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October 3, 2016

On the Friday before his 1st birthday, my little Patrick-Henry decided he was going to walk. All day he had been fussy being in his pack and play, crying in his aggravated voice, letting everyone know he needed to be out and crawling. When he finally got out and was set on the ground, he immediately stood straight up from sitting, got his balance, and took three steps. He came out of his pack and play ready to walk. It was amazing seeing how quickly he took to walking.All weekend he keep advancing the number of steps he could take in one pass. Virtually every period out of the pack and play yielded a triumphant increase in the number of shaky steps he could fluidly take. Seeing such improvement, such advancement makes me miss the days when I was so excited to learn new things.

He had been adamant about trying to walk for a couple weeks. Every time he stood up he would try to take a step or two, usually falling on his butt for his effort.Both my husband and I were impressed how focused he has seemed on walking. The focus paid off because now we have a walker. He can slowly walk across the kitchen floor and make his way over 10 or more step passages by taking a few steps and then pausing to catch his balance and then continue on. Both arms are held out and up in order to walk.

Today marks his one year birthday. Happy Birthday Little Pakaphenny! No celebrations will be had except to give him extra love and attention on his special day.

I’m starting with remembering things I hope to never forget about him. He is such a precious personality already. He’s a quiet baby but will voice his irritation at being left alone for too long. He is already very physical. He climbs over things, attempts to climb the stairs, pulls on cords, yanks on hanging light switches, and always seems to have a curious look on his face. He’s not a cuddly baby. When you pick him up, he immediately turns himself around to be facing outward. Always wants to look around.

I love seeing my little boy grow. I can’t wait to see the next milestones as they come.