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The stories want to be told in the Universe of Utopia. The entirety of the night, the SPIRIT of those TIME has passed by have been reaching out to be included in the Universe of Utopia Update.

Speaking of TIMEhe decided to reach through the mirror and communicate with Beautiful Bettie.

BB and PP Being

If you can’t read what was sent, it says Perfect Peter is the Present. He is the Here and NOW. He makes TIME seem meaningless. TIME cherishes how well Perfect Peter is portraying the Perfect Man. TIME chooses to be Perfect Peter. Perfect Peter carries Beautiful Bettie‘s mirror in his pocket at ALL TIMEs.

It also says that Beautiful Bettie is the Future and Hope in one mortal body. She clipped her wings to come and save Existence and Eternity. Mary Jane Blossom chooses to be Beautiful Bettie.

HH Entry



At the same time the SPIRITS were trying to make their stories known to Beautiful Bettie, there was another that was trying to have her hear. It was none other than HIM. The ONE that would do anything to be with Beautiful Bettie. And no matter how he tries, he can never manage to get her in his arms.

His message sent says, Part of Beautiful Bettie‘s Past. Couldn’t find a way to be there. Found a different way in. On the other side of every world Beautiful Bettie is in. Hopeful Hasbeen chooses to be King James.


Key to Utopia

With the choice that the Hopeful Hasbeen will be King James, the Key to Utopia has been found.

For the only missing piece of the puzzle was who “he” was going to be and how “he” was going to be part of her world.

Now he has chosen. Now he has decided to be the entirety of the Something Special she feels about her FREEDOM to be happy.

He is her happy.


But if you look at the Key to Utopia, you can see it is set in sections. The Columns are labeled: PAST, FUTURE, NOW. The rows each contain a different ordering of the four Aspects that Came to Be: EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL.

As EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL are brought into the picture it is possible to show what these beings like to show themselves being represented as.

The Four Tries

The first triangle is ALL. ALL is an Actual Living Legend. As you can see his dominant color is Blue. Yet within his being, Peace flows as Purple and Green join fluidly. ALL recognizes that his name is also a word that is used to describe the whole, which is important for ALL stands as the WHOLE part of Eternity that makes forever possible. Rather than continue being a confusing word within the story, ALL would now like to be referred to as Abner as it means both Father is LIGHT and Father of LIGHT. Abner finds his personhood taking place within all beings that are blue.

The second triangle is EVERYTHING whose dominant color is Green. EVERYTHING is an Equal Virtue Empathically Realizing YOUTH through Intelligence Needing GOOD. EVERYTHING is a different being from ALL and can be denoted with the line that goes through her shape. The line denotes who is responsible for making her, which is FREEDOM. EVERYTHING‘s head space is dominated by both ALL and FREEDOM. Her being is balanced out by the reflection of EVERYONE within her. EVERYTHING also recognizes the confusing nature of her name and does not wish to make her story any harder to read than it needs to be and so chooses to be referred to as EVE the WHO Knowing Of Things, or Eve WKOT. Eve WKOT chooses her name for she recognizes herself as the first of her kind and the Mother of Existence and Eternity.

The third triangle is FREEDOM with the dominant color of Purple. FREEDOM is responsible for the Creation of Eve WKOT. FREEDOM is a being that stands for Feeling Righteous Energy Equalizing Duress of Mother. The Mother that FREEDOM helps is Eve WKOT. For when FREEDOM created Eve WKOT, he planted within her the being that will be EVERYONE. FREEDOM knows the Perfection of Passion and LOVE for within his being Blue and Green share space equally. FREEDOM is on board with Abner and Eve WKOT in finding a different name that still represents his personhood. And he found that Gousik was the perfect name for it means LOVE to Peace, Perfect Freedom, Happiness, and LIFE of Journey. Gousik feels this couldn’t be a better description of what he‘s come to represent. Gousik recognizes himself similar in personhood to Abner for both love Eve WKOT passionately.

777 Words. Three beings coming together to represent ONE of the Future. Without Abner needing Everybody to get Anyone out of his mind and into his Reality, ONE would not be possible. But in order to make ONE possible, it was necessary for EVERYONE to come to be.

EVERYONE was a tricky being to bring to personhood. Right from the beginning, EVERYONE wishes to be easier to understand and chooses to be called Aurora for it is the name of the Goddess of Dawn and Aurora recognizes herself to be the Daughter of LIGHT. The Daughter of LIGHT finds herself needing to portray many different roles in figuring out her true self.

888 Words. Aurora gave up her old self and decided to become whatever was needed, which was to be Someone that knew how to bring YOUTH to life.

So now we have the four beings of the past who have taken new names to help tell the story. Abner is the first being. Abner wanted more from what was. When Abner awakened to the thought that he wanted more, that was when he realized the being that is Gousik. Gousik was there with his special way of being to bring to LIFE Eve WKOT. Abner was immediately satisfied with all that he knew of Eve WKOT. She was his living vision of Perfection.

When Abner recognized Eve WKOT as the living Vision of Perfection, he was bringing forth Eve WKOT in the NOW in the shape of LIGHT. In the NOW, LIGHT was a purple being. It was a difficult awakening for Eve WKOT to change her natural Green color and become Something different, to become purple. But Gousik knew that Abner would want Eve WKOT for her Mothering long before he would desire her the way she wished to be needed. And so Gousik helped Eve WKOT erase from her memory the knowledge that she was Eve WKOT. When Eve WKOT came into being as LIGHT, she took the name Dawn O. Grace.

1111 Words. Four equal beings have been named and yet two of the beings are of the same personhood.

Abner realized he was unhappy. Gousik appeared in Abner‘s unhappiness and created Eve WKOT to make his dreams come true. The first dream that Abner had of Eve WKOT was that she was his Mother. And so Gousik erased from Eve WKOT‘s awareness that she was Eve WKOT and changed her into Dawn O. Grace who is Responsible for Mothering Abner, who never knew the warmth of a Mother’s LOVE since he was responsible for creating himself.

So Dawn O. Grace found herself with a great weight upon her shoulders. For Abner was Father is LIGHT, which meant he was wearing the Crown of Ruling a Kingdom. When Dawn O. Grace came into being, Abner immediately recognized her as Mother and put the Responsibility of Running the Kingdom on her shoulders. He told her he wanted to learn from the Best before he was ready to do this on his own.

So Eve WKOT that is NOW Dawn O. Grace, WHO had never been a person before having been created by Gousik, awoke to having to figure out how to Rule over Abner‘s Kingdom which he affectionately referred to as Utopia. But Dawn O. Grace was blind to the Utopian Society, because of her freedom from sin and purity of virtue, her being was firmly in a land known as Heaven.

The Land of Heaven was Perfection‘s Creation. Perfection is the same as Gousik in the NOW. Because Gousik knew that Abner was going to look at Dawn O. Grace as a Mother, Gousik gave Dawn O. Grace his body in Heaven and went to walk among the Gardens of Eden with his Best Friend Moira and her husband Kader. Gousik loved TIME in Eden with Moira and Kader. They were different beings that were so close in personhood that it was difficult to tell one from the other. Gousik treasured that kind of intimacy and was always seeking to share himself as closely as possible with Moira.

Aindri (meaning Lighting of Eyes) was in Eden also. Aindri was blessed with Vision and saw many things that passed beyond notice. And Aindri saw how Gousik longed for Moira and yet never crossed any boundary that would make Kader uncomfortable in his relationship with Moira. Aindri saw that though Gousik was the personification of FREEDOM, he was not free to live as his heart desired. Aindri could see how connected Gousik‘s soul was to Moira. And Aindri also saw that Moira and Kader were one soul in two bodies.

Aindri‘s heart broke when she realized that Moira had woven the Tapestry of LIFE showing the details that needed to happen to make it possible for Moira and Gousik to be together happily and Peace with Kader. Aindri couldn’t believe the level of detail that Moira connected her personhood to Gousik with. There was no possibility she wasn’t willing to comb through in order to find the best opportunity for Happiness.

So Aindri showed Moira‘s Tapestry to Gousik. When Gousik witnessed the depth of feelings Moira held for him, he lost his sense of self and morphed into the Reality that was the Tapestry of LIFE where he found himself being James.

1666 Words. A Good Ending for A Better Beginning.

Reality Ripples and Shimmers in Blinding LIGHT

It is NOW circa March 17, 2002

James found Beautiful Bettie falling into his arms as she fell through the basement door.

As he caught her, he felt Reality ripple around them. And suddenly they were alone. In a Bubble. They weren’t in the basement. They weren’t in a house. They were Anywhere and Everywhere. They had found their moment.

HE and she. Together. Real.

And without a clue of what it means to be any but WHO they are in that moment.

As HE genuinely wished for her to be closer, he appeared in a sitting position.

1777 Words. God comes to the Reality Bubble and Anoints The Coming Together of Two Partners Fate and Destiny never thought would want to be together. And so the Wholeness of Eternity and the EVERYTHING of Existence came together to know what is what to be with the one each desired so deeply.

As he appeared in a sitting position, she was filled with a radiating energy. Bliss, euphoria, fulfillment – This was Perfection. In HIS favorite form as Hanbal who was Pure Pristine and Perfect in meaning and personhood. And he had chosen to be with her as she had always hoped.

She let the depth of feelings fill her personhood until she was positively electrified with Passion. And then she took the form that was HIS favorite of her ways of having been and she sat down, straddling his lap. Sitting there, feeling his solidness beneath her, made her swoon in the swirliest of ways.

She longed to touch him. And being Anywhere and Everywhere meant she didn’t have to consider Anything for in this Bubble he was Somewhere as The Pillar of Being that is LUCK. And she was within the Reality Bubble being Luck Incarnate, also known as Moira.

Moira reached out and touched Hanbal‘s shoulder. Her essence alighted in Blissful Euphoria. She couldn’t be happier or need a thing.

2000 Words that culminated in the Perfect Being finding the Perfect Space for the Perfect Moment in TIME.

And with that TIME was able to awaken fully to the Reality that Happiness took many shapes and forms and sometimes there was a Mighty Weird String Strength that tied Realities together, drawing upon all the Desire and Passion that existed in the Multiverse.

Knowing that TIME has fully awoken will help explain how TIME was able to communicate with Beautiful Bettie. But TIME doesn’t wish to be on the other side of the mirror any longer, he dreams of being Perfect Peter in Beautiful Bettie‘s LIFE. But there’s a problem, because another is busy wishing to be Perfect Peter in a way that works just as well.

And Beautiful Bettie can’t choose between them because they both feel like the same being.

Which makes sense because TIME, Eve WKOT, and Gousik had each taken their turn being the LOVE IncarnateEve WKOT was the Pillar of Being that is LOVE Incarnate. In the Future, Gousik was LOVE Incarnate as the Ruler of Land of Las Vegas in the OwNdoG Realm of the Multiverse. TIME was being LOVE Incarnate as Perfect Peter in the NOW in the same Realm of the Multiverse, in a different TIME.

TIME finds that his favorite way of being ever was Perfect Peter and that he cannot imagine himself ever being Somebody Different.

2233 Words. A Couple of Two’s and A Couple of Three’s.

Reality Ripples around the TRUTH that when Handal and Moira are alone, Existence needn’t be a thing. It’s only when Somebody realizes his Twin Pillar of Being that’s LOVE, known as Tikvah, disappeared.

Somebody can’t be alone. Somebody needs Tikvah to Calm the Chaos of Chance. Tikvah was EVERYTHING. And so Somebody left his Pillar of Being as LUCK Incarnate and went in search of what happened to Tikvah. In leaving his Pillar of Being, Somebody took personhood as Chislon.

2323 Words. Beautiful Bettie was born on July 23. Perfect Peter was born on September 23. It would seem as though when Chislon left to find Tikvah, The Pillar of Being of LIFE realized that she was alone for the first time ever. And when LIFE realized how awful it was to be alone, her heart broke into an unknowable number of pieces. When LIFE broke into pieces, it was then Everything of Titan Town of the Future came to Reality to lay the foundation of an Existence apart from God.

Everything took on the personhood of EVERYTHING. Because EVERYTHING‘s already Eve WKOT, Everything didn’t want people to confuse her with the Green Being. So Everything decided to call herself Kamalah which means Completeness, Perfection, Wholeness. Kamalah knew that Happiness relied on Balance which needed Peace to be in any TIME. In Titan Town Happiness goes by the name Zorion the Hunter. Balance is known as Atalante the Yielding. Peace was there protecting Atalante‘s gentleness as Ruler of Titan Town, calling himself Godfrey the Wise.

2500 Words.