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Some would say that Good and Evil is beyond definition. Those people are probably Evil looking to cover the fact that they have fallen far from the path of Good. So knowing Good and Evil, where are you at?

In my past couple posts I have been going pretty heavy against a stranger that was extremely offensive in nature to me. My posts have been heavy with reference to man or men in a negative way. My mind is on the anger and rage within that is stemmed from living in a world full of man and men. Both man and men are awful to deal with. They have almost no redeeming qualities because the basis of who they choose to be is man – and their definition of man is usually cold, distant, and calculated. I have no love for these kinds of men. The man that I have been ranting against is the worst of those kind of men and has offended me to my core.

But just because I have been going on about men and man does not mean I hate all males. I just have a different term for the males that I like. I usually call them better men when I’m not thinking or unicorns when I need to differentiate without colors. Unicorns are wonderful examples of what all men should be. Unicorns are kind and compassionate and caring and gentle and respectful and giving. Unicorns are real and they are really a treat to encounter. Unicorns are why women have any faith in men at all. Women are constantly hoping a man will be a unicorn. Most often though man is just another man acting like all the other men. Unicorns are wonderful but they are rare. Sadly in my world, man starts turning little boys‘ minds toward manhood from the moment they are born and often the unicorns are forced into manhood rather than unicorndom. In my heart, I believe all little boys are unicorns. However in a man‘s world, only men survive. Unicorndom is punished and looked down upon as weakness.

I believe in Unicorndom before manhood. I believe Unicorns are males who grew the way a male was meant to be. I believe manhood covers all the rest of the men who didn’t care to be better and allowed themselves to become a sad and negative stereotype, another statistic not a name to remember.

A dying man who considers himself superior by way of a significant numbered ranking on the IQ scale coupled with all his self acquired knowledge, who is looking to gain followers (read vacant lackeys(converts) to talk to people he doesn’t have time for) poses there is no such concept of absolute good and absolute evil. I don’t find this surprising because he, like most people, fall on the evil end of the spectrum and therefore is unable to recognize the qualities of good. A mostly evil person will not recognize the concepts of good for they are foreign to their nature.

This supposedly superior yet superiorly ignorant man poses as proof of the fact there’s no common good with the example that if you asked 1,000 people what the definition of common good is, you would receive a 1,000 different answers. Please note, he did not actually do this experiment. Just made it up and manufactured results that would support his theory and opinions.

But in one sense I do agree. People are varied and people differ on what they think is right and are more than likely to come up with different words to describe the concept. But just because people are different and they view different things as right, that doesn’t mean there is not a common factor to be found in all of them. I hold that if you gave the same 1,000 people a list of behaviors and asked them to mark them as good or evil, by and large they would come to the same answers.  Things like:

Taking candy from a baby

Helping an old lady cross the street.

Giving a stranger $5 for gas when they are stranded.

Assaulting a person for saying something negative.

Sharing the last of your food with a hungry person.

With real concrete behaviors and only two choices of Good or Evil, all 1,000 are likely to come to the same result thus indicating there may be a common definition of good and evil. But this is all conjecture and made up guessing because I haven’t taken 1,000 people and I haven’t come up with a list of behaviors for them to make a decision on. I’m just playing some made up game that was created to support some crazy person’s assertions that he knows more and can talk circles around the ignorant. It’s easy to talk circles around people when you’re allowed to make up your own stories, facts, and studies on the fly and use them as proof of truth.

For me, Good is an absolute because Good represents the characteristics of God. So as long as I know God, I know Good. In a way God is Good and all things Good are of God. As all things Good are of God, all things Evil are of Man. Man wouldn’t understand the Good of God because man is led with his ego which stands separated from God. Unicorns are of God and are most definitely Good.

I look at the word EVIL. The first thing that jumps out at me is that it is the word LIVE spelled backwards. Therefore in my mind, to be Evil is to live backwards. In others words, living backwards is living against God since God is all things Good.

Good is the absolute. Evil is everything else.

Good is doing the right thing. Evil is all the words for why Good is not right.

Good is being right by God. Evil is telling others how they are wrong.

Good is teaching and guiding and helping. Evil is dictating and demanding and demeaning.

Good is always positive. Evil is always negative.

Good gets better. Evil gets worse.

Good rewards. Evil punishes.

Good saves. Evil condemns.

On this last one I choose to stop. Because I was condemned to death by this superiorly “intelligent man”. When I didn’t hold his words up as truth, he unleashed the very worst his God had to offer – death. Well whoopty flipping do. Guess what – everyone has been condemned to death! It’s the fucking reality we live in. There is not a single person on this planet that is going to get out alive. So thank you ignorant intelligent man for judging me with something that was already in my future as a sad attempt to make me fearful of not listening to you.

But that’s not what he meant. His manipulation takes it further to create an afterlife from which you will be condemned to not be worthy of. See, he is so superior that he believes he has control over other people’s lives even after life has left their body. (Anyone else smell the reek of grandiose thinking of a manic ego?)

And right there is a glaring proof of the evil that pervades this reality. This man holds himself as a purveyor of God‘s Truth and here he sits ready to kill anyone who doesn’t listen to him. Does that not reek of evil? Do as I say or you will die.  That’s just pretty backwards towards the God I love.

Because when I was high on my manic ego and having some serious grandiose thinking (Chosen One to usher in World Peace) I thought to condemn people too, however even in the depth of my darkness, my condemnation was never toward death or permanent judgement. But rather my condemnation was towards an unending cycle of life lessons towards getting better until better was achieved. Torture? Yes! My thought was: You will be better or you will continue cycling to get better. You will not stop cycling until you are actually better forever. Forever will be yours once you know what it means to be better and choose to do so at every single opportunity presented. At no point could you fail. And at no point could you die. You just keep working on getting better.

And that’s the difference between me and superiorly ignorant stranger, I don’t believe my God is an asshole. I believe God loves Creation (any, all, and one) as His children. I believe He wishes His children to grow and love and respect Him in all ways. I believe He is a Good Father that is knowledgeable in the ways of properly raising His children and has the all the patience needed to guide His Creation to the Reality He desires.

I believe man and his bloated ego have made it their life mission to work against the Truth of God and instead create their own truths to find followers to further inflate their insecure ego. I believe man has made it a point to capitalize and profit off the needs of God and the love from His Creation.  I believe man made it a job to tell people how to respect God. I believe man was Evil from the beginning and evilly attempted to use God‘s Love to control reality. Through man‘s words God has been portrayed as cruel, unusual, and unjust. Man‘s words do not paint God to be a very fatherly figure. In fact, man‘s words of God paint Him to be Evil.

And so with the idea that man was made in God‘s image, I begin to question exactly which God was man made in the image of. Perhaps man was made in the image of the most Evil God of them all, the only one that can stand up to the Will of God that is Good.

So in my mind, there stands Good God and Evil God. Evil God created the Ten Commandments because Evil God makes demands on His people and expects complete subservience and has the power to punish.

Good God is better than that. He created Creation and He made His Creation to have their own wants and desires and ability to choose based on the circumstances. Good God wanted the love of His people but He was not so cruel as to not give them any other way to be but His. Good God is the Creator of Evil God. Evil God wants submission but refuses to bow down in submission to his Creator. Good God wants happy people which is why he created Evil God. There were a group of people who were unhappy doing it God‘s way and so to keep the balance, God made Evil God to be the ruler over those who had no love for God.

Again, this is all my made up theorizing but it is what explains reality best to my mind. I was attacked by a truth professor of God. My God would never want someone acting on His behalf in that manner and so my mind began to spin which god had possessed this truth professor. And while I can’t point to a particular name, I can point to a particular concept – EVIL.

Evil does not learn from its behaviors. Evil feels justified to act as evil needs to act. Evil does not feel sorry. Evil does not feel remorse. Evil does not believe there is any need to get better because Evil believes it is the best.

Good is all that Evil fails to be. And every single day I encounter Evil, I see how far short an evil action falls of being Godly (and Good). And so with my mind ever on the idea of pleasing God, I am trying my best to be Good.

I help. I give. I share. I consider. I offer. I make nice with nice. And when I am wrong, I try to learn from my behavior so I’ll be better next time.

But I am part Evil. I have bad behaviors and bad choices that paint me in a light less bright than I wish. I have excuses and justifications for why I act less than I should. I have dark areas that need addressed.

But knowing my darkness and wishing for light is what ever guides me toward better.

And that’s where Evil is wrong, Evil is always right even when it is dead wrong.

So where do you stand on the sides of Good and Evil? Are you all Good and need no words to explain your Goodness? Or are you part Evil and need to explain why you aren’t the nicest person all the time?


Written Post 4:20am on 6/1/2019 by Beautiful Bettie. Was inspired to write this after the realization came that so many people are lost because they were never given the right direction. So many are out there crying what’s right, but what’s left? They can all tell you where you go when you go wrong but they have no words for when you go right. So what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s left? For me, right is Good and always the right way to go. Left is what’s left over when you start making words on why right is no longer right.