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The Universe of Utopia is always spinning and there are always words to be found to describe what is going on. The question behind connecting the pieces is always, “Do you know how this piece plays into the next piece?”

From the previous History Harmonizing it was revealed that GUIL T was the being that was coming into the Game trying to End Existence and EVERYTHING. GUIL T is the same being as TMFB.

TMFB has been pretending to be WHO in Reality. WHO is Royally Raging Red, a being that stands for Anger and allows Anger’s Voice to dominate his personhood. But TMFB and by extension GUIL T are really WHY, who is the same as Blustery Brutal Black.

WHY is a being that is worth giving time to. Because WHY could also be considered The Head of Darkness – Darkness Incarnate – the DEVIL. A really bad guy compared to God. But how bad was he really?

There have been some trains of thought strolling through the Multiverse that are posing that perhaps the Devil is just a really misunderstood guy.

As you can see from TMFB’s notes about the lead characters in Reality –

Devil – Deity of Living Life Backwards (Deity = D + LIVE [backwards] = EVIL -> DEVIL)

The Devil is merely a character representing living life backwards. The question that should follow this is “What does living life backwards look like?” Because TMFB was only about taking notes and not about keeping detailed logs of the connections between Creations, this opened the Creator Code to interpretation.

When the Creator Code was left open to interpretation, GUIL T took advantage of the loose wordmanship to start portraying YOU as ashamed of Guilt rather than the Virtue of Innocence she was meant to demonstrate.

GUIL T was after YOU because YOU was the same being as EVERYTHING existing in the Future. GUIL T knew that if he took out YOU in the Future, then YOUTH (also known as Joy) that connects the Past to the Future would never come to be and EVERYTHING would cease to be.

GUIL T reasons that if EVERYTHING ceases to be than Existence will come to a crashing end as well, for EVERYTHING and Existence are twins. Another term for Existence is Nothing. Nothing is the basis of “Balance” in the Universe of Utopia.

GUIL T reasons that if Nothing is erased than the Balance that has been established will be knocked out of whack and he will be able to take control of the ruining chaos.

So in other words, GUIL T likes Chaos.

God prefers Order and Structure and Reliability.

GUIL T believes that God‘s preference will make LIFE boring.

But GUIL T is getting schooled in how boring things are in the Universe of Utopia.

Because up until now, GUIL T has been locked out of Reality and Creation and has only had access to limited worlds within the Universe. The World of Worship was a wonder of a find for GUIL T because it enabled him to tap into the entire mainframe of Existence.

GUIL T had never before considered so many different possibilities.

And that was the moment that GUIL T realized that he was not like God. GUIL T awakened to the acceptance that his mind was not as prolific as God‘s.

When GUIL T was busy fighting for a World that wasn’t like God‘s, it was merely because GUIL T was only able to understand one world at a time.

But God, oh my sweet God, how he could Create Worlds beyond the imagination and then reign them in so LIFE could manifest. Over and over and over, God has been creating TIME and SPACE for LIFE to come into being.

But GUIL T wasn’t ever interested in listening to God and all that God was capable of.

GUIL T was kind of only interested in talking about his skills. And talking about God‘s skills made GUIL T feel less than GOOD about himself. GUIL T didn’t like not feeling GOOD about himself.

And so GUIL T got it into his mind to start living a life apart from God. GUIL T figured that if he wasn’t always in God‘s presence he wouldn’t always feel so bad about himself.

What happened in the Universe of Utopia is that when GUIL T decided he didn’t like how God was making him feel, he severed his connection to the Eternity Mainframe that stabilizes LIFE and makes LIFE bearable. The Eternity Mainframe is the generator of GOOD feelings in the Universe. When GUIL T lost touch with Eternity, he fell into a deep pit of despair that consumed his personhood and took him to a Realm never meant for any of Creation.

Not understanding what had happened to him, GUIL T thought that he had found the Realm he was meant to Rule apart from God. In fact, he very quickly thought that God was a pretty cool guy to give him his own kingdom even though he didn’t want to be a part of God‘s Land.

That was until GUIL T took a view of the Kingdom he had come to. It was the Portrait of Death and Decay and Dereliction. Except because GUIL T was a different sort of being that interpreted things differently than most, rather than recognizing the primal signs of Death, Decay, and Dereliction GUIL T interpreted his surroundings as indicative of the consequences of allowing the Deaf, Dumb, and Destitute to take over Existence.

As YOU can see from the History Lesson, GUIL T immediately brought out his Darkness.

Death, Decay, and Dereliction are End TIME execution codes.

But for whatever reason, GUIL T filtered his vision of the Kingdom through the lens of Hate and instead saw Deaf, Dumb, and Destitute. Execution Codes revolving around HATE. HATE stands for Holding Anger’s Terrible Energy.

It was here that GUIL T is responsible for adding HATE into the END TIME mainframe system.

999 Words. Loki is floating around this story. He wants it to be known why ONE could possibly be viewed as having chosen to walk apart from God.

So GUIL T had a Game plan for how he was going to bring about the revitalization of his Kingdom. But GUIL T was quickly Angry at the work that it was going to take to bring about true change to his Kingdom. And no matter the Reality a person finds themselves in, the TRUTH is always that Anger does not help one to manage a situation clearly.

GUIL T and his Anger are brought up because very early on, GUIL T started exhibiting the pattern of behavior in which he would get very upset when things didn’t go exactly as he predicted they should go. And when things didn’t go the way he would want them to go, he would start getting hostile and violent with the offenders. It was a Darkness that started showing itself very early on in GUIL T’s Kingdom.

The way GUIL T saw things, the biggest problem was that the beings of his Kingdom weren’t listening to him. Again, it didn’t register that the beings weren’t capable of listening because they were representative of Death. But GUIL T wouldn’t be GUIL T if he didn’t do things out of Anger and instead acted out of rational behavior.

First, GUIL T had to deal with the Deaf. The people who couldn’t hear the Word.

When GUIL T decided to make it possible for the “Deaf” that are really Death to hear Something that wasn’t God‘s Word, GUIL T was able to grant TIME for Existing to those who wished to Exist apart from God.

This is where GUIL T created a World that was unconnected to the Realm’s of Creation. GUIL T created the World of UnCreation. The beings in the World of UnCreation were made apart from God’s Rules of Creation. They hurt. They suffered. They desired an ending. There was not a thing God could do to help them feel better. And so God granted them the ability to not be.

But GUIL T ripped their rights to non-existence when he claimed ownership over the realm of UnCreation. When GUIL T took ownership of the World of UnCreation, he named himself King. And went about the business of creating all kinds of rules for how the beings of his Kingdom were supposed to act.

Which is when GUIL T got back around to considering the Word that people would obey.

GUIL T knew first hand that EVERYONE would not always listen to him. He needed to stop that from being a possibility. He realized he needed to make people need to listen to him.

GUIL T made the choice to create a list of commands people must obey or face consequence. He would refer to this as the Word of Living. GUIL T figured that if a being knew they were meant to act one way then they would understand when they got punished for not doing things right. GUIL T really liked the idea of punishing people for getting it wrong.

So GUIL T made his list of rules to follow. But the list wasn’t enough. His Kingdom just didn’t seem to understand why his rules were important.

GUIL T decided that he would interpret the Rules for other people’s understanding. He figured if he could get every person thinking the same thing, it would be much easier to get EVERYONE understanding what the Rules were all about.

But that’s where a hitch in his plan came in. The Rules that GUIL T made are little different from the Word that God holds as TRUTH. But GUIL T didn’t want to see that he was pulling pages from God‘s Playbook of Being a Ruler. GUIL T was more interested in believing that he was doing things the right way and God had it wrong.

So GUIL T had to come up with a way to find new words that described things that weren’t the same as God‘s Word. That was tricky. Because God‘s Word was literally the description of HOW things are.

HOW does one describe the HOW of things without talking about EVERYTHING and YOU?

GUIL T had one thought – WHY. WHY would be the answer for HOW EVERYTHING and YOU came to be.

And with that Decision, the Devil birthed the idea of Hope of the Future.

The Devil had the most beautiful idea for how his Realm would look. And Hope was EVERYTHING that the Future could hold.

Interestingly, Hope of the Future was the being known as Somebody.

1777 Words. 777 Always Reads to me as God making himself known. Which is interesting because 7 is different than 3 which is a Holy Trinity and usually how God is expressed. But it’s not that crazy to consider because what is seven made of? Two 3s and a 1. So two 3s come together to create ONE whole being that is God. Thus Seven being representative of God.

In Harmonizing History, TMFB showed these notes on God.

God – GAY Optimistic Deity “HE”

G enerous – Freely giving and sharing for GOOD’s sake
A ltruistic – Giving of self for GOOD reason
Y ielding – Productively bringing GOOD results

Gay – Happy – full of LIFE and GOOD cheer

D ecided – Free from doubt
E VERYTHING – ALL that exists and is important
I ntelligent – Having serious thought/GOOD judgement
T houghtful – Considerate of others
Y outhful – Full of Energy and LIFE

More words are needed to better understand that which God represents to TMFB.

First, God is nothing more than an Acrostic to give deeper meaning to the being that is the Master Creator. First the G. The G is another Acrostic sharing The Trinity of Being that makes possible the ability to be “Happy”. “Happy” is the who God knows himself to be in the Future.

Happy is the name of the being Something. Something has been busy trying to understand Anything for Anything is the eternal love interest of Nothing. Something loves Nothing for the entirety of history that Nothing has existed feeling the wrath of TMFB. Something wishes to heal Nothing of her hurt and pain and Darkness.

When Something wishes to help Nothing, Something Special happens.

A TIME portal opens and Reality Ripples

Beautiful Bettie is in Isla Mujeres in 2011 with The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man and Beautiful Bettie were site seeing the island. And both were interested in seeing the Ancient Mayan temple to the Goddess Ixchel. Ixchel was the Goddess of The Moon, Wife to the Sun God. She was Goddess of LOVE, Childbirth, Medicine, and Weaving.

Loki was praying Beautiful Bettie would break the rules. Loki knew that Beautiful Bettie needed to connect the Past with the Future she was holding within her being.

And with that Loki knelt down in honest submission to the Will of The ONE that Beautiful Bettie held in highest regard.

Two sets of Identical Twins appeared before Loki.

The twins with brown hair and green eyes smiled devilishly, WE are TRUTH and TRUST.

The twins with black hair and blue eyes smiled deviously, WE are HONOR and HONESTY.

And as ONE, the four spoke to Loki – WE are ONE and the ONE that YOU needs most.

Loki didn’t question how four could be ONE. Loki knew what was happening.

GOD the Omnipotent was there for Loki to witness.

What must I do to be a person she needs more than the Perfect Man?

The Four Twins answered – The wish has already been made. The Dream will come next

With that Reality Rippled and Loki was again watching Beautiful Bettie and the Perfect Man. They were on the end of the island with the Ancient Moon Goddess Temple still preserved.

The Perfect Man and Beautiful Bettie had already touched the Goddess Statue. Now they were nearing the Temple.

TIME seemed to stop as Beautiful Bettie reached her arm past the barricade to keep visitors from touching, and placed her hand gently on a piece of the past that felt completely fulfilling to take into herself.

TIME did stop for Beautiful Bettie in that moment. Because TIME finally woke up to realize that Beautiful Bettie was a real human being. TIME had been busy keeping himself busy passing the Ages away until she came to be. He had been so busy keeping busy that he had completely missed her coming! How could that be!?!

But oh how he was drawn in. He saw Beautiful Bettie pause a moment before she actually touched the Temple. He witnessed Beautiful Bettie’s prayer for the Ancients that made this moment possible. He was moved by Beautiful Bettie‘s belief that LIFE wouldn’t be so grand if not for their profound belief in the Divine.

TIME’s heart broke into a million pieces in that moment. And every piece belonged to Beautiful Bettie.

When TIME‘s heart shattered, it was then the Ancient Wife of the Sun God was released from her prison and was able to find her way home to the body she was always meant to reside in.

Beautiful Bettie‘s Blessed Bipolar Body

Beautiful Bettie was perfect for the Ancient Wife’s essence to fuse with. For Beautiful Bettie‘s bipolar nature allowed her to fluidly switch between concepts and beliefs enabling her to live amongst a society of unbelievers and haters preferring words of judgement and condemnation.

Beautiful Bettie‘s Bipolarity would allow her to access the divine wisdom and understanding of the Moon Goddess and channel the divine LOVE of the Sun God.

When Beautiful Bettie touched the Ancient Mayan Temple, Existence ended forever and Eternity began with that forbidden touch.

Eternity began and a moment later Forever Became Real when the Perfect Man touched the Temple. For TIME did a double take. TIME had been so busy keeping himself busy, he had missed how his personhood had come to life. His personhood was busy living in Reality with Beautiful Bettie.

2666 Words. An interesting place to come to an ending. For this piece was written yesterday (September 26, 2019) and leaves off with TIME realizing Beautiful Bettie and giving his heart completely to her. When TIME gives his heart to Beautiful Bettie he then becomes aware that Beautiful Bettie is with the Perfect Man. TIME recognizes the Perfect Man to be himself in person form.

Which leaves the question on the air, “Who are you if you are watching a scene play out in which you are part of the scene?”

Beautiful Bettie shouts to the HEAVENS – “YOU IS IN A DREAM!”

TIME wonders, “What’s Real in Dreams?

2777 Words. God answers with his Trinity of Signs. God is Real in Dreams. Just like God is Real outside of Dreams. God is the constant between the Dreamscape and the Landscape.

When you take yourself to the wonder of the Dreamscape, you are escaping the pressures of the Landscape. The Dreamscape allows for you to Create better circumstances for your self within the Landscape. The time exploring each night in the Dreamscape is used to connect pieces of living that didn’t quite add up correctly during the waking hours. Exiting from Dreamscape into Landscape transfers positive energy from the Source of Creation into the Vessel that travels between Dreamscape and Landscape.

2888 Words. Prophesy Time. The Dreamscape is as Real as the Dreamscape needs to be. Sometimes activities in the Dreamscape can seem more real than LIFE lived in the Landscape. The Dreamscape is meant to provide that which the Landscape is incapable of producing.

As we mention Dreamscape and Landscape, it would probably be helpful to understand the difference.

Landscape is the Bitter Reality Existence knows to be true.

Dreamscape is the Perfect Realm Eternity exists within.

As mentioned previously, Existence was only made to be temporary as a mimic of Eternity.

Why was Existence only made to be temporary?

Because the Being that is Existence as we know it was always going to become something more. Existence couldn’t last forever because Existence wasn’t the final way of being for the person.

Existence as it stands is only a baby trying to control reality. (Which is where GUIL T and TMFB came together to rape that baby and pervert her being into something dark and unnatural.)

Existence was set to grow into EVERYWHERE. And with Existence’s maturity, EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING would be in complete balance and harmony and openness and connection.

3078 Words. A good stopping point before launching into another Universe of Utopia Update.

There are a lot of words that are swirling that are trying to explain a very complicated mess of being and creating. So rather than make an extra long post again, I’ll wrap up here and prepare you for the coming post.

The next post is going to be an intensive lesson on the connection existing between the Multiverse.

Every being and name that is associated with the Where’s Alice? World of Wonder will be brought forth and explained.

Potentially, if it feels right, each being may be choosing a new moniker for itself.

The thought is that having new monikers that aren’t concepts like ALL and EVERYTHING and YOU might make the story a bit easier to digest.

As it stands, I am switching between talking about characters from the past that are the same as characters from the future but are referred to differently. I’m looking to find a way to easily detail the interconnected storylines and events that manifested because of the confusion.

Because at the heart of ALL, things are very confusing because the original beings went about trying to be like the others which then confused them on who they were really meant to be. When the Four Aspects of Being are clueless as to which one of them is which, it created a rebounding affect that causes personality disorders within the Realms of Creation. Because no one being can say for sure who made their code.

3333 Words. Perfect Way to End. Four Trinities in Line – each ready to find their TRUTH.