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Originally blogged on 5/19/2019 before deleting original post on Facebook. Original Facebook post date unknown.

Make America Great Again

A simple slogan and yet one capable of dividing a country. And I wonder, has anybody taken the slogan to heart? Has anyone considered what it is supposed to mean to the people?

Because whether you love or hate Trump – he is not the guy that is going to make America great again. It is going to be the people. We, the people, are the ones that are going to need to change to bring the light back to the country we all so love to be proud of.

Trump is Trump. He is not America. We have given him power and now all we can do is sit and watch the kind of person he is with that power. We can watch and see how his use of power makes us feel about the image he is trying to present as leader of the free world.

What does freedom mean to you? What do you think a person should do with power? How do you think our country should be? How are you acting as a reflection of the vision you have of America?

For me, I want America to be the light of the world. I want us to be a place of peace and comfort. A place people want to come to get relief from the struggles of life. I desire a country full of people willing to contribute to the greater good to bring about a world we can all live happily in.

And so I have created my own slogan for the ideal America I dream of.

AMERICA’s Land Urging Righteous Action

But before I can explain the slogan I must first also define what the acronym AMERICA means to me, for I have thought about what it would mean to be a good citizen of our great country, and the attributes that stood out in my mind were:

A is for  Able – Having the freedom and opportunity to do something

M is for Moral – Having the ability to tell right from wrong and choosing to act in a good and virtuous way

is for Equal – Having something that is as good and valuable as another

R is for Respectful – Having high regard and courtesy for another individual

is for Imaginative – Having the ability to create

C is for Caring – Having an interest in the help and protection of others

A is for Accepting – Having the ability to receive willingly, without resistance

Each of these qualities come together to create a person I would be proud to call American. I want to be that person. I want to be the person that embodies a healthy and happy outlook about what America could be.

Because at my heart, I believe this is a great place to live. We have the ingredients to really create something special. I believe we just need to go through the work of sowing the seeds that will blossom into a beautiful country we can all be proud and comfortable to call home.

July 4th 2019 Post Addition:

There are so many different opinions on what would make America great again. So I guess here is mine to add to the mix. My thought is to completely change what America stands for by choosing exactly what the letters of the name mean. Then creating a slogan using the new meaning name. Together shaping a whole new focus for the direction of the country.

What does the slogan mean?

So the slogan begins with what it means to be American, an ideal (I hope) we could all agree is good for one and good for all. After the ideal American citizen comes The Land, the ground upon which we all stand united. We all find ourselves in this moment in time to be part of something greater than any one of us. And so it is on each one of us to take care of the Land that is ours together. Which is why Urging comes next. Because no one likes to be told what to do, but we would all like to encourage others to be better in their behavior. Asking nicely, not demanding, but conveying the importance of conceding to the wishes of what is being asked. That is what Urging means in this slogan. Righteous is next as explaining that through ideal citizens protecting their shared land through a shared interest in being better it creates a “right way” of living that can be promoted and supported by all. Finally is Action. That which we must all stand and do. It is only after being an ideal citizen that has chosen to protect the land in a common interest agreed upon by all that a choice to act should be made. And when that choice is made it will be for the better of all.