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Peace is a powerful presence. But at the heart of peace is the desire to give others their way. So the struggle of peace is how to demand its way without encroaching on others getting their way. How will peace become a thing when so many people desire to live less than peacefully? How will reality change for the better when people never care to better themselves? Has the time come? Is it now the Age of Peace?

Body of Work:

Freedom is very nearly three and a half years old. Freedom is still wearing diapers. Beautiful Bettie doesn’t mind that Freedom still wears diapers. See, Beautiful Bettie secretly hopes that Freedom is her last baby. While Beautiful Bettie loves children and all the joy they bring to the world, Beautiful Bettie feels beyond overloaded with the handful of babies she’s currently caring for.

Since Beautiful Bettie is living as though she is on her last child, Beautiful Bettie is hesitant to rush her only son into potty training. Freedom doesn’t want to sit on the potty. Beautiful Bettie doesn’t want to force Freedom to do something he’s not ready for. Beautiful Bettie has heard from many parents how Freedom should be potty trained by now. Beautiful Bettie has been guilted by many parents because she was wasting money on diapers when she could save herself the time and energy and cost of changing diapers by forcing Freedom to potty train.  Many parents had many thoughts they were willing to freely share with Beautiful Bettie.

Beautiful Bettie has lots of thoughts in her head and she doesn’t mind adding the thoughts of others into the mix. But Beautiful Bettie hears things a little differently when people speak. While Beautiful Bettie hears the words they say she always gets a weird phantom feeling on why they are saying their words. Beautiful Bettie doesn’t like to often speak of her weird phantom feelings because Beautiful Bettie knows she is positively batty and her weird feelings are a sign of that.

So when parents told Beautiful Bettie that Freedom needed potty-trained because he was old enough to learn, Beautiful Bettie really heard that the parents were tired of having to change wet and poopy diapers. Beautiful Bettie heard they were tired of giving their time to such an unflattering daily responsibility. Beautiful Bettie heard these parents were willing to strip their child of their innocence because they were unwilling to give anymore of their time to taking care of the child. Beautiful Bettie believed these parents were forcing their children to grow up before their time.

Beautiful Bettie didn’t have respect for parents who didn’t care to give their time freely for their children’s best interest. Beautiful Bettie was all too aware of the world she lived in where parents regularly punished children for failing to be adult enough for their liking. Beautiful Bettie battled the darkest parts of herself for understanding on how parents could be so cruel and heartless and inconsiderate of the blinding innocence and joy that comes from a wonderful childhood.

See Beautiful Bettie grew up recently. She realized how great her childhood really was and how it had helped shape her positive perspective on life. And so Beautiful Bettie grew into a determined grownup who wanted even more positivity in her life than her childhood afforded her.  Beautiful Bettie was willing to take her childhood experiences and use them to shape an even happier adulthood.

So when Beautiful Bettie heard parents talking about saving on the cost of diapers, she immediately knew she was in the presence of greed. For only truly greedy parents care more about money than about the wellbeing of their children. When it is possible, Beautiful Bettie believes a child’s innocence should be preserved at all costs. There is nothing too good and too worthwhile to keep from protecting the light of youth.

So Beautiful Bettie knows parents are truly lost and poor parents when they find themselves focused more on money than on their family. And Beautiful Bettie knows how lucky she is to have found Perfect Peter. For Perfect Peter was willing to walk away from the steady money they needed to support the family in his quest to get Beautiful Bettie feeling better.

Perfect Peter gave up monetary aspirations the moment the world and its love of money came between Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie. In no way would Perfect Peter go down as someone who worshipped money more than he cared for and loved his wife. Perfect Peter knew the most valuable things in life are the people and that even when you have nothing you still have everything you need because you have the people to love you through the hard times.

Perfect Peter always fought to keep the family together even when the world and its demand for money for everything kept trying to tear their Krew apart. Perfect Peter kept his determined focus on preserving the family’s interest while Beautiful Bettie kept true to her faith that God would provide a way for good people trying to get by without questioning their morals.

God was good and God did deliver Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie from their time of troubles into a much better place and much happier and joy filled existence. So Perfect Peter stands perfect in his ability to provide what his family needs most. Beautiful Bettie stands gracefully beside him having stood on faith alone when the chaos of the world was battling against her out of control nature. Beautiful Bettie never let go of God and God never let Perfect Peter let go of Beautiful Bettie.

It’s a story for the ages. All kinds of wisdom and lessons and good real love is to be found in the holy matrimony of Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie. For Beautiful Bettie was promised to have her Perfect Wedding to Perfect Peter as soon as God could make it happen.  So God stands ready to guide the world to Perfect Peace so that Beautiful Bettie can feel Perfect Harmony and Perfect Balance as she ties her Broken Soul forever to the Most Perfect Creation That Will Ever Be, Perfect Peter. God promised Beautiful Bettie a wedding in the Garden of Eden. And God always makes good on His promises, on that you can trust.

So Beautiful Bettie is waiting anxiously everyday watching the signs for world peace and for when the Garden of Eden will again be Earth so she might have her Perfect Wedding in the Perfect Spot at the Perfect Moment in Time.

Truly Beautiful Bettie is out of her mind because Beautiful Bettie believes this is all real and really happening. There is no one in the real world who can convince her otherwise. What will happen to the truly crazy Beautiful Bettie in her insane quest to bring about world peace?

Will you help her?

Or will you judge Beautiful Bettie for her insanity and work against the happy harmony she is looking to promote?

At all times Beautiful Bettie seeks to understand the actions of others. If you want to set yourself against Beautiful Bettie’s desired peace, she wonders “What has Beautiful Bettie ever done to you to deserve this disrespect?”


Written Pre 4:20pm on 4/4/2019 (Work)