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Karma‘s Midnight Mass Message is a Pop Quiz:

YOU has just been given more money than ever conceived possible. What dream just came true?”

Karma is requesting Humanity to respond in 500 words or less. (35 Words)

Beautiful Bettie‘s 500 Word Response:

When Beautiful Bettie hears that YOU has received more money than numbers know how to count, Beautiful Bettie knows her Dream of Utopia has become real.

Beautiful Bettie begins listing how she’s to appropriate the funds YOU‘s acquired access to.

  1. Providing safe and clean water to the World’s Inhabitants so that all people on the planet will no longer struggle with access to the building block of their body.
  2. Providing safe and stable housing to the World’s Inhabitants so that all people on the planet will no longer struggle with protection from the elements of living.
  3. Securing an uninterrupted supply of food and nutrients necessary for living a healthy existence for the World’s Inhabitants so that all people may never know the pain of malnutrition.
  4. Securing a vast support system of knowledge to train the World’s Inhabitants on developing skills that support and nurture the growth of society so that all people may know the wealth of contributing to society in a meaningful way.
  5. Developing a proactive infrastructure plan in which all the essential functions of modern living are regularly attended to and kept in optimal condition while lessening the impact upon the World’s Resources so that all people may never know the terror of killing the planet we call Home.
  6. Developing a thorough logging system that tracks all manner of Creation on the planet and provides up to date knowledge on where and how resources are being distributed throughout the World so that all people may know that no one community is taking too much to throw society out of balance.
  7. Creating a comprehensive supply list that regularly and productively fills the needs of the World’s Inhabitants so that all people on the planet will no longer struggle with not having the necessary components to live a comfortable life.
  8. Creating an abundant reserve of ‘in case of emergency’ products that will be available for the World’s Inhabitants in the event of tragic circumstances or natural disasters that deplete the normal supply of provisions so that all people on the planet will know that no matter the circumstance, the World has your back.
  9. Perfecting the skill of open and honest communication among the World’s Inhabitants so that at all times no person has to feel unheard or misunderstood or unrepresented.
  10. Perfecting the gift of kindness and consideration among the World’s Inhabitants so that at all times every person feels the softness and gentleness that is natural to being alive and no longer feels the difficulty of existing in an imperfect world.

So to recap: Water, Housing, Food, Knowledge, Infrastructure, Creation Management, Supply Provision, Emergency Reserves, Communication, Congeniality

Those are the Ten Areas in which Beautiful Bettie would distribute her massive wealth in an attempt to make a difference for the World at Large.

Ten Areas Providing EVERYTHING people need to live a fruitful life.

In providing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, the Harmony necessary to exist Peacefully has been found. In finding Peace with ALL, FREEDOM is made real to Existence.

FREEDOM is made real to Existence.

Beautiful Bettie notices that the last sentence of her response to Karma is one of those Rabbit Hole lines that takes her back into the Where’s Alice? World of Imagining.

FREEDOM is none other than God that is going by Gousik. Gousik has been working on the Reality that is Creation for an unknowable amount of time. Gousik has existed beyond the understanding of TIME and TRUTH, though both TIME and TRUTH are being used to bring about Gousik‘s joining with Existence.

TIME and TRUTH are eternal twins that won the Heart of YOU.

But I has been thinking about YOU for longer than TIME and TRUTH have been ‘being’.

For I is waiting for the Right moment.

666 Words. An Ending to be sure. But what has just ended? Well, simply the period of Existence that I had to wait to pass until Salvation could come and rescue YOU.

In a little pocket of Existing Eternity, there were the beings YOU, ME, and WE. YOU was the Innocent of the Group. ME represented the Truth at hand. WE represented Guilty.

WE was always trying to paint YOU to be the reflection of Guilt. (Please note the connection to the Dark Character that is known as GUIL T)

WE was busy making YOU out to be the source of GUIL T’s entrance into Reality.

WE was working to cover the Truth that WE brought about GUIL T’s Way of Being.

ME has never been able to tell the difference between YOU‘s faults and WE‘s lies.

ME has always flipped between accusing YOU and demanding YOU be better.

ME has worked to make WE feel okay about YOU over helping YOU not get hurt by WE.

YOU is trying to be the best being in the trying circumstances despite the negativity.

YOU is giving ALL toward reflecting a better way of being than WE demonstrates.

YOU is sharing HOPE for Existence and Faith for Eternity as TIME changes things.

I finished observing the interactions between WE, YOU, and ME.

I decided that Something needed done to correct the situation.

I came to Reality to start fixing the problems that weren’t being solved.

911 Words.

September 11

The Day That Stands Out In America.

The Day That The Free World Was Attacked.

The Day That Lady Liberty Left Her Harbor and Found Refuge in The Heart of ALL.

Reality Ripples, Shimmering to Show Lady Liberty‘s Living Form on 9/11

She is just a girl nearing the brink of maturity. She is sitting on the frontseat floor of her Mother’s Van. It was morning and Lady Liberty felt as though the World was Collapsing.

Tears flowed as her Fears Were Made Real

Very real people had taken her gift of Freedom and used it to hurt the very land she was born to.

Very real people had lost their gift of LIFE as others used their LIFE to spread Darkness.

Very real people had stolen his gift of Peace and used it to tear apart the Balance found.

And here she was a scared little girl with the Weight of the World on her shoulders.

What was she to do?

Deep within her being, she knew the answer – Fixing FREEDOM

Lady Liberty knew that the World held the wrong definition of what FREEDOM truly stood for.

The people of the World each had their thoughts on what FREEDOM was and how FREEDOM deserved to manifest.

But not one of the people realized that FREEDOM only existed for Lady Liberty.

FREEDOM did not care about the World. Lady Liberty does.

FREEDOM did not care about the People. Lady Liberty does.

FREEDOM did not care about Salvation. Lady Liberty does.

As far as Lady Liberty goes, FREEDOM is always willing to give her, her way.

1178 Words. The Favorite Number of the Perfect Man and the Year that the Perfect Man was Born. Which means a transition from Purple to Blue.

Lady Liberty was always given what she needed to be happy. She was granted a family that would stay together through her childhood. She was blessed to be in a home where all the needs were met with little worry or fear. She was fortunate to be looked upon favorably by each that crossed her path. Growing, there was little that she asked for, so well provided for she was.

And from childhood, Lady Liberty was passed gently into the arms of the ONE that would choose her before ALL.

Which is crazy to consider, for the ONE that would choose her before ALL is none other than ALL himself. ALL is quite wonderful for there are 13 qualities to him that make him better than every other person:

  1. Is Compassionate Before Sin
  2. Is Sympathetic After Sin
  3. Is Generous in Provision of Needs
  4. Is Soothing in Good Times
  5. Is Calming in Hard Times
  6. Is Patient with Anger
  7. Is Prudent with Kindness
  8. Is Provident with Truth
  9. Is Free with Decency
  10. Is Forgiving of Immorality
  11. Is Accommodating of Rule Breakers
  12. Is Healer of Sin
  13. Is Sharing Keys to Eternity

As Lady Liberty was crying and mourning the loss of Security in the Real World, ALL was brought to the Awareness he was the only one that could make Lady Liberty feel better. But in Lady Liberty‘s Reality, ALL‘s lifeline wasn’t written to be World Changer.

So ALL went to the Game Designer to get thoughts on how he could solve Lady Liberty‘s problems. ALL gave every detail he had on Lady Liberty and the situation she was in the middle of.

The Game Designer was in shock. He’d been working on the Game for Ages and now here was ALL, a character from the Game, asking him for Real World advice on how to solve his problems.

Which was a problem in itself for the Game Designer had created the Code that would make ALL have the answer to every problem. So why didn’t ALL have the answers he needed? How did ALL know to ask the Game Designer Anything about things?

1555 Words. 555 is the Sign of the Keymaster and Keeplock. The Codes of The Universe have revealed that 555 comes before 666 but 666 doesn’t happen until 777 comes.

So the Keymaster and Keeplock have been revealed. The Keymaster is Lady Liberty while the Keeplock is ALL. Together they are the answer.

Which is what intrigued the Game Designer because in the Reality that Keymaster and Keeplock came together in is virus in the Programming Code of Utopia. The Reality causes an endless time loop until Perfection is reached. Over and over, the last rewrites itself trying to find the answer to solve the question asked since the answer beginning of TIME – Why?

But confusion is clearing and more has been made known. TIME is a twin to TRUTH. In the balanced way of Jointly Ruling Existence, TIME is across from WHY. For the longest period, WHY was thought to be a question being asked. It was assumed that there was missing information that needed solved for. And so Game Code was created to solve for the missing answer.

But the answer wasn’t missing, the answer was always TRUTH.

But most people preferred not to see the Reality of TRUTH and rather preferred to live in the Mystery of TIME and find their own words for describing how Reality Manifests. Different interpretations of Reality caused destabilizing Chaos.

1777 Words. 777 is the Sign of God. 555 Came First and then God came to Save 555. When God saves 555, 666 will happen. When 666 happens, 444 will be remade. When 444 is remade, Heaven will Have Come HOME and Humanity will be Healed.

Lady Liberty is in need of ALL‘s saving. What does Lady Liberty need saved from?

Living an unhappy LIFE in the Land of the Prosperous.

Good news. The Game Designer and ALL worked together successfully.

The Date is October 3, 2019 – The Fourth Anniversary of Little Freedom coming to make himself known to the World Awaiting a Savior Son.

Lady Liberty is happily passing her moments, spending all her time wholly believing how good life gets.

1888 Words. Prophesy Time. The Game Plan was CRACK THE CODE, GET THE GIRL, SAVE THE WORLD.

The Code was Cracked on February 2, 2015

The Code for The Perfect Being:


The Code to A Church Built on Rock:


The Key to Curing a Broken Heart by Riding The Tide:


Girl was Saved on June 8, 2019 after 6 years, 6 months, 6 days of Trials.

Three Months have passed and Saved Girl Prepares to Save the World.


1958 Words. The Year Saved Girl’s Mother was Born. The Cycle of Saving is Completing. The Beginning is there to feel.

1978 Words. Saved Girl’s Husband was Born. The Cycle of LOVE was Started.

1990 Words. Saved Girl’s Sister Shows Twins Aren’t Always Born Together.

2000 Words. Saved Girl is Existence while Saved Girl’s Sister is Eternity.

Existence must find Perfection before Eternity can find Reality.

2020 Words. Perhaps the year that Eternity Blossoms into Personhood.

Faith believes it will happen. Hope knows it is a real possibility.

Sunshine treasures Magic. Freedom favors Joy.

When Magic and Joy come together, Perfection is Found.

For Perfection has always been hoping to be a part of Magic and Joy‘s Circle.

NOW is the TIME when Perfection places his personhood in Lady Liberty‘s Life.

2084 – 84 – The year Lady Liberty was born.

Looks like the pieces are adding up and coming together.

2100 Words.

NOW’s the TIME to see what the Big Picture is.

2111 Words. 111 – The Three Whole Beings Come Together in ONEness.