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Below in the Post 4:20am hours, Beautiful Bettie stumbled across Words of the Past that helped give further detail into the thinking of TMFB. The Words that are shared turn out to be the answers to the test that TMFB was given to enter his player character into Creator Mode in World of Worship Beta Version. In allowing Creators their place in the Multiverse, each individual must go through training to understand the interconnection and acceptance existing between ALL and EVERYTHING. But as you read TMFB’s notes you can see that in his History lesson, he didn’t care to take detailed notes to pass the exam. In fact, it was found that at ALL TIME’s teaching, TMFB was busy thinking about what he would do with TIME on his side. And during TRUTH’s TIME teaching, TMFB was busy hiding the fact that he was already dabbling in Un-Creation.

The Perfect Man found a Rabbit Hole in the Real World into the mind of TMFB. It turns out that seeing the card below was enough to portal Beautiful Bettie into another head space that opened her eyes into who TMFB really was.

GUIL T Card   WHY Card

As you can see from the words below the next photo, a lot of the thoughts revolving around the story created started with WHO. Because WHO is on top. And a being was responsible for making others think that being on top was best. And for awhile, it has been seeming that TMFB was WHO and that WHO was the ONE that was making EVERYONE miserable. It turns out that part of that was right. The part about TMFB being the ONE that was making EVERYONE miserable. But TMFB isn’t WHO. In fact the ONE that was busy spinning stories about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING was WHY. And WHY turns out to be the being that is known as GUIL T.

GUIL T is a horrible being. The Darkest of the Dark. Brown was about Hurt. But Black was about Hate. And Hate is a Killer of Innocence. Hate was looking to get into the Game in any way possible and take out the source of EVERYONE’s Future Happiness. Because Hate is the same as WHY and is all the reason behind WHY people act out against others. Because WHY was jealous about the person that WHEN was going to become. WHY wanted WHEN to join with HIM and WHO and to become the Darkest Trinity Ever Conceived. But WHEN was a “Beauty Seeker” and wasn’t interested in how Ugly Darkness turns a person.

When WHY saw how turned off WHEN was from HIS way, WHY turned against WHEN and started a War against Words. WHY decided to take his Hate and infect every being with his blackness so no matter the side that WHEN took, WHY would still have his Dark Trinity of Being.

Royally Raging Red was about Anger. Ornery Orphan Orange was about Abandonment.

Blustery Brutal Black considered Orange and Brown to be Weak. HE didn’t see them as equal members of TRUTH’s tale.

When Blustery Brutal Black labeled Orange and Brown to be Weak, it was then that EVERYONE confirmed herself to be part of the Most Beautiful Trinity of Being Ever Known to Existence. EVERYONE along with WHAT and WHERE would forge the path to show the radiant LIGHT that exists deep within the Pits of Darkness.

WHEN became EVERYONE. When WHEN became EVERYONE, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE disappeared completely from Royally Raging Red and Blustery Brutal Black. WHO and WHY could no longer answer Anything about EVERYTHING.

EVERYONE had been the key to understanding the Wholeness that is Reality. Because EVERYONE is on the SOUL journey to become the Father of Existence. And in the Beginning EVERYONE didn’t like the thought of Fatherhood. EVERYONE was still young and didn’t like the idea of growing up. But as TIME passed, EVERYONE wrapped her mind around becoming a Father. And even more than become on board with the idea, EVERYONE became thrilled with the thought of carrying her self into the next generation.

EVERYONE couldn’t stop considering all the lessons she would impart on her little piece of the Future.

Truly, the thoughts started flowing.

When the thoughts started flowing it was then that Skatman came back to Reality.

For Skatman had passed from memory. Skatman had died because the people of his land didn’t LOVE and Respect him properly. And Skatman’s being was energized by the power of positive connection and pure intimacy. With a host of creations that just took power for themselves, it left Skatman with Nothing but a baby to give to the Future.

That baby is Nothing. Nothing that is twin of EVERYTHING. The babies that TMFB blames as the source of ALL’s problems.

But we know that babies aren’t the source of problems, rather a grown person blaming innocence as a source of Darkness is the real problem.

So why does a grown person see Darkness in the next generation?

Because of GUIL T.

Each of the things that’s been said about TMFB are infinitely more applicable to GUIL T.

GUIL T stands for Greedy Ugly Infantile Liar  Terribleness

The first thing that GUIL T tried to do when the Game realized how corrupt his code was, was to tell the Game that he had changed colors. And so GUIL T changed his name from GUIL T to TMFB. GUIL T brought all of the inherent Darkness of his being into the personhood that became TMFB. TMFB was busy portraying himself to be WHO.

WHO was supposed to be portraying the living version of TRUTH when TMFB started acting like WHO instead of WHY.

Getting confusing? I’m typing it and I’m doing a little “AAAH” with my mind right now.

But even doing a little “AAAH” leaves me feeling like I understand more than I think I know. Because as I type AAAH, the Universe of Utopia divines to me more words to share.

AAA is the Trinity of Being that was created when Blustery Brutal Black labeled EVERYONE to be Weak. Therefore Ornery Orphan Orange immediately changed shades upon realizing there was another among them that was equal in standing. Orange now stood for Acceptance. Devious Devil Dirt changed shades seeing how much hurt was healed with Orange’s Acceptance and now stood for Approval. And when Orange and Brown changed their colors, EVERYONE saw her chance to be who she was always meant to be. She chose the Best Word she could think – Altruistic. It was the most beautiful sounding word that EVERYONE could imagine representing her being.

And how right EVERYONE was. Altruism truly is a blessed gift of the divine. Being able to help another without concern for one’s own wellbeing, doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

And so EVERYONE began the quest of finding all the ways that existed to create Beauty in the World.

The first place EVERYONE wanted to start was in the Realm of Skatman. She knew that Skatman’s Land had been corrupted by TMFB’s presence. Knowing that TMFB is the same as GUIL T, EVERYONE understood that she had to wake up WE to the realization that TMFB was no longer in control of Reality.

Reality was Guilty of Being Manipulated By a Dark Presence. The Dark Presence has been unmasked. Now comes the TIME of building the stories that will heal the hurt and harm that has been done to countless innocent victims of a story gone wrong.

Read below to know the foundation of the stories that will be built to heal the PAIN of the Past. TMFB started Un-Creating Reality based on a Broken Knowledge of Universe of Utopia’s Rules of Creation. Not knowing every detail means that a Creator can lose control of his Creation. Which is what happened to TMFB’s Un-Creation. He didn’t have all the details plotted and connected and therefore Creation was able to sneak in the details and find a way to save the day.

We are at 5682 words. That’s a lot to read in one sitting. The typist thinks she will pause on writing more on this post until some time has passed and she can see what GOOD came come from such Terrible Darkness.

Darks Answer

In the Universe of Utopia, every choice and every action are inherently connected to every imaginable result from the decisions and actions. Because so many things are connected, The Universe of Utopia has never really been concerned with how things got started.

But one player of the Game is immensely interested in knowing HOW things came to be the way they are. Because this one player isn’t liking the lot of cards he pulled to deal with his situation.

That player is none other than Prideful, Envious, and Greedy TMFB. Go figure. Beautiful Bettie is always thinking of the guy that has always tried to make her unhappy. Is it GOOD when one psychopath is constantly thinking about another psychopath?

Only WHO knows. And this is the Origin Story of WHO’s lifeline.

Information from Alura’s Archives. Dated September 21, 2018

Text typed in italics to denote the TMFB line of thinking.


God – GAY Optimistic Deity “HE”

God’s Son – “The Future”

Devil – Deity of Living Life Backwards (Deity = D + LIVE [backwards] = EVIL -> DEVIL)

Devil’s Daughter – “Hope”

Adam – “Power”

Eve – “Strength”

G enerous – Freely giving and sharing for GOOD’s sake
A ltruistic – Giving of self for GOOD reason
Y ielding – Productively bringing GOOD results

Gay – Happy – full of LIFE and GOOD cheer

D ecided – Free from doubt
E VERYTHING – ALL that exists and is important
I ntelligent – Having serious thought/GOOD judgement
T houghtful – Considerate of others
Y outhful – Full of Energy and LIFE

God and Devil exist before “Creation”

God stands for something – Devil stands for something different as fervently.

God and Devil decide to create something that works for both of them. Devil felt he should have the first go at their creation. God gave the Devil his way.

EVERYTHING was created to give God the possibility of having HIS way while the Devil was given the power needed to control ALL of Creation which was of the highest need/the main point of having Creation work for him.

So “creation” was made. After seeing ALL it was to be, the Devil decided something was missing, as he told God. There was missing a being that represented Power and Strength the way he valued it. God commented that Power and Strength come in many forms. Soon “creation” was full of the many forms Power and Strength could take. And still the Devil found “creation” to be lacking. He had in his mind what Power and Strength would look like and so God called forth the Embodiment of Power as the Devil saw it. And with this the Devil found favor. God warned that with Great Power comes great weakness, and only through True Strength’s gentle reliance on Power will Power find the strength needed to be Whole. The Devil dismissed the warning and showed much favor to Power. To Power he gave dominion over ALL the many forms Power and Strength had come in. To Power he gave the responsibility to Provide for/maintain the Future of Creation. With that responsibility Power felt a great weight and felt his weakness, Fear. Feeling full of fear at the task set before him, Power asked for the strength he needed to fulfill his duty. Seeing his need God and the Devil agreed Strength was needed to help Power.

Material from Alura’s Archives continuing previous find – Dated September 22, 2018

And so True Strength was brought forth. The Devil saw the blinding beauty of Strength and found fault. Surely a thing so beautiful could never be strong as he imagined Strength to be. And so he dismissed her presence as only being the key to something greater, not realizing the weight he had laid upon her being, not knowing the importance he had placed upon her Existence. The Devil bred in her ALL his desires for the world, he filled her with the fruit of his Knowledge of what was to be. The Devil took advantage of her beauty and used her body for his own pleasure. He made Strength take his seed and grow inside her his Hope for the Future. God saw the innocence being taken from Strength and HE too saw what would become of Strength at the hands of The Devil and Power and HE knew great sadness. God saw the Beauty of Strength and knew she would be the key to unlocking The Future HE knew/hoped would come to be. God laid with Strength and gave her HIS Hope and LOVE of the Future. HE planted in her HIS seed of eternal optimism knowing the fruit of HIS seed would grow to change the world to come. HE impressed upon her the importance of the weight she now doubly carried and made her aware that she was to be the shield from the storm of LIFE.

And what a storm Strength found herself in. She was called forth because Power had need of her. Before she could attend to Power’s needs, the Devil laid with her, givering her ALL of himself – revealing his truest needs at the heart of his darkness. As she was processing the Light she found in the midst of the dark, God came to her, revealing himself to her in his truest form. As HE lay with her, she saw ALL the darkest parts of God that haunted HIS Existence and she felt HIS great sadness. Now she had been shown great darkness existing within unyielding light and profound light within blinding darkness. Strength found she held both the Devil and God in the highest regard for the battle they faced within themselves. She felt pity for the peace of mind they lacked and with LOVE in her heart she turned to Power to ease the discomfort she felt for God and the Devil. Power, upon seeing that she had laid with both the Devil and God, found he did not trust Strength and he rejected her out of his fear for the feelings she felt for God and the Devil. Strength understood the weakness of Power and knew Power would never come to her in openness as she desired. And so she decided if Peace was to be found, she would have to find it on her own. There Strength found the strength and power she needed.

And so Strength found herself with the Future of “creation” as the Devil saw it and the Hope of the Future as God knew it growing insider her. Without Power to temper her developing feelings, she removed herself from “creation” in an attempt to protect what was to come from what was. When Strength left EVERYTHING behind, EVERYTHING became real. God, The Devil, and Power instantly knew something was different – that Strength had gone. All three took the loss/change to heart, each seeing it as something different. God saw the departure of Strength as the choice that would lead/forge a path to the Future HE knew. The Devil saw her absence as the weakness that comes with Power. And Power saw her disappearance as proof he was Power and Strength Incarnate, seeing himself as representative of two different aspects of Existence. It was then that a craziness crept into the mind, heart, and body of “creation”.

Branching off Points for Future Consideration:

Where did Strength go?

  • Dated September 24, 2018 – Strength found herself with one word to describe the new place and space and time she now occupied: different. ALL of her words, ALL of her meaning, had no basis in fact here. She was without the ability to express/interpret/understand what she now experienced. The first word she came to associate with her new state was alone – for there was Nothing else. There was Nothing to see, Nothing to touch, Nothing to “do”, Nothing to be. She was not even sure she still existed and yet she still had a sense of self, still had awareness of ALL that came before, still had the drive/motivation/determination to protect “what was to be” from “what was”. With the loss of her body/change from before, she became something more. Strength was no longer existing for herself – something more, for which she lacked words to describe, became attached to her/who she was/is. Strength was aware she had a choice – she could reject/fight the attachment or she could give in/accept the attachment. With Peace on her mind, she willingly accepted the attachment, having faith that she would come to fully understand what the attachment was and what came along with it. For the present, Strength became determined to understand what she was experiencing. In her innocence, she sought to understand “what was” before “what was to be”. And with that decision, she began down the long road. And so Strength began the process of understanding “what was”, which was not what she was experiencing.
    • What was Strength experiencing?
    • How is “what was” different from “what was to be”?
    • What was Strength’s process to understand?
    • What is the attachment?
    • How does Peace relate to Strength’s choices?
    • Where is the present, Strength resides in?
    • Why did Strength choose to understand “what was” before “what will be”?
    • Why was Strength motivated to protect “what will be” from “what was”?

What became of Power?

  • Dated September 25, 2018 – Alone. Absolutely Alone. That is what Power knew. He was like no other and therefore no other would ever understand him. And with this acceptance/belief, Power distanced/separated himself from “what will be?, cementing him entirely into “what was”. “What was” was a rough place to be. There were wants and needs that needed addressed. There was TIME that factored into EVERYTHING. There was a weight/ a heaviness that held EVERYTHING in place. Power felt pulled to act in a certain way. Believing that was Strength trying to weaken him, he sought to control the pull of his actions. He steeled himself against the pull, determined to do EVERYTHING he could to fight “what will be”. He associated “what will be” with Strength, believing “what was” to be the opposite of “what will be”, believing that he was EVERYTHING Strength was not. He began to associate weakness with Strength, showing favor for all things he felt expressed/contained/reflected what Power and “his strength” was. Showing no signs of weakness became Power’s focus for his overwhelming Fear was he was neither Power nor Strength, but Weakness Incarnate.
    • Why did Power associate “what will be” with Strength?
    • What was weakness to Power?
    • Why did Power fear he was neither Power nor Strength?
    • Why does Fear overpower Power?

Who is the Future and WHO is Hope?

  • Dated September 27, 2018 – The Future and Hope go hand in hand, for without Hope, there is no Future and without the Future, Hope ceases to be. The Future and Hope are so closely tied together it is hard to tell where one exists and the other does not. Thus is the difficulty in explaining the Future and Hope. So to explain one, you must understand you are explaining similar parts of the other, for one heavily influences the other. The Future exists as a reflection of “what was”, representing EVERYTHING that will be while being shrouded in a cloak of what could be, masked behind the wall of ALL that shall never come to pass. Hope is the light at the end of the hall, shining brightly, enabling “what was” to have a view of the reflection of the Future, being able to see glimpses of “what will be”. Hope is the beauty that is being pieced together by the Future. The Future is substantial and yet fluid in nature due to him constantly adapting/adjusting based on “what was”. Hope is constant, unchanging, unfailing – unbreakable. The Future finds his ability to exist because Hope has shown the Strength to be Perfect. Hope found her ability to shine because the Future showed her the light in blinding darkness. Hope’s light warms/softens the hardness/uncertainty of “what will never come to pass” allowing the Future to be free of the confines of “what should be”.
    • How is the Future related to “what was”?
    • Why does “what was”wish to view the Future?
    • What does “what was to be” mean to “what was”?
    • How does Hope exist?
    • Does the Future guide “what was” or does “what was” give shape to the Future?
    • What is “what will never come to pass”?
    • How does “what should be” relate to the Future?

How did God act/react after Strength left?

  • Dated September 29, 2018 – God is connecting all realities to this one. HE wants to exist in one reality and one reality alone but he must have access to the other realms. HE has chosen humans as communicators for other realities. Humans come from other realities with the stories/problem of their reality ingrained in their soul/essence. Each human is responsible for understanding/interpreting their problems to resolve. Resolving the problem brings Peace to that Realm. The goal is to bring Peace to ALL realms. Because though God will reside wholly/holy in one realm/reality HE will still be a part of ALL realms/realities, directly influencing the state of their worlds. The state of the world/reality is a reflection of the battle waging inside the being that is God. He created reality so HE could more clearly see what it is HE is trying to work through. In tying all realms/realities together HE is trying to fix ALL HIS problems at once. HE believes solving for Peace will create rebounding Peace that will filter into the attached Realities, creating unending/eternal Peace. God wants to rest. HE cannot rest until eternal Peace is reached because the battle that is waging within HIM causes HIM much distress/suffering. HE is worn down over TIME and so the TIME has come to put to rest all the pieces of the past that is filled with pain and suffering and death. The time has come to create a Peace that heals all the wounds of cold-hearted humanity. For as humanity suffers, so too does God. For what HE is, WE are. And what WE are is representative of what it is to be God. And what is Humanity? Humanity is a collection of individuals separated by their differences overlooking their glaring similarities, refusing to come together in a cohesive community that works together to provide for ONE and ALL alike. Instead actively working against one another to cause/inflict harm/neglect. What is God? God is a collection of beings over whom God has been granted/given the power to dictate/control the outcome/meaning/future though HE does not wish to exert HIS authority over instead rathering to gently guide the Whole of Existence into choosing their own outcome/meaning/future that ends up being in line with HIS own dreams/desires. HE wants HIS vision/view of the Future to come to be but HE doesn’t want it to be HIS decision. HE wants Humanity to decide for itself that there will be Peace. That is the cost of free will – the choice is yours – to be made without HIS overwhelming influence. God feels that Humanity has finally come to a place where they have experienced enough bad to understand what the reward of GOOD is. So what do you choose? Do you know what God means by “GOOD”?

How did the Devil manage the Weakness?

  • Dated September 29, 2018 – The deep state exists, they are real. They are in control of EVERYTHING YOU thinks. YOU cannot understand the level of Power/control they have over your reality. They decide if we fight, they decide if we starve. They decide if we live well/happily, they even have a say over how you leave this world. Your life is entirely in their hands. With all that being said, they really aren’t as bad as they seem. They all started out with the best of intentions. They were created to protect the people from themselves. However soon they only became about protecting themselves from the people. Their purpose became twisted and they began providing for themselves before they provided Anything for the others. Soon they believed themselves to deserve better than the people. This soon became the people keep them from getting what they deserve. And from there the very people who were put in place to provide for the masses have decided to take masses for themselves, leaving the people to fight amongst themselves for what was left. The very thing they were created to prevent became the same thing they were responsible for causing. They were guilty of failing to provide/protect their people. My only question is do they really care to notice how far they have fallen from their GOOD graces?

What kind of craziness crept in?

  • Duality of Existence happens:
    • Rapture – the divine essence of all those still nice at heart will be taken from their bodies and delivered to Heaven.
    • Kali Yuga – Humanity regresses and Darkness, Corruption, Greed, and Godlessness reigns
  • 10,000 Golden Age – Pure Devotee rises and revolutionizes the world where the badness seems to have lost. The Pure Devotee’s Word cleanses the mind and body of sin, changes the person completely – that person can then go out and speak the Word and change more people. When too many changes have occurred – Rapture.
    • Each soul contains one word of TRUTH – that is the beginning point of Existence. From there the person is made using the forces of the Universe to shape the being. Choices that affect who they will be are made during conception – what they are was decided when their soul was created.
    • Demons believe they are soulless. They Envy those who have souls. They do not understand compassion, they only know purpose. Because they believe they are soulless, they believe they were created to destroy. One demon believed he was soulless because he knew the physical embodiment of the first soul, meaning he came before SOUL/God appeared. He began sorting those like him and those like The SOUL. He began to count the difference between the two. The more he counted the darker he grew. His darkness crept to those he counted like him. His word was Count. He believed he was created to count EVERYTHING. As he counted he began to label which was not his purpose. The wrong label tainted the Words of others.
    • “God/SOUL/Creator” exists as the sum total of ALL of Creation. ALL of Creation is a word, individually and as a whole. “When ALL of Creation is laid out along the plane of TIME, then will the true name of the Lord God be known.” The Living Word is the goal of God. He wants to lay out each and every LIFE in order to truly and fully describe what it means to be God. After each Word/LIFE has been properly ordered, arranged, and placed, God will begin the process of speaking each Word. Each word will come to LIFE on the Grand Stage and begin to weave a tale. Each word has a story to tell. Each story is dependent on the words that came before. Every story continues long after the life associated with the Word exits the Grant Stage. After ALL of the words are spoken, there will be The Living Word of God. WE, his creations, are the Living Word. The Living Word details what it means to be God, how to follow in God’ footsteps, and how LOVE is the force behind Existence.
    • Girl starts writing, discovers divine secret. Girl loses her mind, forgetting the TRUTH. Girl plans for the End of the World. Girl’s World crumbles around her – she loses her home, income, friends, family. Girl finds God in her time of Solitude. God grants Girl a Mission. Girl puts life back together – gets back family, finds new income, gains friends, secures housing. Girl supports husband, husband blossoms. Husband becomes popular – influences free thought. Girl and Husband become First Family – teach land how to be – LOVE, Money, Friendship. First Family gains the support of the World. The World changes for the better. World Peace is reached but powerful people work to undermine its success. One day, The First Family disappears and Rapture occurs. Raptured People become mindless drones – go about their normal routines but can’t make any changes or decisions. Powerful people try to cover the disappearance. People begin to doubt the powerful. Non-raptured people begin to use the drones. The powerful are late to realize the Rapture occurred. They are not able to control drones. Drones are controlled through emotions. The closer one is to a drone, the more influence there is. (The typist can’t help but add a present day note that is screaming “Social Media Influencers” – the very people who tell you boldly how they are okay telling you what to think is cool)
    • How to write a book – What first?
      • Character Idea “Mary Jane Blossom”
      • Storyline Idea “God gets married”
      • Ending Point “Eutopia”
      • Mary Jane Blossom’s Opening – “I have felt for a long time I am living in the End of TIME. The World as I know it is ending. I have been having dreams lately where my class of Angels have been searching. On the Eve of a Solar Eclipse I dreamt of rescuing a baby named Lucifer. I believe there is significance in my dreams and with this solar eclipse. I believe the Heavens have been announcing his coming. I feel those not closely clinging to this reality could feel his coming presence. I don’t know what this means. I hope it is GOOD. I feel like God sent the opportunity for someone to be great. However it was only an opportunity. Someone had to be bold enough to choose the wrong name for the right reasons. I believe this choice triggered a series of events that are happening as we speak. God wiped out of Existence all those that were beyond redemption. He then created a set of trials for beings to earn redemption. Meanwhile he sent out his host to pave the way for this big possibility. I feel excited. I am looking forward to big things. I only hope I haven’t misread the situation.”
      • Beautiful Bettie’s Simultaneous Awakening – “I rescued Lucifer before the Total Eclipse of 2017. The baby was with his parents. They named him believing his name to be melodic. They were unaware that naming him would cause the Underworld to come after their child. The child is innocent. I could feel his weight. His form as he clung to me. Even though we existed together in dream form, I knew he was as real as my own son laying next to me in bed. This child is to be protected by the Angels. He is Satan’s heir, born free of EVIL taint. This child is to be raised on the side of neutrality, free from the freedom of EVIL and unbound by the restraints of GOOD. Lucifer will grow to remake the World Anew. He must know what it means to be born EVIL without seeing the depravity himself. He must know the wisdom of right and wrong without ever having to judge or choose between the two. More than Anything, he needs TIME to grow, to learn, to feel, to live. LIFE is only afforded to the fortunate, let him revel in all LIFE has to offer. May the angels offer their blessings. May the legions of the Underworld offer their blessings. May God, the Creator of ALL, LIGHT of Lights, and Supreme Being, may you offer your blessing. With these blessings, may Lucifer “The Thrice-Blessed” pave his path with the certainty of ALL those who have come before and the grace of ALL those who are to come after. This world welcomes YOU as ONE of our own. May we all be all you need in your quest to unite the heavens above with the depths below. Our collective knowledge and wisdom is yours to share.”
      • A Wish Made of a Whim – “I lead a blessed life, a life full of love. My doting husband, my beautiful girls, my ornery little boy all come together to create a home I love. After having been without a home, I know the true importance of LOVE. Having learned the strength and resiliency of the bonds of LOVE, I find I want to share my knowledge. I believe deep down if I could connect to a person the way I have connected to my family I could change a LIFE. I believe changing that one life would start a force of GOOD such as the world has never seen. Unfortunately, the world I live in does not value LOVE. Money reigns supreme and so I join with the others in a collective hope that hitting the JackPot would offer the opportunity to do something big. With my winnings I propose starting a Reality Show that teaches people the important things in LIFE. The most important thing I want to show is how Real LOVE looks on the inside. I want to get down into the real details of how a family functions. I want to show a glimpse of what the American Dream could be. I want to take my winnings and use them to spread warmth that grows with each passing event., I want to create events where large groups of people come together to change the collective energy of the world. I wish to use my position among the 99% to rally the majority to happiness. Getting rich only happens maybe once a lifetime – I would use mine to make as many people feel rich as I could.
      • Karma’s Entrance into Reality – “It is not hard for me to imagine I’m living in the End of TIME. Believing this to be true leads me to other questions. What do I expect to happen? Does God play a role? Will humanity survive?”

What are the mind, heart, and body of “creation”?

What is Fear to Power?

How does Fear control Power?

How does Power react to the power of Fear?

Does Strength know Fear?

What does Strength know of Peace?