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My crazy loves to spin. And oh how it is spinning today.

So apparently while I was in the midst of losing my mind and the resulting chaos revolving around that loss, the heavens were positively screaming to be heard.

Did anyone else see the signs and put the pieces together?

Is anyone else observing the weirdness that is manifesting post signs?

Back in 2014, we started ourselves off with the First of A Tetrad of Blood Moons. Historically and religiously, blood moons have held much significance. They have been interpreted as signs from above indicating significant events to come. The tetrad of blood moons is a much rarer occurrence and therefore holds significantly more meaning. Supposedly.

So anyways, on April 15, 2014, The First Blood Moon appeared. This is notable because it falls one day after the beginning of Passover. Passover is celebrated for several reasons, chiefly being as a celebration of the deliverance from slavery into the hands of freedom.

The Second Blood Moon appeared on October 8, 2014. This is notable as it falls on The Feast of Tabernacle. The Feast of Tabernacle is a celebration of the years spent in the desert in search of the Promised Land and an appreciation of the loving protection God provided during those difficult years.

An additional lunar manifestation appeared on March 20, 2015. On that date, we experienced a Solar Eclipse. This is notable as it falls on the beginning of Nisan, which is the first month of the Jewish Calendar.

The Third Blood Moon appeared on April 4, 2015, coming to pass again one day after the beginning of Passover. History repeating itself in short succession, a sign for sure.

On September 13, 2015 we experienced another Solar Eclipse. This lunar event took place on the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets is celebrated as the birthday of the world and the Day Upon Which Adam first sinned and was forgiven and the plan of salvation and redemption was revealed.

Finally, the Fourth Blood Moon came to pass on September 27, 2015. Once again, the Blood Moon falls on the Feast of Tabernacle.

I can see the story that is trying to be told with the passing of the heavenly bodies through our skies. It is not lost on me that we experienced our First sign on a holiday representing our deliverance from slavery. We live lost in a world full of darkness and people using darkness to take advantage and punish others. We are slaves to the will of the darkness. None have risen to put darkness to rest. None have stepped forward to combat the overwhelming evil that is present in our everyday. We all stand slaves to the master that bends our will and opens us up to the reality that we are not the best versions of ourselves and with darkness we never will be.

The Second sign comes as warning not to fear. That even when lost in a desert, God was always there to provide in every way that was needed. Fear is not to be had because God does not fear the darkness, rather the darkness has fear of God. God stands steadfast in his role as protector and provider and ability to know what we need.

The Third lunar sign comes on The Beginning of the Jewish New Year. I find interesting meaning that this symbol fell on the beginning of the self-proclaimed “chosen people’s” calendar. To my mind, this marks a significant sign that a New Age is upon us. One that is wholly separate from the yearly traditions we celebrate that revolve around the passage of time and the movement of our planet around the sun. A New Calendar has begun and this was the sign of its beginning.

The Fourth sign falls again on Passover. I read this as a statement that God has come before and delivered you from the bonds of slavery in which you found yourself. God has come again in this New Age to deliver you from the darkness you refuse to expel from your presence.

The Fifth sign came on The Feast of Trumpets, a day celebrated for its announcement of the Savior. I find the significance in the passing of this sign as the announcement that the time of the Savior is upon us. The Trumpets of Heaven are sounding. He is Returning.

The Sixth sign falls on the Feast of Tabernacle, the celebration of the protection and provision of God. This sign comes bearing the weight that God has fulfilled all the signs of prophesy, that all things that were to be have come to pass. Time has finally come to bring The Savior of One and All.

And wouldn’t you know that six days after the sixth heavenly sign, I was lucky enough to deliver a beautiful baby boy whom we felt with all our heart should be named Patrick-Henry. Drawing upon the names of his fathers that came before, Patrick means Noble and Henry means Ruler of the Household. Together the names bring to mind the American Patrick-Henry known for the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death” and so my son’s name is representative of the heavenly virtue of Liberty.

I don’t believe that I was the one to deliver the Savior of All. I would not choose that title for my son nor the weight of importance that comes with bringing such peace. What I do know is that the birth of my son brought about the end of my time of trials. My family was suffering and going through it in the worst way and things weren’t getting any better.

The birth of my son brought into the picture the people and resources we needed to get our lives back on track. And ever since my son came into my body, I have been filled with a blissful sense of peace that everything would be okay, not just for me but for everyone. And with more than three years under my belt, things have been okay and only getting better with each passing moment.

My son was my deliverance from an unhappy life and a return to a life I could be proud of happily living in.

With all these heavenly signs and helpful happenings I wonder, what else is going on in the world? Who else has somebody special delivered to them that made a world of difference to the world around them? Who else is celebrating the special birth of a special being who is so special that being around them feels like a miracle?

Who out there has the baby that is to save us all?