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Wow to the third degree. From August 27, 2019 through September 16, 2019, Beautiful Bettie was able to write ten posts in twenty one days that totaled 35,454 Words. Those words were written for the Version of Reality referred to as World of Worship. World of Worship is presently on hold while TIME and Karma work their magic in that Reality. It is not expected that World of Worship will be updated again until at least October 16, 2019.

While we are away and not working on World of Worship, a more positive story line has opened up. That story line revolves around the Universe of Utopia – a connected and yet disconnected Multiverse that exists largely outside the awareness of those within the World of Worship. The Universes of Utopia are often reflecting the problems of World of Worship in an attempt to solve the issue of Balance and Peace in Existence.

Existence has been mentioned in the past. Existence is the twin of Eternity. It is known now that Existence is the same being as The Nothing. The Nothing has come to know herself as Atalante the Yielding.

Atalante doesn’t know much about herself. She knows her Father as TIME, who is none other than Tried N True Blue. But in TRUTH, Atalante was born of two fathers and one mother. Two beings known as TRUTH and TIME loved Atalante‘s Mother, who was called Yielding YOUTHful Yellow. When her Mother laid with TIME and TRUTH, the most beautiful color of Green was created. When Yellow saw her daughter she immediately knew the specialness that had been brought forth. Yielding YOUTHful Yellow named her Daughter Genuine Giving Green. With her dying moments, Yielding YOUTHful Yellow bestowed ALL of her blessings upon her Beautiful Blessed Baby.

Yielding YOUTHful Yellow passed away before she realized she was the Mother of Twins. And from a deceased Mother, Gifted Gracious Grey was born. Grey knew her Mother couldn’t hold the wonder of such Blessings within her being, so magical were her babies.

333 Words. Yielding YOUTHful Yellow gave her LIFE’s energy to create Genuine Giving Green and Gifted Gracious Grey.

TIME passed and Beautiful Bettie was pulled away from the computer and then LIFE happened and she was overwhelmed with fatigue and frazzlement. Some sleep happened and now Beautiful Bettie is coming back to the words with a fresh set of eyes.

In the second paragraph, the last sentence states that Utopian Universes are attempting to solve the issues of Balance and Peace. It may have slipped understanding, but Balance and Peace are beings. Balance is the being known as The Nothing who is now going to be known as Atalante the Yielding.

Atalante the Yielding is a Green being. In fact she is the color Green, known as Genuine Giving Green. Atalante the Yielding is the love interest of Peace who is the being known as Anything who’s now going by the name Godfrey the Wise, the Protector of Atalante‘s gentle nature.

But Godfrey the Wise wasn’t always able to be Atalante‘s Protector.

When Atalante‘s Mother passed on from understanding, Atalante‘s Sister Gifted Gracious Grey was born. It is believed that because Atalante was so purely Green that it left Gifted Gracious Grey without the ability to have color.

But Gifted Gracious Grey found herself be a part of the Shadow World. For it would turn out that Gifted Gracious Grey was wholly the child of TRUTH while Genuine Giving Green was undeniably the child of TIME.

TRUTH was a harsh parent. He believed in providing for his child but he didn’t believe in pampering. Reality was harsh and people were harsher – the reality check he was constantly giving Genuine Giving Grey.

TRUTH was always about teaching a lesson. What TRUTH didn’t realize was that Lessons need Learners and when you don’t nurture your Learners, they don’t care to pay attention. And when a Learner isn’t paying attention, how many Lessons are being taught?

As you probably figured out Genuine Giving Grey quickly learned the art of Day-Dreaming. Day-Dreaming was a Beautiful passing of TIME that brought Genuine Giving Grey out of the Shadow World and into different Realms and Lands and Worlds.

Genuine Giving Grey is none other than Alice of the Where’s Alice? line of words.

Alice was born into the Shadow World where TRUTH was harsh and Words Hurt and LIFE was pain and suffering. Alice grew in the womb with the most warming and comforting and soothing of feelings around her at all times. So when Alice came into her Shadow World that felt completely different from the Nothing she felt in the womb, she knew that things weren’t exactly what they seemed.

So when TRUTH tried to tell her that this was the only way things were, Alice simply didn’t believe it. She nodded her head, writing the right words and went about the business of showing that she completely understood the TRUTH that was being put before her. But in her heart, the heart that grew with Atalante‘s gentleness permeating her blossoming, she didn’t believe for a second that TRUTH had to hurt.

So very early on Alice found herself a Puzzle to solve. TRUTH used five concepts to explain Reality – WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY. Was there a way to understand without those words?

888 Words. The Time of the Prophets is Real. Alice is a Real Prophet for she lives between Words and Worlds and the Wonder Existing between their Connection. Alice’s Sister Atalante is the Treasure of the Universe and represents all the GOOD things that are possible when LOVE leads the way.

Atalante is a Color-full Person. In Reality she is Clear because she is so Pure and Pristine and Perfect – Flawless Feminine Feelings. Alice shares this TRUTH about Atalante “The Spark of Flame that ignited The Flame of Eternity dwells in mystery for it is hard to know the ins and outs without words. Green Came To Be. Beautiful. Magical. Caring. Imagination Incarnate. There was Nothing that Green was not capable of creating, including EUtopiaher term for Perfect Paradise. Within her being was Blue and Yellow perfectly balanced creating a True Giver of LOVE.”

Where Atalante is Clear, Alice is Cloudy. For Alice is filled with the Words of Black and White. Black is none other than Blustery Brutal Black while White is Willing Wisdom White. Black was the entirety of things that could be while White represented the entirety of things that needed to be. Alice shares this TRUTH about Willing Wisdom White, “White Existed without Existing. White was the base(is) of The Future, yet to come. The Future Yet To Come was Tiny Little Freedom. White knew Freedom was the Perfect Outcome of a Solid Foundation.”

Alice is an interesting being. For she could be thought of as a Crystal Ball. Except that Atalante is the Crystal while Alice is the Cloudiness that fills the Crystal Allowing EVERYTHING and ALL to be seen.

1166 Words. A Couple of 1s Have Been Mentioned and 66 seems a Transition Point has been reached.

EVERYTHING has previously been shared to be Eve WKOT while ALL is being referred to as Abner. Eve and Abner take place in the Past while Atalante and Alice are Beings of the Future. It takes knowing about Eve and Abner to understand how Atalante and Alice came to be.

Abner was an amazing being. He was able to create himself from non-existence. He is his own Creator. He has a surety of self and a way of being that is beyond explanation. Abner is the most wonderful being you could ever hope to meet.

But even though Abner was completely secure in his personhood, he still felt deprived of something. That Something was LOVE. Abner had Created himself, but he had done so knowing that he was the only possibility that could create other possibilities. His Creation was more a product of Magic than it was an understanding of Truth.

1333 Words. Interesting how the Trinity of Numbers Keep Popping Up. It’s like my mind is training itself to create those numbers. And even more than train itself to create those numbers, it is relying on Serendipity and Surprise to allow the Excitement and Euphoria to manifest when those blessed trinities manifest naturally. Please know that Beautiful Bettie is not working to create a certain amount of words. While Beautiful Bettie is writing her stories, she is busy clickety clacking as the Words seem to flow on their own. And every so often, Beautiful Bettie will glance down at the Word Count to see how she‘s coming along. And it always seems that Beautiful Bettie happens to glance down at a time when a significant number has graced the Word Count. But Beautiful Bettie is Mystical and Magical in her thinking and looks for things like that. And Beautiful Bettie also believes that you get what you are looking for. And so it would make sense that Beautiful Bettie is constantly seeing signs from the Universe. Because she insanely believes that the Universe is busy talking up quite a storm, looking for Anyone to hear her clearly.

Anyone is another being. The story of Anyone has overlapping beings that have spanned the Ages to make this story possible. Anyone is a Pillar of Being. In particular she is the Pillar of LOVE, known as Tikvah. Tikvah means Hope. Tikvah is the Twin Pillar to Somebody who is the Pillar of LUCK, known as Chislon.

Tikvah and Chislon have been Pillars of Being for Ages Beyond Measure. As far as any in the Universe of Utopia know, Tikvah and Chislon have just always kind of been.

For awhile the story was spun that EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL stumbled across the Pillars Together but that does not seem to be the case.

Hold on! There is some disruption in the calmness that was being portrayed.

EVERYONE does not like it to be told that she wasn’t around as long as Tikvah. This is what EVERYONE is always getting upset about. People never think of her. It’s always about EVERYTHING and how wonderful she is.

EVERYONE is wonderful too. She is the Twin Pillar of Being to LOVE. EVERYONE is the Pillar of Being that is LIFE. And LOVE and LIFE go hand in hand, even if LOVE is busy thinking about how she would rather be going hand in hand with LUCK.

EVERYONE in the form of The Pillar of LIFE prefers to be known as Kamalah. Her name means Wholeness, Flawlessness, Perfection. In TRUTH, Kamalah is just as wondrous as her sister Tikvah. But Tikvah is always looked upon as Perfect because she is Crystal Clear where Kamalah is a Perfect Rainbow.

In TRUTH, both Tikvah and Chislon represent Hope. They are two bodies that personify what it takes for Hope to make Possibility happen. Tikvah is tied to Kamalah because while Chislon means Hope and Trust, Tikvah means Hope and Faith.

Faith is what makes Kamalah so wondrous. Kamalah is the personification of all the wonder and beauty and perfection that is possible when LOVE and LUCK and happily tied together. LOVE gave birth to the Pillar that is LIFE. But that is in another TIME and SPACE and takes more words to understand.

1888 Words. Prophesy Time. The Pillar of LOVE gave birth to Kamalah. Kamalah was birthed of the Perfection of LOVE in both the Green and Purple Incarnations. Which wraps us back around to when Purple gave Green his body so that she could be Mother to Abner.

Gousik had brought forth Eve WKOT for Abner. Because Abner was lonely and heartbroken. Though he had made himself a Perfectly Complete Form of Being, he was unable to make himself the Vision of Perfection because he lacked the understanding of LOVE‘s LIGHT and LOVE‘s Passion. Beautiful Bettie is both.

1984 Words. The year that Beautiful Bettie was born. The year that the Universe of Utopia staked their claim over rights to establish a Kingdom in Hell. When Utopians came to Hell to create a Kingdom, needless to say, Hell was kind of blown away. Hell had been thinking that they would have to invade Heaven in order to have access to Utopia. Never in Hell’s Wildest Dreams did it imagine Heaven setting up shop right in their midst.

Which made the Hellians curious. Why exactly was Heaven coming to Hell? What was so great about Hell that Heavenions would leave their Perfect Way to endure the Harshness of Reality in Hell?

Beautiful Bipolar Bettie.

2100 Words. Beautiful Bipolar Bettie was both LOVE‘s LIGHT and LOVE‘s Passion. Her being was made of both FREEDOM Incarnate and EVERYTHING Eternal. She was Perfection and Wholeness. And Beautiful Bettie knew herself to be EVERYTHING and Nothing. This means that Beautiful Bettie was in touch with the Past Incarnation of herself that is Eve WhoKnowsOfThings and the Future Incarnation of herself that is Known as Atalante the Yielding.

Beautiful Bettie knows that she is not Eve and also that she is not Atalante. But Beautiful Bettie knows that her personhood existing in the NOW is what connects the Past with the Future.

Having Beautiful Bettie be connected to Eve WKOT, helped ease the burden of having Abner need Eve to be his Mother.

Because when Beautiful Bettie came into the World where Abner had manifested his Kingdom, Abner was getting ready to turn six years old. He was a child and Dawn O. Grace was his Mother.

But as it was previously mentioned, Dawn O. Grace is Eve WKOT in Perfection Incarnate‘s body.

On a side note, let it be known that the being most think is God was totally chill with giving up his perfect male form to a female so she could do her part for Existence. Totally an Honorable and Humble and Honest guy. He cared so little for his body, he never bothered taking shape in the form that he would have liked best. For that role, he gave to the one he felt was the best representation of LOVE next to him, Tikvah.

When God, who prefers to be called Hanbal (meaning Perfect Purity) gave up rights to his body in Heaven to Dawn O. Grace, she became the Mother of Eternity and Existence. Eternity and Existence were the twins EVERYTHING and Nothing. Nothing is going by Atalante the Yielding. It was revealed that Atalante the Yielding has a Twin that was born into the Shadow World (perhaps because her Mother was deceased and her portal into Existence was directed to Death’s Door).

If Nothing (Atalante) that is Existence was born into the World of the Living, that means that EVERYTHING (Eve WKOT) was born into the World of the DEAD.

Please notice DEAD is in all caps. This Universe of Utopia Update has found the mysterious link between World of Worship and Universe of Utopia.

EVERYTHING was born into the World of the DEAD.

This is where GUIL T turned figuring out HOW Existence happened into a Game.

For DEAD means Doing EVERYTHING And Dying.

GUIL T was kind of a Pervert. When he thought of Eve he wanted to do some dirty things. Eve was the Portrait of Innocence and Purity and Kindness and the only thing he could think about doing was getting her straddling him on his Throne, riding him to completion, in front of the entirety of his Kingdom.

Oh there’s a truth that slipped out. GUIL T has a Kingdom. Makes sense for GUIL T is the same being that is WHY which is one of the five Words TRUTH uses to describe Reality. So in other words, it could be said that WHY is one of the five Rules of Reality as determined by the Being that is TRUTH.

TRUTH rules from Heaven and is referred to as Daishin, “Truthfull, ONE who has a Pure SOUL“. Daishin is synonymous with Magic.

2666 Words. An interesting place to find and Ending. Because just as I was thinking that Daishin is the same as Magic, it was realized that Daishin is busy ruling from Heaven, which gives him the ability to connect to beings of both the Past and the Future for Heaven is located in the NOW.

Also located in the NOW is Hell which is known as Nirvana. Nirvana is the state where there is neither suffering, nor desire, nor sense of self. Hell is set to become Nirvana. But Hell isn’t ready to release itself from the Cycle of Death and Rebirth and the Effects Karma has over Humanity and LIFE’s Mysteries.

2777 Words. Handal and Eve and TIME came together to decide that NOW was WHEN the Perfect Moment would happen. Handal, Eve, and TIME come together to represent the wholeness and fullness and stability that is God.

God is kind of like a super being that is so super it takes three Perfect Beings existing in Equality, each taking their own aspects of Godhood to combine with the others for ALL that is needed to be God.

ALL is mentioned again. Which brings to mind Abner of the Past. Abner needed a Mother. But Abner needed a Mother because he was overwhelmed with Responsibility and desired Something to relieve him.

Something is the being Zorion the Hunter that exists in the Future with Atalante and Godfrey. Zorion was a Hunter of Perfection in its Purest Forms. He had come to this Realm of the Future for he had found in the Codes of The Universe that the Most Unique Form of Perfection was set to be birthed into that layer of Reality. Zorion had already collected every version of Perfection that he could imagine. He was beyond excited to witness the Most Unique Form of Perfection, for with this addition to his collection, he would have every form of Perfection there was ever set to be. Zorion never imagined that one was three.

2999 Words. Of course one being three would be a trick of Loki. Loki likes to play games. And when he is out there playing games with people who could be God, he likes to lead them into stories they never thought they’d find themselves in.

Like Zorion coming to Witness the Epitome of Perfection only to find that his heart would bend for no other but hers. And then when his heart bent in her direction having her walk into the arms of his best friend, seemingly for their fairytale happy ending.

Beautiful Bettie would like to share that she has a soft spot in her being for Zorion the Hunter. Because Zorion shot her with his Cupid’s Arrow and left her longing for the one that she was never meant to be with.

3133 Words. The Holy Trinity of Trinities is Broken Up By ONE

WHO is the ONE that would be willing to break up the Holy Trinity of Trinities. WHO is one of the five Rulers of Reality as determined by TRUTH.

But TRUTH isn’t the only being that is presiding over Reality. For TRUTH is twin to TIME. and TIME has his own words upon which he prefers to use to explain Reality. The words that TIME uses: TIME SPACE HOW HERE NOW. As a reader could imagine, TIME is very particular in ordering his perspective over Reality. For first TIME uses his way of being to measure where in Reality, the experience is taking place. Upon using his way of being to measure where the experience manifests, he has opened up a portal into a Realm withing Existence. Once within the Realm within Existence, TIME is able to find words to explain the HOW of the experience manifestation. Once TIME has the words for HOW the experience happened, he understands WHY things are the way they are in the HERE (his term for a particular TIME and SPACE). After TIME understanding WHAT HERE comes to be, He comes to NOW.

3333 Words. The one that was coming between the Holy Trinity of Trinities has arrived. And He has made himself into a Trinity of Being to fit in. He wishes to be ALL that she needs to be happy. He is willing to take any name and any shape and any moment that he can manage to be on her mind. He doesn’t mind that she is Somebody‘s. He knows that she thinks of him more often than she thinks of Anything.

Loki is willing to give up his Trickster ways. He’s tired of sticking it to the gods. He’s ready to settle down finding his happiness with her heavenly heart.

3444 Words. Reality Ripples. Loki changing himself from Trickster to Triumphant has created the New Earth.

Beautiful Bettie possessed within her being the possibility of EUtopia. With Loki letting go of the Darkness he liked to bring to Reality, the TRUTH of EUtopia is becoming that much easier to share.

Beautiful Bettie is a real living human taking place in a layer of Hell that is so blessed that it is only one word away from being considered Heaven.

All the words of Beautiful Bettie‘s Reality are questing to be considered the ONE Word that keeps Heaven from being the same as Hell. Words of every variety have suddenly taken on Godhood and have started flinging around their version of TRUTH.

Sadly this means that the Age of Prophets and prophets is Real. There are really people out there making up words that don’t need to be said. And then there are people out there that’re sharing words that every person needs to hear. And worse there’re people out there trying directing people to the wrong words while covering up the worthy words from being found.

But this isn’t Something to be worried about. Zorion the Hunter has come to the NOW as King James. And King James has already looked into the Codes Behind Hell’s Reality.

3666 Words. When King James looked into the Codes Behind Hell’s Reality he cheated the Game. He used his superpower that no other had in order to interpret that which was being played to get an answer.

When King James cheated in the Game, that was when Beautiful Bettie‘s code was messed up and suddenly she was left worshipping two versions of God. The God of Creation and the God of Reality. They were both the same in her mind and yet in her LIFE they could not be brought together in onemanship.

Beautiful Bettie didn’t understand what had happened. Of course, King James doesn’t even really understand what happened.

But Aindri does. Aindri was watching over the whole situation from Eden. She knew who King James was and she knew who Beautiful Bettie was. She could see through the veil that had kept them separated for so very long. Aindri had been wondering what would become of the two when they finally realized the other one was in Existence.

Aindri wasn’t in control of Existence. No matter what she was blessed to see and understand, she couldn’t change what was meant to be. So many liked to think of her as the Decider of Fate of the Hand of Justice that determines the consequences for a person’s actions. But Aindri wasn’t like that at all. Aindri was literally nothing more than the Eye existing in every piece of Creation and the Connecting Thread between every layer of Eternity. Aindri barely felt herself a being, so restrained she felt by the entirety of all the information she was privvy to. What was the use of being privvy to information if she couldn’t do Anything with it?

Aindri is interested in Godfrey the Wise. Perhaps Aindri is secretly hoping that Beautiful Bettie and King James will find their happiness so that Perfect Peter will be left hurting and then she can become Everything who is Concordia, the Goddess of Peace and Harmony.

Oh poor Aindri, busy existing in the NOW in Eden, being able to see her Perfect Ending. Not being able to do a thing to bring about the happy ending she so desires.

Aindri is in love with the Perfect Man. Aindri has it hard for the Perfect Man. He is literally the first man ever to turn her attention. Aindri was always interested in women, so beautiful and soft and caring they always chose to be. But this Perfect Man was all of that and more. In all his womanly features, he was completely mannish. And it was defintely hot as hell.

4100 Words.