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Last night I shared with my husband how I feel about my children. I brought up his tendency to get frustrated with the fact that our kids our very attached to our hip. There are not many moments where they are not asking for our attention in some way or another.

I told him that I found this to be an unbelievable blessing and that I try to hold back any frustration I could have for their inability to function without me. Right now, we are their world. We provide for them, nurture them, guide them – we are front in center in importance to who they are.

And it is there where the sweet sadness comes in. We are only their whole world for this little moment in time. Soon, their world and their influences expand and they will need to find a way to prioritize what matters to them. They are going to need to find a way to make time for all the things that are going to be in their life. Which means there isn’t always going to be time for Mom and Dad.

And I know, deep down in my heart, how special it is to be the light of someone’s world. And for this moment in time, I am the light of five whole worlds. I feel beyond humbled to be given so great a responsibility and yet I treasure my ability to shine for the warmth I provide in the lives of those five.

I’m glad I opened up to my husband because I moved him to tears with my words. I was able to touch him with how important this role is that we play in the development of the future generation.

My sincere hope is that others as deeply value their contribution to the lives of their children. Our babies need that.


Written on 10/17/2018 by Beautiful Bettie