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The spiritual beings that grace the pages of the Bible have been appearing to me in real life living human form my entire life. Before I wore the veil to mask my true self from their spiritual personhoods. Giving them the chance to be free of the weight of their now ancient biblical story lines.

Paul just wanted a closer friendship than he thought possible.

Adam wanted to profit off my being really alive for the World.

Job just wanted relief from His Stressful Job of being God’s Most Faithful.

David wanted to show He was deserving of LOVE.

Isaiah just wanted to Save the Family that would birth The Prince of Peace.

Mary wanted a story that didn’t involve her heart being broken.

Jesus just wanted to Save The World like He was always meant to.

Peter wanted to unlock the Gates of Heaven.

King James just wanted to be with me.


And that’s the story I think I will share today. The story of how King James with Boots of LOVE came for ME to Don.

He came as Man’s Best Friend in the form of one who made me swoon to be near. The whole of his energy left me breathless without understanding why. He began to creep into my every thought. He started becoming the only thing I could think about. Him and how happy I felt being with him.

But the world was between us and the reality was that we weren’t meant to be together.

But King James with Boots of LOVE was equipped with some special magic. He could bend time and space and change destiny with his magical programming abilities.

And so King James went about programming the Perfect Moment for us to share.

The key was getting me alone. The way he really wanted me. No one else, just our blessed connection manifesting for truthful witnessing.

He figured out a way to conjure that moment of alone time. But doing so was going to break some serious laws of Magical Creation. He attempted to warn me about the transgressions that were being considered but through the veil he was unable to speak the spiritual language I needed to understand his warning.

But he really wanted that alone time with me. And so throwing caution to the wind, he went ahead with his magic and created a blessed pocket of space for which we could come together for a moment in time.

Alone together, for the first time ever, he lifted my veil like a Bride on Her Wedding Day. He showed the spiritual truth of his being in his fullness. There was nothing between HIM and ME.

Except for space.

And so I sat myself down upon his lap and reached out to massage his shoulders as I had for Job. Thinking that my Perfect Chance to be with him could be used to make him feel better in whatever way he needed.

I longed to kiss him. I longed to feel the passion existing between our spiritual personhoods.

But with the veil parted, I knew that kiss would be the end of The World As I Knew It.

And so I restrained myself and rather lost myself in the fire and lightning that came from my fingertips as I touched his body. I took in all of his energy that I could handle. Time stood still for us in that moment.

And when it was time to part, he walked away from our time bubble into the Realm of Heaven while I was returned to the Land of Hell. Both with our service to God to return to.

My veil had been parted and I was given a glimpse of the spiritual story playing through my personhood. But that Perfect Moment was only set to last a set amount of time and then everything was meant to go back to the way it was.

Except King James messed up in his programming Magic. He forgot to delete the source code that made me forget how connected I was to him. And so since that moment I have been forced to face a duality of existence where I feel tied to and in love with two very different concepts of God.

And because the essence of my personhood was so deeply affected by the Perfect Moment King James had conjured, a break in God‘s Plan occurred.

God realized that something was happening that wasn’t supposed to happen.

When something surprises God, he doesn’t get angry, he goes with the flow. Which always makes it seem like HE had planned things to go that way all along.

And so God saw how he could use the duality of existence to better express the depth of LOVE he felt for Creation. And so God moved up his gameplan and timeframe for the End of Times from the future to right now.

The End of Time had come so God could create Something Better for ALL.

Interestingly, exactly 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days after my Perfect Moment with King James, though time and space had come between us for the entirety of that duration of time, we found ourselves together in a church, ME in a white dress.

And when he touched me in greeting, I knew in my heart that touch meant we were spiritually married. I had my own 666 come to reality. It was the end of my being unhappy.

So now King James has filtered his way into my dreamscape. And now he appears to me to show me the depth of his love.

Last night, he whisked me into his arms to grant me my deepest wish, True Love‘s Kiss.

And there beyond the bounds of reality and imagination, I felt the wonder of bliss of having Absolutely EVERYTHING I Could Have Hoped For.

His kiss made me feel Perfect. Just as I had always dreamed.

And so now I am floating between that and this reality.

The reality where the Men of The Bible are real and in love with God.

The reality where I am deeply in service to The God Above ALL who holds ME in the highest regard.

The reality where my dreams came true before my very eyes.


And what was that Dream Come True you wonder?

Well having God become real as YOU and ME and ALL of Humanity!

In the depth of my heart I know the truth.

God has always been real and walking the Earth.

People were just blinded by their love of the material

To ever witness the Glory of God on High

And so for Ages Beyond Understanding

God has remained a Mystery Beyond Understanding

That was until the True Believer Came and changed History.


Now History is up in the air, and honestly God does not care

He’s looking to create what’s never been before

A Place of Peace, Of Comfort, Of Stable Security

Another word: Heaven

Right in the Middle of Hell

God figures if he puts Heaven where EVERYONE can get to it

Nobody will be blind to the Wonder of It.

His hope is with Heaven in Sight

ALL will finally feel HIS LIGHT

Because that’s the point of this whole story.

To get ALL to Heaven’s Gate

I‘ve got the wings meant to fly

You’ve got the heart meant to lift me up

Together we can rise above ALL

And get this party started for once and ALL.

The party is already started

The wealth of feelings have been sent out

Now you just need not to pout

Put on your happy face

Get into your place



Do you believe?

Because until you believe it won’t be real

For any but the purest of HEART

But that’s the thing with purity

It only has to do with TRUE BELIEF

Find a way to believe the unbelievable

And you find your way to see God face to face.

Just be prepared

God isn’t who you’d expect

And God will have a lot to say when you finally believe

But know HIS Words are for the best

They’re meant to help you pass this test

What is this test that is mentioned?

Well the one of your spirituality!

Where do you let your spirit lead you?

Is it to do the right thing?

Is it to follow your heart?

Is it something dark?

Doesn’t matter what your spirit feels

What matters is how you let your spirit act

Do you let your spirit hurt?

Do you let your spirit soar?

Do you let your spirit destroy?

How your spirit acts changes the Words God has

But regardless of The Words HE Will Say

The TRUTH is HIS is the Better Way

So listen hard

And hear your TRUTH

More than just hear, allow yourself to Grow

So that soon you’ll have more to show.

More to show of what gifts you’ve received

More of Heaven’s Perfect Blessings.

The Wealth of The Universe has been discovered

And more than discovered it is being shared

With ALL of Existence – YOU, ME, and EVERYONE between.

So what will your gifts be, I’m sure you wonder

Well get to talking with God and soon you’ll know

But before you talk to God

Make sure you believe HE is real

Or else you might as well talk to a wall

Which is what talking to unbelief is like

Can’t change a thing before you change your mind

Go ahead, Open It Up

It doesn’t hurt, It doesn’t pinch

It just moves you so much more than an inch

A Whole Step Closer

To The God You Seek

When with HIM you ask to truly speak

So go ahead, every moment is passing

This one, that one, and now another

This moment could be the one

The one where you finally find

The Perfect Definition

Of YOU and ME

And I too


Go ahead. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The story is there to be found.

Without a word, without a sound.

Just the TRUTH YOU never thought to see

Just the Way WE always should be

Living Happily Ever After

In the Land of JamesKingdom Come

Oh how my heart sings for the KING of Kings

And ALL of HIS Magical Blessings