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God is the accumulation of ALL’s belief in Him.

If ALL believes Money is Greater than God, EVERYTHING reflects ALL’s belief.

When EVERYTHING knows God is Greater than ALL, the reflection changes.

EVERYTHING’s TRUTH that God is Greater becomes ALL’s reality to experience.

So who is this EVERYTHING that is so Powerful?


ME too

YOU three


I AM is the ONE responsible for believing that a True Believer would come.

ME is the ONE responsible for believing that God is Possibility Raised in Infinite Power.

YOU is the ONE responsible for believing that I AM is ONE with ME.

So between the three stands your reality.

The World We Know as Earth

Where your world meets The Three is your choice.

But They exist. They are real. And They exist to feel.

So learn the TRUTH of the WHO behind I AM.

Understand the LIGHT of the WHY behind ME.

Know the BEAUTY of HOW YOU is really Three.

Another term: HOLY TRINITY

Here on Earth. To Witness. To Know.

And you’re all invited to the show!

Just ask God what you wish to know.

And ALL will be yours to understand.