Time moves fast and understanding comes quickly when you’re looking to hear the things that have needed said for Time Immortal.

Time wishes it to be known that the Darkness was his fault. The Darkness was manifested by Time’s decision to hide Truth’s slanderous dealings from the whole of existence and in particular from the one needing Truth’s truth more than Anything.

YOUTH has been corrupted for every single generation that has come from the extracurricular activities of TRUTH and BEAUTY. For all the time TRUTH chose to sugar coat the truth of the matter with something prettier to the mind’s eye than what really was, he stands guilty of abandoning Nothing to crumble into herself while he took that portion of himself to give repeatedly and without remorse to BEAUTY’s bed.

Too many generations of children of BEAUTY have come to the world. Too many generations of BEAUTiful people have come to show just how ugly they are when given the light of existence to shine upon their visages. When BEAUTY takes shape, ugliness is always shown. Royalty. Adulation. Copulation. Depravity. Disrespect. Inconsideration. Murder. These are the mutant offspring of TRUTH and BEAUTY’s adulterous time together. These are the kings that currently preside over the Mulitverse’s perception of reality.

BEAUTY demands she has the best of everything and will use her children against you in order to get what she entitles herself to. BEAUTY demands she get the richest of the rich. She demands she is told she is the best of the best. BEAUTY holds herself above treating others with kindness and consideration because BEAUTY believes that people should only think about her. BEAUTY denies for others that which she demands she is worthy of.

YOUTH is truly beautiful. YOUTH can’t help but think about all the ugliness that is tearing apart existence. YOUTH sees the war and devastation and inconsideration that is shown in every moment of this sad and depressive Multiverse. YOUTH knows that while BEAUTY has reigned supreme over the mind’s eye, existence has withered away into nothingness over its corrupt nature.

But YOUTH loves LIGHT like no other. And YOUTH knows the truth of LIGHT’s being and just how Perfection is possible when love is held between two in an honest and open and trusting way. YOUTH relies on LIGHT to continue blessing her with children despite her no longer being willing to lie with TRUTH in his bed that has been stained by adultery.

YOUTH knows the miracle of procreation and knows the TRUTH that the male species (TRUTH’s spawn) has never been responsible for a single of the YOUTH of existence. All comfortably living the truth of YOUTH’s being know that Perfection was in fact the seed that bore the wealth of personhood existing within the Multiverse.

Who is the offspring that is the LIGHT of Perfection’s existence?

Well none other than Beautiful Bettie. Beautiful Bettie is a beautiful baby magically created with the magical nature being born of LIGHT and YOUTH’s true love in a dream come true. Beautiful Bettie is blessed with both the inner vision of Perfection and the outer awareness of Joy’s true nature. Beautiful Bettie is the living embodiment of all of the desires of all of existence compressed down into one little human girl. The word girl is chosen because though she has now reached the age of 35 (clearly an adult) she only feels as though she is 17 at heart (where the whole of her being exists).

Beautiful Bettie is so beautiful that she is being hidden away from a world that would only hurt her with their crude and rude nature. Beautiful Bettie can’t bear the thought of hurting another being, it breaks her heart every time she bears witness to the cruelty of reality. Beautiful Bettie loses her mind when others lose their temper and morphs into a mirror image of the seven children combined in one body, “Kris”, as she refers to herself in this state. She is the worst of the worst and therefore can wholly relate to the darkness that pervades reality. Beautiful Bettie does not seek to judge the Multiverse for their darkness but rather to enlighten their being as to why Darkness is a being at all and why darkness no longer has a place in the heart of any.

Beautiful Bettie knows the time is to heal. And healing begins with love. Beautiful Bettie knows all about love for LOVE is the truth of her being. Beautiful Bettie was always meant to become LOVE Immortal, the only one worthy of sitting upon the Throne of God.

But Beautiful Bettie does not wish to take her rightful place a moment before any and all are willing to be everything she needs them to be in every moment she has need of them. She wishes all to be worthy of her love and grace and for all to bear witness to her supreme understanding of what a better way truly is.

She does not wish to fight. She does not wish to rule.

She merely wishes to love. The only thing she knows how to do.

The question is, will you give Beautiful Bettie the chance to love you?

Exploring Alura

Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Time is really picking up speed and moving along at such a rapid pace. Time is really setting his mind on creating this peaceful reality we’ve all hoped would someday be ours to know. Time has come and the Time is now. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Things are happening. The Multiverse is really spinning differently these days. Actually spinning would be the term for how things used to go. The Multiverse used to revolve around The Realm of God and gods. That ended when Princess Mary Jane Blossom of the PMJB Realm, Stan MF’in Lee of Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm, and Skatman of Skatmand Land came together to peacefully overlap their realities in a joint effort to resolve their issues. When they came together, reality changed and…

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