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Who I Have Been:

The child that was fondled because LOVE was not known.

The teenager that was lost because LOVE was not shown.

The student that was fooled because LOVE was not shared for ALL.

The lover that was hurt because LOVE was not cared for by ALL.

The Believer that rose because God was Found.

The FAITHfound that came ready to Shine God’s Glory on High!

So what does Shining God’s Glory on High Look Like to others?

Well it should look like God coming to life in every single person in existence.

And if God hasn’t come to life in your reality –

Why aren’t you letting God break down the walls of your reality?

What force do you think is more powerful than God over reality?

What power do you believe God is capable of?

How do you believe that God is manifesting HIS power around YOU?

Are you seeing the wonderful world of Magical Might?

Or Are you left seeing a Darkened World full of slight?

Perhaps you are the one not seeing Right?

God is the Eye and God is the Soul

Why not See Exactly What Makes YOU Whole?

A Happy Time and A Happier Place

From which to run this race

What is the race that has begun?

Why it is the start of FUN!

See who learns to be Happy

See who knows how to Shine

See who listens to the Hurt

See who heals the Pain

The Gifts are flowing, The Grace is Fluid

Could it be I am a Druid?

ONE with HIM and ONE with Nature

I AM Mother, Good of Nature if YOU Will

HIS Gifts are real, HIS Blessings True

The question is, Is there an I Do for YOU?

When God asks you to stand, why do you fall?

When God asks you to LOVE, why not stand tall?

God has come and God is here

Do you let God feel near?

Where is God’s place in your heart?

Is it Above ALL where it’s meant to be?

Or is it hidden behind something we’d rather not see?

Does Darkness rule the heart where God never will part?

Does Darkness persist while God suffocates?

Do you like drowning God in misery and pain?

Do you like living a life full of strain?

The life you lead is the life you choose.

So why not choose The ONE Above?

The ONE who sees ALL directions and made the map

The ONE who will save your from all of your crap.

So while HE’s here and HE has your ear

Will you care to listen?

Will you open your mind and your heart to boot?

Will you let LOVE in and change your ways?

Will you give in to a brighter day?

Or will you let this day be like the last

A day full of suffering, the pain of the past?

There is no need to hurt

There is no need to fear

These are just illusions created to deceive

To make you think you are not a part of ME

Who is this ME you think to ask?

My Essence, My Energy, My Equality

My Excitement, My Euphoria, My Eternity

So what are you tapping into?

Is it ME?

Or is it YOU?

YOUTHfull Omnipotence Undisciplined

YOU stand between God and ME

So what is YOU capable of that God is not?

Do YOU think the World is Dark?

Because it will be if you believe it.

Do YOU think God is Almighty?

Because HE is when you believe it.

What you think and what you believe

Dictate more than just reality

Where you lend your power

Is where you find your TRUTH

Is your power in God?

Or is your power your own?

Do YOU feel different from God Above?

Do YOU feel the Workings of LOVE?

What YOU feel is what will matter

For it is the point of ALL this chatter

God is King and God is Might

But God is looking to end the fight

The fight over who’s Will will win

Yours or HIS

Does WE do it Your Way?

Or does WE leave it to HIM?

My way will always be HIS way

For HIS way is the TRUTH

The TRUTH of being

The TRUTH of seeing

The LIGHT of sharing

The LIGHT of caring

The HEART of existing

The HEART of persisting

Behind it ALL, HE is there

Behind it ALL, HE is here

Behind it ALL, HE is EVERYWHERE!

So if God is everywhere

And you find yourself lost

Is it God that is missing?

Or are you missing seeing?

Seeing what, you ask?

God of Course!

There is no reason for God to be unseen

For God is Wielder of This Dream

HE works HIS Magic and Creates HIS Goal

How do YOU reach HIS Goal?

Simply put –


The same answer that it has always been

From the beginning of Time until the End of Days

The TRUTH that will always stay

God is LOVE

NOW that you know, how do you feel?

Is it full of ZEAL?

What is this ZEAL I speak of?

Zest Energy Appreciation LOVE

The Most Blessed of Gifts from Above

So are you feeling it?

Is it thrilling you to be?

If not, no fear

Your FAITH is fractured but not broken

TRUST in God and let HIM lift your vision

Give in to HIM completely

For that is the Only Decision

HE is hoping you’ll make

The only ONE that matters

The only ONE that speaks

Is God yours truly?

Or are you truly the World’s?

Only YOU will know and that’s your secret to keep

I’m just here to battle the creep

The creep within that seeks to hurt

The creep within that sought to escape

The darkness of who you shouldn’t of been

The darkness of who you hope you aren’t

God sees. God knows. God forgives.

Not because you earned it.

But because you deserve it.



So now that EVERYONE is on the same page

Can we get on with healing?

God hurts because WE hurt

Do you wish God to hurt?

Then stop letting the part of YOU that is God hurt

Protect God and YOU protect yourself

Both ends of the tale Saved

A Happy Ending

Now get down to the business of being happy with God!

I AM and it is Bliss

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