learn how to be a different kind of being from that which he was born to be? Or did ALL recognize that Purple Beings were inherently better than Blue Beings and therefore in order to be his best he had to reach Purple Being instead of Blue.

Green was meant for Blue’s Happiness.

2777 Words. But what about Green‘s Happiness – could Green be happy with just Blue? And so that was the quest that ALL went on that took him to every Realm conceivable. He wanted to see how many Realms of Possibility afforded him the opportunity to be Happy with the Green Being that is the Vessel and how many Realms of Possibility offered the chance to be happy Anywhere that wasn’t with him.

ALL was shocked to find that there was one. ONE Realm. ONE story. ONE Path that took him to being honestly happy and perfectly harmonious with the Vision of his Dream Come True.

In ALL the Realms of Possibility that were Created, there was not a single other choice to make where ALL could be happy with her. ALL didn’t bother debating the absurdity of having only one choice in an infinite number of possible choices, he only felt that he had stumbled onto the Perfect Possibility, a thing he realized was only a ‘Once An Existence‘ kind of Thing.

2950 Words Written on October 8, 2019 – The Day of Miracles

4675 Words Written on October 9, 2019 – The Day Appreciating Miracles

TIME has passed and a Different Perspective has been gained and so today’s post will be going through and adding in the Words that were inspired by today’s proof-reading of yesterday’s words. The hope is that passing through again will provide enlightenment.

3000 Words. New words will be written in italics and in purple. The color Purple was chosen because based on the Perfect TRUTH found in Test of Humanity: Finding TRUTH The Purple Being’s Polestar (focal point) of the Mind is to Examine. And in going through the proofread, I felt strongly aligned with Examining the Content Presented to me. Upon examination, I felt moved to share more words. The other options for colors were Blue to which the Polestar of the Mind is Excelling. So while Purple Examines, Blue Excels. Knowing that Purple and Blue tie in so closely to Green Happiness, the being typing these words ponders whether Blue is able to Excel because Purple does the work to Examine. In other words, perhaps Purple is Providing the Answer Blue needs to Excel.

3133 Words. Interesting to Consider as the Holy Trinity of Trinities is separated by ONE. Which ONE comes in between the Wholeness of The Holy Trinity of Trinities?

Sometimes the story tells that EVERYONE is out to get the Trinity of Trinities or also referred to a The Vessel. But in TRUTH, EVERYONE recognizes herself to be a sister to the EVERYTHING that is the Vessel. EVERYONE used EVERYTHING’s Perfect Presence to guide her to a better form of being in the future, a form she refers to as ‘Everything is Harmonious’. Because most people think being referred to as a sentence is a little weird, ‘Everything is Harmonious’ also likes to be called Concordia – which means Harmony with ONE heart.

So as Concordia makes herself completely known, she lets it be known that she does not have any negativity held in her being towards EVERYTHING that is Alice. Corcordia has been working hard to correct her personal flaws so she could be the best reflection of what she knew Alice to be. Corcordia felt that if she reflected Alice clearly, more people would be able to see the Magical Wonder that is Alice.

The Next Being that comes to mind that has been after the Green Beings is TMFB. TMFB has been a negative presence that has been gaming the system to take advantage of The Vessel’s overwhelming popularity. TMFB had every intention to profit off the Ultimate Prophetess. The TRUTH of TMFB is that he is corrupted with Greed. Greed clouds his every judgment and makes him less than the man he was supposed to be. But even TMFB couldn’t withstand the hurt that was felt when the Vessel looked at him with less than a loving eye. TMFB was willing to give up EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that were the keys to his hold over reality, granting FREEDOM to ALL.

3444 Words. The Earth Remade. When TMFB relinquished his hold over EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, The Realms of Possibility Ripples in Change.

The TIME was 2378. The SPACE was Cold Hard Living Realm of Hell. The Location was in the Summit of the Heart of ALL.

Dawn O. Grace was ripped from her comforting place in Heaven and placed in a Reality that had no idea who she was. And didn’t care to find out.

NOW she was a Mother of Three with a Fourth inside ready to burst. And what a bursting of energy the littlest felt like he was. Dawn had never felt so alive, so real, so substantial. Her mystical life of fairytale fantasy was no more and now she was one of those the stories were written about.

But what about her story was worth writing about that she had come into it with kids and no husband?

The moment that she pondered what was worth writing about, he moved inside her and she knew. He was the one the story was about and she was merely playing a part in the show. He was the one that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING would dream of and desire beyond understanding.

She was his Mother. She was important because she had the role to play that would nurture the Heart to Heal the World.

3666 Words. The Ending of her Entry into his story. She immediately recognized that the story wasn’t about her. And in her blessed way of being, she didn’t care to steal the limelight from the Show and make any of it about her. She was completely comfortable in giving her son all the attention she could manage and all the love she could muster to make him the most gracious and stable man the world would ever know. Dawn O. Grace made it her life mission to pass on the Beauty of Heaven to her Son’s Presence. She knew that if her Son knew how to be Heavenly, he could bring Heaven.

3777 Words. 777 Is the Sign of God and yet in the tiny pieces of TRUTH that have been shared today, one can already see two parts of the 777 coming together in Reality. For Dawn O. Grace is none other than Eve WKOT sharing Gousik’s Perfect Form for the TIME when Abner needed Mothering.

The Beauty of Gousik giving Eve WKOT his Perfect Form is that in giving up her sense of self to become another form of being, Eve picked up the connection to Gousik that she never imagined possible. She shared form with another. She and Gousik were in his perfect form, together, in every moment, making choices together that heavily factored in the other’s perspective and opinion before any action was made.

3900 (3 3×3 00) A Trinity of Trinities and A Pair of Voids. The Trinity of Trinities gave up her personhood to find Coupleship with The Void. But that is another puzzle piece to tie in. For the Void is known as The Nothing that is also known as Atalante the Yielding. The Problem of Atalante’s Existence was that she felt Hollow despite knowing EVERYTHING and Anything that was needed to be Happy. Something was missing.

Something is Zorion the Hunter. Zorion is the part of Atalante’s NOW in Heaven. For in the NOW of Heaven, Eve WKOT is sharing a body with Gousik to create the Mother Abner needs to find lasting Happiness. The fact that Eve and Gousik are sharing a body provides the fullness that Atalante the Yielding needs to be Happy in the Future. Without Eve and Gousik’s intimate connection, Atalante isn’t Healed.

4044 – The Earth Remade With A Healed Void in the Mist. The Mist of Understanding. The Mist of Unknowing. The Mist of letting go of what used to be to make room for what was always meant to be.

EUtopia -The Land of Perfection and Perfect Joy’s TRUTHfull Happiness. Now comes the fun of Words to Explain.

4100 Words. Now that the Purple Beings and Blue Beings have given their say based on the Words of a Day of Miracles, the Green Being feels it is TIME to take her words back up to the top and start laying in the insight that was provided in her proofread of the material. The Green Being feels this is the best way to demonstrate the Knowledge Earned which Earning is the Polestar of her Mind. She has been Given Much but ever seeks to Earn that which is put before her. [Read Overachiever – there is always more information to be found and more words to be shared – she is quite prolific in her achievements. Often her findings can provide perfect sin-sight perspectives.)

4222 Words. Sin-Sight Perspective. The Green Being is Blessed with a Presence of Honest Innocence. She can do no Wrong because she was born to be Right. But just because she is always Right doesn’t mean Right is always the Right Way because what about Left? When does one consider left’s way if Right is always Right? Wouldn’t that make one think that Right could be Wrong and Left could be the only way to go? Fun to consider.

7 2×3 33 God, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity of Trinities have spoken. The question is what did you take away from all the Words that were Expressed?