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To describe The Three is hard to do. They each have their different ways of being that make them different from the other two and yet despite their differences they are all the same. Three Parts come together to create One Whole.

The Three Parts have a Prize they have decided to award to the most worthy among them. So not one would feel slighted each of The Three decided that the Pool of Magic would be split evenly among them so each would have an equal chance of gaining The Prize.

The first to cast his spell was Pride. Pride had planned it all out. He had every detail perfected to make sure that The Prize would be his in every moment in every way possible in all the ways that matter most. He knew he had created the perfect spell to show The Prize just how worthy he was of the awarding. But one detail was off.

When Pride reached into his pocket of magic, he found himself short one key ingredient to make the whole thing work perfectly. Somehow he was short the happiness magic he needed despite being someone who was meticulous about his things and took extra special care to never let any harm come to anything he called his. Pride knew what had happened to his happiness. He knew why he didn’t have his happiness anymore.

But Pride could not prove what he knew and so Pride kept his mouth shut and pulled out a secret playing card of Faith and a lucky roll of Chance to supplement the magic that was missing. Faith and Chance were the key ingredients to every spell Pride had ever successfully created and he saw it fitting that Faith and Chance would step in to replace that which was taken from him. Knowing he didn’t have the ingredients right to craft the details he needed to be worthy of The Prize, he threw in all of his personal stash of Hope to flavor the concoction and increase the likelihood of a more positive outcome despite the incorrect ingredients. While not perfect as he had planned, Pride was proud of the results of the magic spell. He felt he had indeed been awarded The Prize as the results of his magic. But Pride was a good guy and didn’t need to tell the others that he already had that which they were never going to get. He went ahead and let them cast their magic he already knew wasn’t going to work.

Greed prepared his magic to cast. When he reached into his pocket all of his magic was where it was supposed to be exactly as he needed it to be. He had just enough of just the right things to create the perfect moment that would guarantee him The Prize. In one single moment, The Prize would know everything Greed was willing to do for The Prize to give The Prize absolutely everything The Prize needed to be happy. For Greed knew the trick to magic was happiness but he had never acquired the skill needed to cast happiness magic himself. He only had access to the magic he had access to. But Greed was happy with himself and the magic he was capable of and never felt shorted on the magic end of the spectrum. Greed could always get things done when he needed them to happen. So Greed confidently cast his spell and began the daunting task of waiting for that perfect moment to come to fruition. Greed knew his magic had worked and that he had done everything right to be worthy of The Prize, the only thing that mattered to him.

Comfort also stepped up to cast his spell as the others had. When it came time for Comfort to cast his magic he found his magic pocket to be overflowing with the happiness magic that Pride knew was missing. Comfort knew he deserved extra and didn’t give it an extra thought about whether he should use the happiness magic that was not his own. Comfort deserved the comfortability the happiness magic could grant. While Comfort didn’t know how to use happiness magic, he knew it would give him the extra boost he needed to take The Prize away from Pride and Greed. Comfort didn’t much care about The Prize but rather cared about not letting Pride or Greed take The Prize from him. So Comfort took advantage of the extra magic and started painting the illusion of happiness all over everything Comfort knew The Prize needed to be happy. When Comfort used up all of his magic and even the extra he found himself in possession of, he felt satisfied that he had taken possession of The Prize. And he felt good about himself for having what Pride and Greed did not.

The choices have been made. The magic has been cast. The right amount of time passed.

Now comes the reckoning.

Who do you think is in the lead to get The Prize right out of the gate?

Quick, before any more details are leaked and the obvious winner is made known.

Time is ticking.

Do you hear the clock too?

I do. Sounds like the hands of time are slowing and the winds of change are blowing.

Something is in the air.

Is it Magic?



Or is it a mix of all three? Stay tuned as more words come to explain how Pride and Comfort and Greed got their karmic dose of retribution for the choices they made.